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Kewpie I'm so glad Liam woke up, these kids and their sleepy days don;t they know how much mommy worries.

Belly I'm glad you got to see your little ones did they release you to the ob now?


Rena I had bad  Rhinitis before  pregnancy so I don't really know if pregnancy made it worse. I do take clarityn or benadryl  when it's so much I can't sleep.


Blue I can't wait for you to get started with your FET.


Lyndi Yay on a little girl.


AFM everything is going well. I've seemed to have developed carpal tunnel syndrome which sucks but Dr google says it's normal. Our store is doing great but working with customers around the holidays while pregnant it's not great. For now I've recruited my mom to help me with some stuff. I have problems delegating my responsibilities because no one does things like I do but I needed the help so my mom it is. Only 22 more days to go.

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I had rhinitis too. I had it a week before my BFP and a week after. I still have random sneeze attacks, but no constantly running nose.

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Keria - sorry to hear about the carpel tunnel and you are right, it is totally a normal thing to get when you are pregnant b/c of just all the internal swelling and pressure.  Get some of those cheap wrist splints from like CVS, Rite Aid or walgreens or what ever drug store sells them in your area and start trying to wear them at night.  That can help. You might have to start by wearing them a few hrs at night and then keep increasing it b/c it might take you some time to get used to it. Just saw your post and wanted to let you know.  Hope you feel better soon.

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keria - Sorry to hear about the carpel tunnel!  That doesn't sound fun at all!  What kind of store do you guys have?


AFM- Soooo itchy!  I have cocoa butter everywhere and yet my tummy is still itching like mad!  I'm trying SO hard not to scratch, but I'm going crazzzzzy.  *twitches*


Oh, and only 2 weeks left until they will not stop my labor if I go in... This is getting serious.  Even after going on 13 years of waiting and trying, I still feel so unprepared emotionally for this.  

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Thanks for the tip blue I'll send Dh out for some, it's especially bad at night I wake up every hour to un-numb my hand and switch sides so the other one can get numb. I hope the splints help.


Kewpie we have a baby store. We mostly sell carters clothing.pregnant women can be a pain the butt lol


Do you know why are you itchy is it the skin stretching?

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Kewpie, doesn't preeclampsia cause severe itching when pregnant and the only way to stop it is to give birth.  Or your itching localized?  I emember my tummy itching a little towards the end too.  You are getting SO close!  And I am so happy Liam is being active again!


Keira, haha about pregnant women :)  At least you have a good supply of clothes!!!  I agree with Blue, my mom had to wear one of those splints for a while too.


Glad to hear there is finally a symptom I don't have!!!  Yay for no running/stuffy nose here!!!


Lyndi, I can't remember if I said contrgats on the little girl!  Yipee!!


AFM, I am still slowly getting used to the idea of twins. I know, can you believe I am still dwelling on that news!  So my personality :)  We also found out there is a chance we might be moving before they arrive and that sent me to a whole new anxiety level.  It would be so hard leaving our family/friends/support system at the most stressful time of my life (so far). 




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Keria - hahaha I can only imagine how annoying they are!  Sounds like you'll be all set for your little ones having a store like that!  How cool!


Yeah, I think it's cause of the skin stretching.  It's itchy across the middle near my belly button which is where I'm stretched the tightest.  *sigh*


Belly - No idea if it's a sign of preeclampsia, but they have been watching me closely for it.  My mom delivered me very early because she had it and they think it can be hereditary. My BP is normal and my proteins are perfect, so it looks like I'm in the clear so far at least. :) I think the itching is from the stretching if I had to guess.


lol don't feel bad about dwelling on the news.  It still shocks me from time to time... We don't have a support system here really either.  I do have a cousin or two nearby, but I've never met them in person.  I've talked with some other twin/triplet moms and they assure me that it can be done alone if that makes you feel any better about possibly losing your support.  It's too bad we're so far away or I'd help!


