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happy mother's day to all the mothers and soon to be moms!


rcr,  sorry you are feeling so sick.  every since being on bed rest i too count the days until dh is home all weekend to keep me company and pamper me.  i can't even imagine feeling as sick as you do and having to take care of a child on top of it!  you're doing great though, and hopefully the sickness period will pass soon.  


it is heart breaking what's happening in the ivf thread right now, but don't let it get you.  things are cyclical.  and it's terrible the way it stacked up for so many of our fellow ladies.  don't let it freak you out too much, you already made the jump to our side and hopefully are way past the worries.  we just have to soldier on, and eventually good things will happen again.  


shesaid, i always think if you're freaking out it's best to call the dr.  if there are no immediate signs and the pain isn't too terrible, can you wait until morning?  trust your gut though, you know your body best.  i had all sorts of weird pains along the way and it was always either round ligament pains, babies on a nerve or pushing an organ pain, etc.   also, about the GTT, they made me take it twice (once early on, once at 28 weeks) and it really wasn't anything bad.  i thought the drink was going to make me gag, but i tried the fruit punch and the orange, and as long as it was cold i was fine.  the first time i drank it not long after eating, the second time fasting, and the hour went by pretty quickly.  i think i read a book on my phone in the waiting room.  i hope you rock it!


happy mother's day mom!!! hope all is well with you and the kids!  


i am sitting in my living room staring at two giant swings and five bouncers.  the benefit of having kids a few years after most of my friends is that they are either done or waiting a bit before their next, so everyone keeps offering and delivering things.  i have bins and bins of clothes ranging from newborn to 18mo, i have enough activity mats and bouncers and swings to cover ever surface of our house, i have toys ranging from newborn to over a year.... the generosity of others has been insanely overwhelming.  it was nice because i could save my registry for the items i really needed (strollers, car seats, bedding, etc).  plus, it would be a shame to spend a million dollars on all of these items that the babies use for less than six months and then are done with.  some of it i am sharing with a pregnant coworker, and i'll return some to friends and save some for my sister should she choose to have a baby in the next few years.  but i feel really lucky, really prepared, and able to relax knowing that my baby fund wasn't drained prior to their arrival.  i'm a little sad that these will probably be our only babies and i won't get to save any of it for future kids, but i am trying to focus on the babies i've got in me.  the countdown is on!  one week from tomorrow is my induction unless they come sooner.  fingers crossed!

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Hope you all had lovely a mother's day and mothers-to-be day :)


I had friends send me flowers -- it was so sweet of them & I got all teary eyed thinking about by little ones... 


rcr - hang in there! You're getting so close to second tri! I found my second wind around 14 weeks and have had a few great weeks since I got over my cold. I hope you find yours earlier and the nausea flies the coop! I walked half the city this weekend with friends and aside from tired feet, felt awesome (~17 weeks), so your time will come, too!!! 


Aura - Quite the loot!! My friends kids are SOOOO much older -- so I'm trolling multiples boards to find second hand stuff... I agree paying for swings/bouncers that will only be used a few months is CRAZY (especially in twos and threes!) Which reminds me a friend of a friend has 1 yr old twn boys... might have to email them and ask what's for resale!! 


Shesaid - uh oh... DH is a Toronto fan? Sorry, but I'll be rooting for the Bruins tonight :) I wish I could've gone to the game, but sitting in those seats for that long... ugh, too much.  I'm better watching at home on the couch!!  Glad to hear your mom is doing OK with all the treatment -- I hope the rest of treatment goes well!! Same for your Dad -- hope they can sort things out.  It's nice that you can be there with them through all of this, I know it can't be easy.  But your new business venture sounds very exciting!  I'm sure it's a crazy time to be gearing up but glad you are able to keep busy :) Sitting around waiting makes me crazy! 


Suzie -- WAY cool 3D U/S picts.  Glad all is well...


Penis was VERY clear on one of my boys -- butt end shot two legs and BOOM in between there it was. No mistaking :)  The other one I was pretty sure was a boy from an earlier u/s but it wasn't as clear this time (to me) but the tech was confident it was a boy.  I'm just hoping my girl doesn't end up actually being a boy -- I kind of like the mix...


I'm hoping at next appointment for some 3D face shots... but I don't love the u/s tech so much on the days I'm in--she's all business and no fun--so we'll see. My appointment after next is on a different day with a different tech -- so maybe at that appointment instead.  


