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blue - She didn't count the heartbeats. It was so tiny and she had a hard time getting a good picture and keeping the wand there long enough. I didn't even worry about it, I was just so thrilled to have a heartbeat. she also said that she couldn't rule out twins (in the same sac) until she got a clearer picture next week, because everything was so small, but it was pretty obvious to be that there was only one in there.  I go back  next Thursday morning. Congrats on starting the process. I really hope you get moving on your own! I am so excited for you.

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hey Blue :)  Wow you're so close now!!!  

I'm all good atm, nervously waiting for my 12 week scan on Monday :)


rcr - great news with your scan! 


Hi to everyone else too!  Feeling way too tired to be interesting - well it is 9pm!!  LOL smile.gif

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rcr - Thank you, it is difficult, but she says she'd rather be alone anyway. I wonder what's with the ultrasound techs lately!
It's still ok to be a tiny bit disappointed. I was at first when we found out it was a boy (I was convinced it was a girl), but like you said...after all this IF stuff, I can't complain about a baby! I'm so excited about all the prep you're doing already! I hope you get in with a great midwife and have the HB you want :)


blueyezz - thank you! The exciting news is a good distraction she says. She has wanted a grandbaby more than anything for the past many years, so she cannot wait, and thankfully she will be done with chemo by then so hopefully she'll be feeling a bit better.
WOW!! You're so close. Hopefully you'll go before the 12th! Come on baby!


lilacvioletiris - sending lots of good thoughts to you for the 10th!


suzie - hopefully the super tired feeling will get better after 12 weeks. It did for me! Lots of good thoughts for your scan. I bet you're very excited.



AFM - I'm finally starting to feel Birdie move. Just tiny little kicks so far. I'm getting kind of impatient though. August seems so far away!

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Hi Blue (and everybody) I'm good. Just waiting for the ultrasound, but it isn't until April 18th. I wore pants with a button today and I'm regretting it, I have a giant bloated belly.


Grumpy today, I hate prometrium and I'm annoyed with DH for staying at work ALL NIGHT. irked.gif He told me he'd be home around midnight, I woke up at 4 am and he wasn't back... called him and he was all "Oh, hey I'm locked in the building isn't that funny?" I'm not amused, no. Didn't get much sleep after that! The rational part of me realizes I should be happy he is working (he was unemployed for over a year before starting this job in January) but pregnant ladies aren't supposed to be rational, right? winky.gif


Ha! Are you sorry you asked? Phew. I'm looking forward to spending the weekend doing absolutely nothing. I was good yesterday and didn't lift the new electric fireplace that I bought, I got a man to do it. (it hurts me to type that, I'm more the fix-my-own-car type than the ask-the-man-for-help type.) It's still in the car.

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Oh PS. I just downloaded the Circle and Bloom meditations for during pregnancy. I liked the ones I had for during the 2WW so hopefully these ones will be good too. There is just 1 per trimester, but I usually listen to them when I'm falling asleep so that should be fine.

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Laggie, proud of you for not lugging around an electric fireplace!  i know how you feel, dh almost had a stroke when i pushed him out of the way to move the fridge back into place (we had to move it because i clumsily spilled liquid all over the floor).  i forget we are in a "delicate condition".  lol!  sorry to hear you are cranky but you're entitled!  so many hormones are flowing through you these days!  also, please go get some stretchy pants.  you deserve to be comfortable, you've worked hard enough getting pregnant.


tear, CONGRATS!!!! can't wait to hear the whole story!


blue, so glad you got checked, and that the little guy is doing just fine! you just need to trust your instinct.  it drives me nuts that you can't do kick counts with twins, because i have no idea who is moving most of the time.  at least you can focus all your love and protective motherly instincts on this baby to make sure he's healthy!  i can't believe you are mere days away from having your miracle baby! i'm so happy for you.


