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Laggie - sorry about the spotting. Glad to hear that it was brown though, and not red.


AFM - I am sick for a large part of every day lately. I just vomited in the bathroom at work. Thank goodness nobody else was in there (which is rare, since I am on a big college campus, there is usually somebody in the bathroom)

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Laggie, no, she did not know anything about my trouble conceiving. When I congratulated her today, I told her I was specious that she was pregnant but hadn't because I didn't want *o offend her if she wasn't. She was like, "oh, I thought you knew." in my head um no YoU never told yet everyone else appears to have known for 2 months. Ok moving on, she doesn't feel I was a coworker to tell. I don't have to work with her next year. I think her mom is one of the people on the school board who wanted me gone from my current location.

rcr, sorry you have been vomitting greensad.gif
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For those of you who did progesterone supplementation, did you retain water a lot more than normal? The last two days I have been super puffy. I haven't eaten anything overly salty that isn't normal food for me in a given week. My elbow joints hurt too.
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I have a very bloated belly. I look 4 months pregnant - but I do tend to have that shape normally. I am uncomfortable trying to suck it in, I know that's probably silly but I feel like I need space in my belly. Even though I know the baby is only the size of a blueberry.


I am really nervous about my ultrasound tomorrow. Also I'm terribly cranky and irrational. We are having dinner with my parents on Friday, and I was going to tell them about the pregnancy then (assuming tomorrow's scan is good) but now my mom has invited my sister, my brother and his wife and my 4 year old nephew. I know I'm being childish, but I just wanted to have a nice dinner without being interrupted by a 4 year old every 30 seconds. Ridiculous considering that I'm trying to produce another little attention hog. Maybe I won't tell them after all, it's still very early 7.5 weeks.


Is it wrong if I don't tell my family, but we tell DH's when we go to Europe?

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Laggie -- I say do what you feel best about. Don't push it. I hate an audience and prefer telling folks one on one (or in really small groups) It's been too overwhelming for me otherwise. 


Lilac -- I was on crinone suppositories. I didn't have much bloating this IVF round but did with my first round.  This time around I drank a lot more water but was also on totally different IVF drugs which were much easier on my system then the menapur in round one.  I think Suzie had some bloating this time around as well -- if I recall from the early days.  Europe sounds lovely!! 


Best of luck.


AFM - I have another U/S tomorrow and have been having a weird "i don't feel pregnant week"... they drive me nuts. Of course by the end I'll be like "I wish I didn't feel so damn pregnant" so I'm trying to take it in stride. It's been a stressful week here in Boston, so hopefully tomorrow all looks good. 

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Laggie.. if you wait and tell everyone on your side after Europe, nobody will really be any the wiser and you get to choose a more appropriate family setting for telling your family.  I only told my mum until 12 weeks and nobody else knew any different.  (oh..sigh.. Europe!!  I lived in the UK for a year and flitted over a few times, now it's the never to be afforded dream from Australia..)  When do you go over?


Lilac.. guppyluv is right.. I had awesome bloating, and when I started the progesterone it got massive.  My clinic said not to worry, it will def all go down when I have the baby!  LOL   My feet/ankles/knees and hands are still terribly puffy - no rings anymore and I can only wear slip on shoes.  So cool!  (not)   I've cut out all my salt, am exercising and taking multivitamins, but I'm still like a pumpkin!


Some good news... my blood pressure seems to be actually OK.  After all the worry it turns out I need to have the wide cuff used (thanks to my bloated arms maybe? haha) and with that it was totally normal!!  We also checked it with the little cuff (usually used for women) and it was still almost 150) so looks like it was a whole load of worry for nothing :)  Now I just need to worry about having fat arms LOL!

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Laggie - do whatever you feel comfortable. It is totally up to you whom you tell and when.  I am not telling anybody for at least several more months. Of course it helps that we won't see any family until after the baby is born anyway (we only see them at Christmas), so they won't know by looking at me.


Guppy - Ha! I am having a "I feel really pregnant week"


AFM- I am a bad parent this week. I have been sitting my kid in front of a movie all week long after work because I really need to lay down. I have also been vomiting at work. One time I couldn't make it to the bathroom so I puked in the garbage can in my office. Thank goodness I have a door to my office.

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Ladies, quick update. Had contractions last night but went to work anyways today.by 2 I was so crampy and not feeling well. I went to my scheduled ob appt at 3:30 and I was 2cm dilated and 100% effaced. They sent me directly to the hospital and I've gotten my steroid shot and magnesium and now I'm just waiting. If all goes well we can stop labor and maybe buy a few days or weeks before the babies are born. Or maybe ill have the babies tonight? Dh just ran home to grab the to go bag that we had half packed this past weekend.
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Aura- Thinking of you and praying everything goes well with all 3 of you.
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Aura - thinking of you and hoping and praying all is well. How many wks are you again???

Hello to everyone. I'm still followig by reading the email updates. I'm hoping to write up our birth story and everything that has come along in the aftermath (postpartum preeclampsia which landed us back in the hospital from thur to sat on a 24hr Magnisium drip). Ugh!! More to come when I can find the time.

Here he is!! My little miracle!!!! We are so in love!!!