One more week of classes, then two of exams, and then SUMMER!!!!!! I'm done teaching until at least Feb, hopefully March -- but still have to keep up my research through out this all (thank goodness for good grad students).  


Hope you all have a great week and good spring weather where ever you are (or if you're down south of the equator, then good fall weather??). 

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auraleigh - thank you! My OB didn't seem worried so I'm sure all is well. I will just call back if it changes or gets worse.
That's wonderful that friends were able to share with you and you have almost everything you need. So much easier than having to buy everything. I hope you do get those special items on your registry. The babies are so close now!


guppyluv - haha, yes he is. He was not happy tonight when they lost. We couldn't go to the game because tickets in the terrible standing section started at $300 each. Eek! Ticket prices in this city are awful. I prefer watching from the couch too though. Thank you! I'm glad I've been able to be here for my parents and keep busy.
Face shots would be wonderful! I'm hoping for a new tech who will take fun pictures for you. I hope your last week of school is great and then you have a nice relaxing summer.



AFM - baby has been moving around very low in my belly today and it feels like someone has kicked me in the crotch. So sore. Now I know I was definitely lucky in being comfy for so long. It's not too bad though. I'm still keeping busy. I went out with a friend today to a couple antique malls and we had a great time. Tomorrow I'm going with my mom to a "feel good" workshop put on for chemo patients. A lot of women bring their daughters too, so she asked me to come along. I've been feeling the baby move so much, which was been really neat. It definitely feels more real to me now even though I still can't believe this is happening.

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Shesaid- was a serious come from behind moment for the Bruins tonight. So much for my blood pressure. Totally couldn't even fathom the ticket $$$ - it was insane! I could buy 3 car seats for the price of one tix! I'm looking forward to feeling the babes move but not for being kicked in the ribs / pelvis / etc smile.gif guess we take the good and take the bad...

Anyway I'm up way too late. Can't sleep... Must.get.offline...
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Hi all:


I felt pretty good yesterday, and so far so good this morning too. I got some ginger candies, and DH made me some ginger in mineral water, so I think that has helped.


Guppy - are you a professor? I like the BBG mix too. I hope the girl stays a girl :)


Aura - AAH! less than a week! I bet you are so excited! Does DH get to take time off after the birth? Yes, it is heartbreaking on the other thread. I will feel much better on Sat after my appointment (hopefully she can hear the HB). What really got me worried was laggie - she and I were cycle buddies and had out transfers and betas on the same day. If it can happen to her it can still happen to me.


shesaid - it is really nice that you can be there fore your mom.


Laura - how did it go? I can't wait to see pictures!


Suzie - those pics make me want to to a 3d u/s. What a cutie!


lilac, vieros, happy, Tear, Vegan,  and everybody else: hi!

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Hi all! I'm a lurker and "know" a lot of you. Anyways, we ended up conceiving through an injectable IUI cycle not IVF. I'll be 12 wks tomorrow and because I have a progesterone problem I've been on PIO since 4wks. I'm in the process of weaning off. I know PIO is more common in conjunction with IVF cycles, did any of you end up using it for an extended period of time? What was your experience weaning off?

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Hi SilaMarila -- I was on progesterone supps through week 10.5 (well I spaced out the last few supps until week 11.5 but only b/c I was scared to stop cold turkey despite what my dr said!!!) I FINALLY got energy back about 3-5 days after the extra progesterone filtered out of my system. At that point babies were all fine and everything seemed OK!  I was a zombie on the progesterone... 

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Hi Sila:


I am still on progesterone shots. I have 5 more to go (yay!!) I am on them until week 12. MY doc didn't say anything about weaning off them. I take my last shot on Sat, and then go in on Mon to have a test. I am really hoping that the progesterone (and estrogen pills, which I am also on) is the reason for me feeling so bad lately. I can't wait to stop them. Sorry that is not helpful, since I am not weaning off them though.

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guppy - congrats on the BBG!!


rcr - sorry you've been feeling so cruddy.


sila - I was nervous to stop cold turkey but did at 11 weeks and it was smooth sailing.  felt better in a cpl of days and everything.  The placenta has taken over at that point.


aura - holy crap!!!  I can't believe you're about to hold those beauties in your arms!  Can't wait to hear all about it!  The hand me downs are awesome.  My DD is dressed for many years to come thanks to my best friend.  DS we are not so lucky with lol.


shesaid - sounds like the workshop will be neat!  sorry for the discomfort, but glad it is just getting that way!