rcr, yay for a heartbeat!!! every milestone is one to be celebrated.  how are you feeling?  the same?  i think it's SO sweet that your dh drove all that way to meet you for the ultrasound.  it's such a precious moment!  my dh missed finding out that we were having twins and i'm still kicking him over it.  doh!


vegan, hope the insurance quest is progressing in a better direction.  cobra is so ridiculously expensive! it is amazing that they could try to deny you for past IF, as if we haven't been through enough.  i'll cross my fingers for you! 


shesaid, hooray for movements!!


suzie, hope you're feeling well and that monday comes quickly!


laura, hope you're well too! you're just ahead of me, so our time is coming next!


afm, sorry for my cranky vent the other day.  some days are harder than others.  dh has been in florida for sales conference all week so i've been home alone, too lazy to clean or do much else.  i've taken on a freelance project in addition to work to make some extra money before i go on disability, so i've been really busy.  not sleeping, but making the best of it.  i secretly can't wait to have these babies so i can lay on my stomach again! i feel like the first night's sleep on my stomach will be a luxurious hour or two of bliss.  


my shower is tomorrow and i'm excited and nervous.  i haven't seen a lot of my friends and family since i got pregnant, so it will be nice to share the experience with them.  and starting next week, i will have weekly NSTs, so i can see how the babies are holding up in there.  only 7 more weeks, MAX, until we meet.  ee!

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What a great week on here!!! Yay yay yay for everyone.

Tear - many congratulations!!! So exciting!! smile.gif

Suzie - yay for Monday! It's almost here. Can't believe we're almost in our second tri!! Yay. Keep us posted.

Rcr - first u/s!!! Woot. Yay. Given my situation I've had more ultrasounds than I'd like at this point, and I'm amazed at how bad some techs are!!!

Laggie - auraleigh is right, get comfy pants. I said no to buttons around 8 weeks. And I totally get the who-needs-a-man to fix it bit. Typed as I'm staring at an Ikea shelving unit in boxes for three months and soooo not putting it together myself! take it easy smile.gif hope all goes well on the 18th!!

Auraleigh - must dish on how the shower goes. Can't wait to hear all about it. Have fun!!

AFM- nuchal scan this past week was all clear on all three (I guess they're plums now!?). Had to be done twice. Thursday's u/s tech couldn't get any measurements - I blame the machine because I had a consult at a different office Friday and their machine (different manufacturer) images were soooo much crisper/clearer!! That said the tech rep from the manufacturer was also there so she kept tweaking the settings and they even did a 3D scan - thye look like bad playdoh fgures in 3D. It's funny but could see little legs abd arms and the technology is sooo cool. So we got great NT measurements on all three Friday. We saw most of their bits - arms/legs/noses... Obviously too early to see gender bits... Based on consult with genetic counselor and two MFMs I'm goin to skip CVS testing -- the risk of the test outweighs the probability that they have something wrong (given the NT scan results, as T21 was my biggest risk due to age). I'm a little bruised from the whole scan - baby B is tricky to see... I haven't settled on a nickname/fruit I like for them yet! They're growing on target and I've totally popped. No more regular pants for me - even my lululemons are too high waisted. I'm looking about 4/5 mos by end of day (I get a bit bloated by 5p if I don't get a nap or drink enough water). I'm getting pretty attached but still really nervous about the whole triplets thing - specifically getting them to term. I'm slowly coming to terms with not having a "normal" / low risk pregnancy. But still in denial about the chaos that will enter my life this fall!!! Insane.

I tried to upload an image from my phone but no luck. maybe next time.
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I got my BFP this morning!  Had to distinct lines on internet cheapie, one light line on a dollar store test and then DH was like, "that seems a bit ambiguous with such light lines" and I told him "let me get out the big guns". I had a digital clearblue easy test someone had given me.  I dipped it in pee and after a few minutes of processing it flashed "PREGNANT". I am so happy.  DH and I cried that the IVF procedure actually worked.


