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Keria - Thanks!  I'm hoping the same about breastfeeding.  BFing twins is supposed to burn up to 600 calories per day!  Sounds good to me :)  


I'm not sure how to count my weight... I lost 11 pounds in the first trimester and I've gained 27 back... so I'm not sure if that means I count it as the 27 pounds or the 16 from my pre-pregnancy weight...?  I'm assuming I go off of my lowest and say I've gained 27 so far.  I'm not retaining hardly any water (at least not yet)  I sure did in my first pregnancy and couldn't wear shoes.  I'm SO glad I'm not this time, but I'm not holding my breath that I won't before the end. 


I'm looking forward to seeing your belly shot!

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Kewpie, you look great!  I love seeing your bump pictures!  My second favorite thing about breastfeeding (besides bonding) is weight loss.  I hear it's a lot harder with twins since they are usually premies, but I lost all my pregnancy and IVF weight in the first 2 months!  It was awesome.  My friend IRL with twins breastfed and she was tiny in no time!  I always had supply issues, but looking back, I bet it was because I wasn't drinking and eating enough...so I will be really focused on that this time around.  I also plan on renting a hospital grade pump, in case it takes a while to get latching right.


Keira, I would love to see a picture of your bump too! 


Renavoo, hope these 2 busy weeks at work pass quickly!!! 


Deborah, congratulations on all the new arrivals/announcements.


AFM, I am so so sick, I wrote my OB today to see if he would prescribe something.  I can barely eat, drink, sleep, or take care of DD.  I was in so much pain (from nausea) yesterday I just cried the whole day.  Luckily DH was around to take care of DD.  I really hate taking drugs while pregnant, but I need to be able to perform normal tasks!

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Oh belly that sucks that you are feeling so sick. I'm hoping your doctor can prescribe something that helps. 



  Ok not the best pic but it will do for now plus you can see my doggie. I want to get dressed up with DH and have one last family pic before kids.




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cute keria!!!

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breastfeeding question that just flew out of nowhere and hit me in the head... Are you supposed to wear a bra at night when breastfeeding to keep pads in place and keep sheets from getting milky???  I dont like wearing bras at all and only wear one when I have to and this makes me afraid of what the answer is going to be.

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Thanks Kewpie :)



I have no experience but yes I've read you have to wear something at least at first or you'll wake up in a puddle of milk. I hate bras, I plan on wearing tanks which I hate a little less.

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I might be able to handle a tank too.  I'm a t-shirt wearing kind of person at night.  I can't stand being restricted.  A tank might be a good compromise.

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kewpie - there are sleep bras that are so loose you don't even know they are there. I hate bras, and I actually ended up wearing the same few sleep bras all day and night until they were threadbare. It was not really because milk was getting all over the place, it was because my boobs were just so big it was uncomfortable without one. Plus I had to wear nursing pads at first because the milk would leak though. I don't normally wear a bra at all. I was feeding two babies too - mine and an adopted baby who I was pumping for.

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Oh, and cute pic keira.

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Keira, so cute!!!!!  You are NOT huge at all, I would slap someone that said that to me!  Actually, a guy I work with told me when I was about 30 weeks that I had gotten really big!  He doesn't ever think before he says stuff, so I wasn't really offended.  I think he was trying to say I was showing, but I did tell them it was rude to say that to any lady, pregnant or not...he didn't comment on my size after that :)  I love your doggie in the picture too!!!  I am so so excited for you!


Kewpie, I am normally a t-shirt wearing girl too, but I had to sleep with bra and pads for several months after DD was born.  I'll have to look up sleep bras, I wore a Bravado Seamless bra most of the time and I loved it, it was super comfy.  I plan on buying a couple more of those and looking into tanks as well!


rcr, thanks for the sleep bra idea...I am going to have to look those up, sounds very nice!!!

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Kewpie and Keria - Very cute pics!!!!!  Love them both!!  joy.gif

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thanks belly and rcr!  I'm taking notes and will look those up.  I remember hearing good things about bravado once from someone else a while back.  


Thanks blue!

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Hi ladies!


Keria and Kewpie, LOVE the bump photos! You guys look great! It's wonderful that you're capturing the memories now. it'll be something to show the kids later on.


interesting discussion about bras. I learn so much just reading these messages! I actually wear a sports bra every night to sleep anyway so I 'm sure I would feel more comfortable with something. When did you guys start to buy new bras? My breasts have gotten larger but I can still mostly wear my current bras although sometimes they get tight. i don't want to do anything until after my 12th week visit (I'm still a little worried that something bad happened in there because I don't know WHAT is happening!) so I'm just biding my time. DH is begging me to stop looking up miscarriage stuff. For instance, now I'm searching for terms like miscarriage without symptoms. Apparently, a lot of people do suffer from them. ugh, sorry i'm being morbid. It's a weird mood I've been in. Maybe the exhaustion? But it's awful what you can find on the web!