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Thanks so much for replying guys! Did you guys get your progesterone levels checked before weaning off? Do you remember what it was? I did and it was 27. At 6.5 wks it was 41 so I really expected it to be higher and it kind of freaked me out. My midwife had me go back in to get it checked today. Today was going to be my last shot since I'll be 12 wks tomorrow (yay). Then I'll get it checked a few days after stopping to make sure it hasn't dropped too drastically or anything. She said it should be above 20.


Energy sounds nice! I read that a lot of people do feel much better after stopping the PIO and other hormones.

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Vireoes.. just my mum's guess, but i think we'll find out at the 20 week scan in 2 weeks.. we were planning to have a surprise, but i think I'm too impatient to wait that long with all this penis speculation :)


Aura... glad you have such generous friends!  I'm in a similar position with a couple of friends who had "surprise babies" giving me all their (awesome) stuff, and the relief financially is really comforting.  I essentially have an entire nursery by donation :) You're so close now - so so exciting!!!


RCR... Hope you're feeling better!  It does pass, I promise!  And I was feeling pretty awful the whole time I was on progesterone too.  It does really pass a lot when you stop.  Have you tried ginger biscuits?  Then you get some nice sugar energy as well :) (I'm all about the sugar lol)



Sila.. Hi!  I was so nervous to stop the progesterone, but wow - once all the side effects from that left me, I felt like a million bucks in comparison.  Dunno about more energy.. but i definitely felt less zombie-like/nauseous/crap :) 


AFM.. Got my doppler working which is AWESOME!  Not getting any real kicks, and feeling pretty much not pregnant was driving me crazy, and then the spotting... - so now if I'm feeling particularly paranoid I can check for myself :)  My doctor won't use a doppler - he is a turkey!  His stance is if he can't hear it, it can cause stress for the mother... bah!  My midwife (who I only see every few months) recommended the doppler and showed me how to use it, so at least now I have peace of mind until the movements start :)  Hope all is well for you all!

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Just whipped. Today I stop my estradiol pill and next Tuesday when I am 9 weeks 5 days pregnant. I hate the zits I seem to be getting from them. I am not weaning off of them either so I hope my babies are getting everything they need from their placentas.
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Oops on cell phone.
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shesaidboom-the glucose test wasn't too bad.  The drink itself was awful.  Here they give it too you unflavored and warm.  So it is like drinking warm syrup.  Yuck, but over pretty quick. I felt fine after drinking it and was just glad it was done.  I had DD with me, so the hour wasn't hard to kill.  We went outside and played in the park.

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guppyluv - it was such a crazy game. So hard to watch. I couldn't keep my eyes open at the end. I felt so bad for DH because he's a much bigger hockey fan than I am. I guess at least we made it in at all this year! It has certainly been a while.


rcr - glad you're feeling a bit better. Keep up the good ginger stuff!


Sila!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH! Congrats! I'm so happy for you. This is wonderful. No shots, but I was on progesterone suppositories until week 12 and weaned off by week 14. Didn't have any issues getting off it, thankfully. They didn't test my levels when I stopped, just said the placenta would take over from then on.


hope4light - me too, could be so much worse. How are you doing?


suzie - I'm glad the doppler is able to give you piece of mind, especially since you have a bit to go before movements become really consistent. Mine still aren't. Some days I'll feel Birdie all day, and others he'll move into a position where I don't feel him as much. Still not really feeling him from the outside either. I bet it is super cool to hear your babe's heartbeat whenever you like :)


lilac - I hope everything goes well with stopping the pill. It would be nice for those side effects to be gone!


vireoes - thanks for the reassurance, it really helps. Glad your dd was there to help pass the time.

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hello ladies!  i'm now 4cm dilated! (for the past 4 weeks i've been 100% effaced and 2cm dilated).  i'm not in active labor yet so i'm home and waiting, but i ask you all to do some kind of baby dance to make these babies come out! 

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Aura -- Go babies go!  

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I'm dancing, but it's not pretty LOL... Good luck Aura!! :) :) x

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Aura that is great. I will think open and out thoughts for you so those babies come out quick once it gets started.
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Aura- doing the baby dance here too.
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