My mom is absolutely ecstatic!  She has been wanting to be a grandma for so long.  She had me when she was 19 and her last baby when she was 35. This year she has already gotten one grandchild (my sister had a girl on April 2) and now I am pregnant due 12/19/13.  It is so surreal to think about the fact that 2 years of trying from 4/7/11 to 4/7/13 has ended in a miracle BFP thanks to medical science.

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Originally Posted by lilacvioletiris View Post

I got my BFP this morning!  Had to distinct lines on internet cheapie, one light line on a dollar store test and then DH was like, "that seems a bit ambiguous with such light lines" and I told him "let me get out the big guns". I had a digital clearblue easy test someone had given me.  I dipped it in pee and after a few minutes of processing it flashed "PREGNANT". I am so happy.  DH and I cried that the IVF procedure actually worked.


My mom is absolutely ecstatic!  She has been wanting to be a grandma for so long.  She had me when she was 19 and her last baby when she was 35. This year she has already gotten one grandchild (my sister had a girl on April 2) and now I am pregnant due 12/19/13.  It is so surreal to think about the fact that 2 years of trying from 4/7/11 to 4/7/13 has ended in a miracle BFP thanks to medical science.

OMG LILAC!!!  That is the most awesome news!!  Huge congrats xxxxjoy.gif

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Laggie - how much longer are you on the prometrium? I know it doesn't make things any easier. Let us know how the meditations work.


auraleigh - My dh is the same way! He comes running every time I try to lift something. I know it's very sweet and awesome, but I miss being able to do everything for myself.
Never apologize for venting. It's better to get it out than keep it in!
You're so close now!


guppyluv - Glad you got the all clear on the nuchal scan. Very cool that you got to see them in 3D too! I'm so excited for you. Low rise pants have been a life saver for me. I'm still in my pre-preg jeans at 22 weeks, but there's just one baby in there. Of course there are preg pants, but I hate that high pannels.


lilacvioletiris - CONGRATS!! I am so so happy for you. Wonderful news!

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Just a quick one.... I think I'm starting to have contractions this evening, but I'm not sure if they might just be like the braxton hicks at this point.  I'm still tolerating them well and it's kinda hard to measure distance between b/c they come so frequently and don't last too long.  I feel so much better when i'm up walking around that is for sure.  I'm hoping to make it through the night in my own bed and i have an OB appt at 12:30 tomorrow.  We will see.  Today is actually our due date!!!  I'm excited that this is a good sign though and hoping that we won't have to be induced if he is getting ready to come on his own before Friday!!!!!  Time will tell!!!!!!

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Lilac, congratulations!!!! So happy for you!!!!!!


Blue, oh.my.gosh.!!!!!!!! So exciting!!!!!!

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Oooooo Blue!!! Sending happy birthing vibes your way!!! I hope that when I check in here tomorrow you'll be holding your sweet little one!



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Wow I have been on vacation for a couple of weeks and I had pages of reading to catch up on everything.


Tear-Huge congrats.  I hope you and baby are recovering well and getting to spend some wonderful time getting to know each other.


Blue-So exciting.  Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly for you.


Guppy-That is wonderful that everything went well at the nuchal screening for all your little ones.


Shesaidboom-I am glad everything seems to have turned out okay at the anatomy scan.  All the best for your mom, I am sure the coming baby is a great thing to keep her mind and hands busy with.


Vegan-We went through the same thing with insurance companies a few years back and I hadn't even started IF treatment yet.  They denied because I had taken clomid for three days for an IF test.  Now we can't go home for a visit before the baby because I can't get insurance while pregnant and our overseas coverage won't cover adequately while in the US.  So maybe we will get a chance to visit next year after the baby comes and things settle down.  Hopefully some of the new reforms to health insurance will make things better, but I really haven't kept up on the details since we are abroad now.


RCR-So glad you have a nice strong heartbeat with the little one.