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auraleigh, I hope your babies decided that staying inside longer would be the better way!


suzie, yeah I have been trying to limit my salt. I actually felt less puffy this morning.  I have been weighing myself daily and I weigh the same today as I did yesterday which feels better to me.  I don't want to gain a bunch of weight first trimester that will make my later pregnancy more uncomfortable since I am already overweight to begin with.


blue, your little miracle is absolutely adorable! I am glad he is out where you can cuddle and love him even more than you did when you giving him a place to grow.


AFM, last night one of ladies that knew I was doing IVF and whom I had told that I was pregnant gave my a baby hamper and a little baby bath thing. She was like "my granddaughter won't need these anymore and I was cleaning out my house." Another lady whom I hadn't seen since I found out I was pregnant was in at my school yesterday and it was so exciting to tell her that "Yes, it worked!" She has been praying for me as several others have as well and I feel so blessed to know that miracles can happen. Once I have the ultrasound results next week, I am not sure I can hold in my excitement that I am pregnant.  I had to tell a coworker yesterday that I couldn't participate in a special "Titanic" game activity that we are doing this week for a school project because "I was under doctor's restrictions to only walk." I ended up telling her I had some medical procedures done that my body was still healing because I am not sure I trust her enough to not tell other people I am pregnant.

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Aura - I hope they stay inside you for a little while longer


Blue - What a cutie! I have been waiting to see a picture of him. Congrats. Sorry about the pre-e.

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aura, thinking of you and hoping sending vibes for your little ones to cook a little longer if possible!

blue, LOVE the pics of your little guy! So sorry about the pre-e! mag drip is nasty stuff. I'm glad you're ok now!

afm - cuddling my long little bundle while everybody sleeps in a bit today. We're meeting up with a local natural parenting group today and I'm excited to make some possible mama friends irl. The best part? We were told about them by our pediatrician who advised us "it takes a village to raise a child." LOVE her! Wish I could meet up with all of you! love.gif
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He is SOOO beautiful blue. Sorry about the bad stuff.  

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Blue, what a little sweetie! Rough to have to go through the stuff post partum, but I bet you look at him and snuggle and say it's all totally worth it! Amazing how much love we have for them, it's like no other! Can't wait to see more pics, and hear your story (when you are ready).


Aura, thinking of you and hoping the little ones stay in longer.


Tear, things sound like they are going well. I love your pediatrician's approach!


Hi to everyone else!

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Blue -- He is super cute! Congrats! The rest of it does not sound so fun though...

Aura -- I am really hoping that they can keep your twins on the inside for a bit longer. *thinking of you*

Tear -- I like that smile.gif.

Rcr & Lilac & Suzie -- Belated congratulations! Yay!

AFM -- Things continue to go on. I am 33 weeks along and due to my laundry list of complications have started twice-weekly non-stress tests (which have thus far been uneventful). We had my cholestasis numbers re-run last week and apparently with all the meds that I am on have driven my numbers back into the normal range--I am shocked, given how bad they were to start with. Also, weirdly, starting at about 28 weeks my gestational diabetes numbers also got better. Perhaps my body has finally figured out what it is supposed to be doing?

I have an absolute maximum of 4.5 weeks left (possibly as few as 2.5 or 3). The nursery is done, except for the storage baskets for the changing table (which arrive tomorrow) and I have all necessary baby equipment (except for the carseat which I still have to pickup from my friend's place). Not much exciting here.
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Aura - fingers an toes crossed. Hope they can keep on cooking a lot longer but best of luck either way.

Rcr- so sorry about your really pregnant week. Puking is never fun. Hope things start looking up in that department and you can find some foods/candies/etc that help.

Suzie - they always have to use the big cuff on me. Bloated or not. The nurse should know better!!! But that said, my nurse just did the same thing. Lol.

Afm. Sitting at my mfm's office. Good u/s. all three still cranking along... We had to wake A up as it was all curled up ina ball with its little legs tucked to its tummy so cute. Of course A will be the bane of my still long cervix's existence as its head is right there... C was the most photogenic as usual. Rock and roll!! Starting to get some low back issues when sleeping and a wee bit of reflux lying down on my back - which I won't be doing much longer! Otherwise just waiting for the doc...
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Blue, he is beautiful!! I just spent five minutes staring at his little face. You must be so in love! Sorry about the pre e. I've been on mag drips since last night but am surprisingly handling them just fine. So weird!

Babies are still in. I don't believe my labor has progressed, and my contractions have stopped for the most part. My second steroid shot is tonight and then when I come off the mag we wait and see what happens.
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Oh Blue!!  What a beautiful newborn joy.gif  Again, congrats!!


Lilac.. the scales showing no weight gain is awesome!  Whatever is going on with me gave me a whopping 10 pounds in just over a week, no idea why.. but dr and mw both were unconcerned and said it's just fluid.  easy for them to say lol  Hope this week flies by so your u/s gets here sooner


Guppy.. this high bp thing has been going on for a month and was checked and worried about by 3 different people!  just so glad my gp (who i did think was a bit useless) has turned out to be the most open minded.  Maybe I look thinner than I really am LOL  (I don't)


Aura.. lucky you at least half packed a bag!  good luck!!

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