AFM - I had a scare tonight. - I thought my water broke.  I was walking and suddenly I was all wet... turned out to be my bladder failing to hold things in uhoh3.gif  It about gave me a heart attack!  Pregnancy can be so sexy, eh?

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Belly are you moving far away? I can;t imagine having to move away form family just before the twins arrive.


Kewpie I get the stretching skin itchiness too. I think as long as it is only on the belly is fine. There is a pregnancy liver condition that produces itchiness on the hands and feet that can be dangerous.


lol yeah pregnancy is so sexy, I just started peeing when I sneeze so annoying.


All my friends tell me it's going to be impossible to get the kids a present, I just tell them I can give them my bank account number if they want :) . We've been selling carters for 3 years and their stuff is pretty much the same now as it was 3 years ago so it's not really exciting anymore. Most of the stuff we have for the kids is Carters anyways because we get it for so cheap that it makes no sense to buy other brands at retail price.

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Hi ladies!


kewpie, oh my gosh, i'm glad things are ok but what a scare. and yes, pregnancy is definitely attractive ;o) are both babies moving nicely now? no more other scares? i can't wait until you give birth and we get to see little Liam and Maisie outside the uterus! as for the stretchy skin, i thought that was something that often happened in the belly and breast area?


Belly, ugh, where are you moving? I hope not too far away? Is it because of dh's work? I'm still getting used to the idea of twins too. I don't think I'll be used to it until they both graduate from college. ;o)


Keria, i LOLed when I read your comment about the bank account.





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renavoo - Yup, they've both been super squirmy the last day or two which fills me with relief and I can't wait till they are on the outside too.  Then I can look at them and know they are breathing and stop poking myself.  As for the itching, this is the first I've ever had it.  I guess it's normal?  I put some vasaline on it last night before putting on my jammies and ahhhhhh soooo nice!



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I finished one of the infant seat covers today.  I'll post a pic if I can remember to.  I hope to finish the second one tomorrow.  Crunch time!

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Good news- Cousins on DH's side had a baby girl today!

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Kewpie, my water broke slowly...was basically just leaking.  I woke up wet in the middle of the night and couldn't tell if I had peed my pants or not :)  I changed my clothes and went back to bed and noticed I was getting wet again, but awake...still wondering if it was me or my water!  Great job getting all your last minute sewing done! 


We are trying to decide when to tell everyone it's twins.  My mom throws a huge holiday brunch every December for her friends and our family (women only), and I am worried that if we tell people before then, that the whole time I am going to be getting questions from "strangers" about how we ended up with twins!  On the flip side, we have a friend IRL with the same situation, DD and twins, and I would love to talk to her, but she is DH's cousin, so I know news would travel fast through their family....


I guess we will find out in January if we are moving, it would be cross country, so really far :(




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Belly - The questions about the twins always throws me off.  I've been asked by doctors (not OB related) strangers at the store/bank, people at church, neighbors and everyone in between.  They all ask, so do twins run in your family?  I know it will get even worse once the babies are out, cause the only people who know about the twins are those who ask and once they're out, there's no hiding it.  With people I see often, I don't care if they know about the IVF.  Most have known me long enough know my history of trying, so it's no big deal to me.  The strangers and those I don't see often is weirder.  I just don't like talking about it cause you always risk getting rude or intrusive questions.  


Plus, you get the response of, "My SIL's half cousin's dog once peed on a guy whose aunt had twins." ...and then they go into a big long story about it when all you want is to cash your check and leave.  That will be worse once they are born too and I'm not looking forward to that.  I went out for breakfast with a friend of mine here who has twin girls and she warned me that we will get stopped at least a few times and I thought, "really? we're just eating breakfast."  Sure enough, even though her girls are fraternal 4 yr old twins, we got stopped 3 times.  SHe said it's worse when they are little.  


I'm totally going on a tangent here, but I also have been told by a few twin moms that some people (usually old folks) will actually argue with you over whether or not your twins are really twins cause they think that twins HAVE to be identical.  I'm preparing myself to have a few canned answers ready for that one. (as well as the response to, "uh oh, double trouble!"  


