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Blue- My dear friend, words cannot express how excited I am that Caden is here in your arms. It's been a long journey and no one deserves this blessing more then u and DH. Can't wait to see all 3 of you. Congrats a million times, sending u the biggest cyber hug I can give.joy.gifjoy.gif
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Yay Blue!!!! I am so happy for you! You have waited too long for this. I can't wait to see photos!!

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jumpers.gif  Welcome Caden!  Congrats Blue.  I am so glad to hear everyone is healthy and doing well.

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blue- So happy to hear that Caden has arrived safely into the world. He sounds perfect already and I cannot wait to see his beautiful face!

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Yay Blue!! Welcome Caden!!

Lilac - quick re hypothyroid. With this pregnancy I was tsh 1.4 before IVF and 2.6 at 5w. They wouldn't test week 4; said it would be better to wait a week (I cry bullshit here). I was annoyed b/c 2.6 is not great for me and I felt like shit (though didn't yet know it was triplets!!!). At 5 w they upped my Levoxyl and wouldn't test again for 6 weeks (which they did last week at 11w3d). No results yet but at 9 weeks I couldn't stand the cold hands and feet and so I had my primary run another tsh and it was still 2.6. My MFM Dr agreed I could add an extra dose weekly but my RE perscribed it so I'm stuck in a weird loop as no one will take responsibility for the prescription at this point. The extra dose helped a little but I hate playing with dosages without numbers. I don't have my results back yet. But am hoping we can adjust Meds so I can stop thawing my feet out with a heating pad nightly... I would push for them to test with your second beta, since they'll draw blood anyway...

AFM - I went to hockey game tonight. Exhausting but fun - glad the plums can't hear much yet!! It was loud... Bruins spanked the 'Caines. I'm counting the walk there and back as my exercise today (pretty lame as I live only 6 blocks from The Garden). Lol.
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Just a quick update - got my nuchal screening results and i'm 1 in 656 which is classed as not at risk.  So relieved and had to share smile.gif


Sorry to post and run, but I gotta go to work... Hi to everyone though!!

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I would push for them to test with your second beta, since they'll draw blood anyway...

Thanks, guppy, the IVF coordinator did say I could add "Free T4" as a test on my second beta but I think I will add TSH as well.  My hypothyroid was only finally diagnosed when I had the "Free T4" test drawn, because my TSH was always "normal" whenever it was checked even though my BBT is low and yeah cold feet are something that drive my DH crazy. Friday's blood draw would be 4w1d gestation. I would rather not be poked anymore than I "need" to.

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Sorry it's all about me

AFM- Caden James 6lbs 15oz 19" born @ 12:46pm 4/8/13 all is well & he is perfect/healthy. I'm sore but still going on adrenaline, I think. Hope all is well!!! Will post pic when I'm home and not on phone.

More personals later date. Things are a little busy here. Lol

Congratulations blue!!!


What a lovely name.  Welcome to the world little guy.

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Congratulations Blue! I am so very happy for you. Your little guy may have missed RCR's birthday, but he made mine. It's a wonderful day for a birthday smile.gif. Best wishes for you and your new family.


Congrats to you too RCR. I was going to stop coming to MDC after Blue had her baby, now I have to keep lurking until you have yours. 

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BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  so excited to welcome Caden to the world! can't wait for photos, rest up and enjoy your time with the tiny gent!  joy.gif

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Blue - Congratulations! stork-boy.gif love.gif


Suzie - Great result on the scan! 


Yesterday I joined my DDC, but I'm too afraid to post there. I went over to the pregnancy after loss section, but that just gave me more things to worry about. mecry.gifSo I guess I'll just stay right here! I don't remember feeling like a crazy lady last time, but I'm emotional about everything. I've been going to yoga every day, and usually that calms me down but I'm still a nutcase. Ultrasound in 9 days, maybe that will help.

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BLUE!!!!!!!!!!  I am SO excited!  What a handsome name, I can't wait to hear all about it!!!

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BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yayayayay! Welcome Caden!

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Threadcrashing to say Congratulations to Blue!  joy.gifbiggrinbounce.gif  I'm so glad you finally have your baby in your arms.  I hope you are both feeling well.

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Hey all smile.gif

Had my 12 week midwife appointment and when the midwife came out she was the same nurse who assisted at my egg transfer!!!  And I just adore her, so I'm feeling extra lucky today.  The crazy thing is, it's not even at the same hospital! 

I got some great acrobatic photos from the scan on Monday, but I have no idea how to get them to upload, so just imagine an u/s photo with a tubby belly baby..lol

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Blue: I love the name you chose. I am so delighted your miracle baby is earth side! Enjoy and I hope you are recovering well. Can't wait to hear the birth story and see some pics when you have some time. :-)



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Congratulations, Blue!!! So happy to hear that you and baby are doing well, I love the name and I can't wait to see pictures of the little guy and hear your birth story. Enjoy these precious moments with your newborn son!!!!!  YAY!!!!!

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Suzie - yay!! Great news on u/s and way cool about midwife! Well on your way smile.gif hooray!

Lilac - sounds like a plan. Way to be proactive!
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Suzie - that is great about the midwife.


AFM- feeling sick now. and really tired. I am having a hard time making it through the day without sleeping or vomiting.

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hcg of 149! I am definitely pregnant!
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