Lilac-Congrats again, I can't wait to hear how your beta turns out.


suzie-it is great that your son took the news well and are able to share the happiness with him.


AFM-Had a nice 2 week vacation.  I had a friend visit and it was great to have an extra pair of hands to help with DD.  I have started feeling really tired since we returned and have started napping with DD each day which seems to help.  I am sorting through a load of little boy clothes my friend dropped off.  My growing belly (I swear it is getting bigger by the day) and all the baby clothes everywhere are really making things real.


Anyone else have trouble drinking water while pregnant?  I haven't been able to stand the stuff since early on and now mostly drink dilute sports drink.  I am normally a huge water drinker.  I figure maybe my body is craving more salt, since I don't eat a lot of processed food. 

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Vieros - the taste of water has been making be sick in the last few days. We really don't drink juice or milk, so we usually only drink water. I bought some juice to take my medicine yesterday because I was afraid I was going to puke up the medicine when taking it with water.


Blue - ooooh!!! I am so excited!!


Lilac - I said it on the other side, but I will say it here too - congrats! I can't wait to hear your beta #


AFM - I got excited because I got to move my little ticker one week forward. I have also been feeling a little sick to my stomach - no vomiting though. counting the days until my next u/s. I also found a midwife. They are illegal n my state, so they are hard to find because they practice underground. I am meeting with her the Friday after next. She is actually pretty close - only 2 ours away. The last midwife was about 3 hours away.

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rcr - I can't believe midwives are illegal. That's so different, compared to where I live. They are covered by our govt. health plan and can attend hospital or home births. Which reminds me that I should make an appointment. I'm a bit scared to, because last time I had a miscarriage right after the first midwife appointment. Do you have a due date? Are we the same? Must be pretty close, I think? The RE told me Dec 2nd.


Blue - Yay! Here's hoping for a smooth delivery right on schedule.


shesaidboom - I think they want me to take prometrium until 12 weeks? They haven't told me, but I think that's what I remember from last time. So gross.


guppy - Congrats on the scan, that is wonderful. 3, wow. Wow. Wow. (three wows for you winky.gif) Are you stalking the parenting multiples forum yet?


aura - LOL at your first night's sleep being "an hour or two" - well, I guess it's good to be realistic! I don't remember any crankiness from you... 2 months to go! Yay!

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Laggie - I am Nov 30. Maybe the difference is because mine was a FET and 5-day, and yours was 3-day? Yea, it is crazy that they are illegal. There are only two states in the US like that, and mine is one of them. We are pretty much the most backward state in the country in terms of everything. I am not from here - I only moved here for my job.

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Sorry it's all about me

AFM- Caden James 6lbs 15oz 19" born @ 12:46pm 4/8/13 all is well & he is perfect/healthy. I'm sore but still going on adrenaline, I think. Hope all is well!!! Will post pic when I'm home and not on phone.

More personals later date. Things are a little busy here. Lol
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Blue - a million congratulations on the arrival of Caden!!  joy.gifbanana.gif   stillheart.gif

So so happy for you and your family xxxx  

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Oh, blue, congratulations on your little boy!  Glad he arrived safely and healthy.


rcr - glad you had a good experience with your midwife.


AFM, I called my IVF coordinator this morning to tell her I had a positive pregnancy test yesterday and I was wondering if I should add a Free T4 or TSH for my thyroid function now that I am pregnant. She was like "it is too early to tell, you had a a trigger shot so you can't be sure that you are pregnant". I told her I had tested out my trigger by using hpt's to make sure all the hcg was out of my system and that it was gone about 4 days after the trigger shot. Her response, was "Oh." She said that rest of thyroid function is done between 4 weeks and 8 weeks gestation so it is too early. Now that I have had a positive hpt I don't want to lose the pregnancy because my thyroid messes things up.  Anybody else have issues with hypothyroid? Still had an elevated temperature this morning and the weird taste in my mouth and the other pregnancy symptoms.

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