Belly, hug2.gifsorry you feel so sick. Did you get morning sickness with DD? i guess it's double the fun this time around for you, huh? Sorry...I hope that it goes away soon. My morning sickness has started to go away. I get periods of of slight nausea but generally, I don't feel as bad anymore. So I'm hoping that this is what will happen to you too. Although 2 more weeks of awful nausea is definitely something to not look forward to!








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renavoo - The mc stuff is pretty awful.  When you don't have symptoms, it's a missed m/c and they are quite common.  :(  I had to pry myself away from google especially in the beginning too.  It feels like it would help to be informed, but I think it just makes us a little more paranoid cause there are so many horror stories out there and lots of people willing to share them.  


As for the bras, my breasts didn't change at all, so I didn't end up buying any except for 1 nursing bra I plan to use in the hospital.  Since I've given birth before, I;m assuming that's why my breasts haven't changed, but they probably will once my milk comes in cause I've never breastfed. I'll buy more once I know what my milk factories are going to do.


Just from reading various forums, it seems that some women change early, some late, and some not at all.  It seems to vary a lot.  Personally, I'd probably hold off as long as I could and then only get 1-2 bras until I was sure I was going to be at that size for awhile.  Why do they have to be so dang expensive??  Bras are one thing that I really don't like buying, but at least we don't still wear corsets! orngtongue.gif


AFM - I had a growth spurt this past weekend and I can feel a huge difference.  It's really affecting my back and I hardly slept last night. :(  Thank goodness I have nothing going on today so I can nap.  Hopefully my back will let me.

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Belly - I'm sorry you're so sick!  There are some over the counter things you can try... certain B vitamins that my OB recommended for calming morning sickness.  I'm not sure how well it works, cause I never took them, but I can look up the info if you think you want to give it a shot.  Off the top of my head, I think it was B6 and unisom combination.  I have it written down somewhere.  There is a prescription drug that starts with a Z that is supposed to be really effective as well.  I hope your doctor is willing to suggest or give you something.  I had bad m/s but I was able to keep it somewhat at bay just by eating tiny meals almost constantly through the day and night.  TBH, I'm not sure it was the best idea cause I still ended up losing quite a bit of weight.  I hope you can get some relief!

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Kewpie - yea, I agree to hold off as long as you can on buying bras. I bought some of those nursing tanks, which were really nice and really expensive, and totally fit before I had DS, and then my boobs got huge and I could never wear them. What a waste of money.



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Thanks everyone :)


I bought 3 sleep bras at 20 weeks and I started wearing them then and loved them but they don't fit well anymore. I'm hoping they'll fit again at some point. For now if I have to wear a bra I wear one of those camis with a shelf bra.


Rena I did the same thing at first, I think it's normal to worry especially since we have so little control or knowledge of what's going on in there. Did you get a doppler? I love that thing I want to marry it and have little doppler babies with it.

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Kewpie, I waited a week after my milk came in before buying my nursing bras.  It was a tough week, and in hind sight having one before would really help.  I was crying and so upset that I didn't have one and my hospital didn't have the size I needed.  I was a hormonal and sleep deprived mess :)  Luckily, I found it on the internet and it was at my house the next day (and I didn't pay for shipping!).  Yes, my ob suggested half a B6 and half a unisom 3xday.  I did it last night and it was the first time in a couple weeks I slept completely through the night.  I also took a dose before work today and although I was a little more sleepy than normal, I managed not to fall asleep at my desk :)  It seems to be working a little, I wouldn't say the nausea is gone, but at least I can do "normal" stuff! 


Renavoo, I am sure everything is fine in there!!!  So natural to worry.  I worried a lot with my DD, but this time I am more relaxed.  It gets "better" once you start feeling movement!  And your doppler should help too :)


Keria, haha doppler babies :)

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belly - I'm so glad you found something that helped at least a little.  Looking back, I'm not really sure why I suffered through instead of just taking the pills... trying not to jinx anything, I suppose.  


I've got 1 bra to hold me over until I see what's going to happen. The one I got is not molded and it has very stretchy cups, so I'm hoping it'll work well.  The milk comes in about 3 days after birth, right?  By then I should have a good idea of what size I'll need?

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Kewpie - I know my situation was different, but my milk came in like a day and 1/2  - 2 days after birth.  So our boys were born on Sat early evening and then on Sunday night when i was laying in bed that night I felt my BBs starting to feel like they were going to explode a bit and then I think by mid day Monday I realize what was happening. (no one told me that would be happening). If you eat oatmeal as soon as possible after birth that will also help your milk to come in, but once it is in be careful of oatmeal (cookies or what ever) b/c it will cause you problems.  I also had to sleep with a tight bra b/c that was very uncomfortable, but probably you will be better off since you will be draining w/ the babes feedings.  When is your next appt?


Belly - so glad you found something to help.  I took B6 initially (well maybe around 6-8 wks) and thought it helped but lots of water and snacking all the time was what helped me.


Renavoo - when is your next appt???


Hi to everyone else too!!

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