In your situation, I'd be tempted to just not say anything to make it simpler on myself.  Do you see this friend with twins often so that you could ask them questions later?  On the other hand, news will travel either now or later and you'll probably be bombarded with questions either way.  Maybe you can be kind of ambiguous when asked about them... Say, sometimes it just happens, or there's a first time for everything, or just answer that they don't run in your family and just stop talking?  haha 

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"My SIL's half cousin's dog once peed on a guy whose aunt had twins."


That made me laugh kewpie. I don't even tell random people anymore that it's twins unless they say something like wow you are so big (Why do people think it's ever ok to tell a woman she is big) or if they ask if we know what we are having I say yep a girl and a boy. Usually I get the Oh you are so lucky the perfect pair whatever or the better you than me response which usually comes from people with tiny babies.

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Kewpie, what questions/comments did you get with the twins at breakfast?  I feel like if I can expect the questions I can used canned answers...  I don't plan on tellling anyone let alone strangers about IVF.  I think we are going to go with "clomid" for our close friends/family, and then "none of your business" for strangers.  I feel like there would be less prying and personal questions...I don't know, it's so hard to find the right balance.


Let me know if you come up with some good answers!!!

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Hi ladies, how is everyone feeling? Kewpie, I love vasoline...my face sometimes gets dry and I'll slather on vasoline because it just feels so good in the morning. most people are shocked because they think it'll make me break out (I'm already prone to breakouts) but I never had an issue! I will have to get a big bucket of vasoline when I start to get bigger.


This conversation about questions about twins is very amusing to me. Keria, I'm so with you...how is it EVER ok to say to a woman that she looks huge?! And the better you than me response...wow... I think i would probably end up saying that it probably is better me than you because obviously, i would be able to handle it. Of course, that could just be my hormones talking and making me bitchier than ever. haha.


My response when people ask whether twins run in my family is that yes, they do on my DH's side (his father's brothers are twins). For those who don't understand fraternal vs identical twins, I plan to stop at that. For people more in the know, who understand that that wouldn't really impact fraternal twins, I have the added excuse that i'm older and twins are more likely in women older than 35. Many of my close friends know but i don't plan on telling strangers about the IVF. Or even acquaintances. And definitely no one at work.



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Belly - they asked first if they were twins and then asked if twins ran in her family.  She just said no to the second question.  The last was just a comment on how busy she must be. (which is kind of duh)


renavoo - I had no idea you were over 35!  I was thinking I was older than you for some reason.  I'm 31... 


Keria - I can't believe people tell you you're huge!!!  I'd be tempted to say something equally mean back.  I surprisingly haven't gotten that one.  Actually, people usually comment on how fantastic I look.  It could be that I'm a heavy girl to start with and the babies have actually pulled some weight off of my face, so I do look thinner overall. 


AFM - DH took a baby bump picture of me tonight.  I'm definitely starting to get a little pregnant-puffiness going on in my face.  Thankfully I haven't been retaining much water, but my OB says that the amount of blood in my body will increase a LOT in the next few weeks in preparation for the blood loss at birth and it makes you appear puffy all over.  I found that interesting.  I never knew that before. 


32 weeks.png


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So, really cool, the equivalent of my step-niece is due in mid-May! It will be nice to have kids so close together. For explanation, my mom is in a same-sex relationship, so legally there is no familial connection, but we consider each other family. This is my mom's partner's granddaughter. I believe this will be her 3rd. Quite a lot of precious gifts in my family this year and next!

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Kewpie, you look great! I'll have Dh take a pic later I've been slacking in the belly pic department. I think I do look huge I have gained 46 pounds already dizzy.gif . I do retain tons of fluids so I'm hoping that the pounds will come off easy as a lot of it is water weight. I also have great hopes for breastfeeding for weight loss but we'll see.

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