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Hi McCool How great/sweet/kind/generous is that of the 3D place and tech!! I'm excited for you! We had the Panorama bloodwork done,(I think it's similar to the Harmony one that I keep seeing people discuss) and I will know next week, not only the predicted overall health of the baby, but also the sex and I AM sooooo excited/anxious/desperate to know! It's so silly too because up until I was told that the bloodwork would also tell us the sex, I was totally content on waiting till the end of July to find out!


AFM- My son's graduation celebration was fun and simple- he wanted just family, pizza, wings,mozzarella sticks, and soda- bless his heart, because I was totally prepared to go all out, and I know I would've overspent, over thought, and overexerted myself to make it what I thought would be great. Meanwhile, we had so much fun last night and it was soo relaxed! I've also just had 30 hours (and counting) of feeling consistently good both physically and emotionally, and while they might seem small to some, for me this is huge and it feels sooo darn good. I'm savoring every second. Lastly, weight gain....uh, yeah...I am, ummm...totally 22lbs heavier than when I started this IVF cycle..and hoping that I too will have this fabulous "redistribution" of those pounds to solely my belly and breast, but so far it's more like- belly, breasts, thighs, calves, bottom, upper arms, and even my face is lookin a lil bit round. Oh, well- considering I would've walked through fire to have this baby, I'll live with the weight gain.

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Hey all :)


I am really having a girl!!  I even a ridiculously inscrutable picture to prove it LOL.  So glad I don't have to cancel all my laybys...hahaha!


Happyhopeful.. waiting is the worst! But so glad you're feeling so much better.  I totally hear you on the weight gain too. I look entirely different in the face, my watch is too tight and I had to buy a cheap wedding ring to fit my swollen finger to stop nosy customers from assuming we are closing the shop because we broke up... I actually bought one in the next size up as well, to accommodate the next 3 or 4 months of swelling too :) I don't mind all looking so bloated - it took longer to get pregnant with this peanut than it took to lose the weight I gained with DS, so I already know I can deal with it.  Totally worth a bit of a body adaption to get a baby!!

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YAY!!! A GIRL!!! AND AN AWESOME YELLOW NURSERY WAITING FOR HER!!! :) I'm so happy the scan showed you this time! I know you probably just want to yell it from the rooftops!! It's so funny how there really are 2 distinct groups- those of us who want/must/have to know the sex and those who do not under any circumstances want to know.

p.s. I too see a faux wedding band in my future :)

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yay suzie! Glad you finally found out!!

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Suzie that is cool that you have confirmation on your little girl's gender. Tonight I saw a couple with boy girl twins ata restaurant. Makes me want twins of a boy girl mix too.

On the issue of swollen, a couple weeks ago I put on a pair of capris that were a bit big in the waist-last night I tried them on and there isno gaposis attke waist anymore. Weight wise I haven't changed but my belly sure is swelling.
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We were so excited after that scan we painted the nursery purple yesterday.. oh. but you should see my dining room now all the junk room has been transported into it!  We will be eating dinner off of our laps for a while... LOL.  It's good to see what a fabulous hoarder I've been though, and finally has spurned me to get rid of the (useless and un-tunable) piano that takes up so much space.  Stay tuned as I transform into an organised person :) bahahaha..


Oh, and the doctor has tentatively booked me for a c-section on October 14th!  Still debating whether to try again at natural birth, but my last one was a bit of a disaster with DS so nobody is trying too hard to convince me - not even my midwife, after reading my file  LOL

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happyhopeful - yep, only 8 more! I can't believe we're getting so close.
I would want to know asap too. It's amazing what they can do with a blood test these days.
I'm so glad you had a great night. Your DS sounds wonderful! 

 I started out very overweight with hormonal issues that made it really hard to lose weight at all, which I think is the only reason I have. It's funny because pregnancy messes with hormones but mine were so out of whack that they seem much more normal now. Either way, it's totally worth it for the babies we will all get :) My huge belly is sort of making up for it, it is definitely getting uncomfy now.


suzie - That's so awesome of the ultrasound tech. Hurray for feeling movements too! And a girl!! I bet the junk in the dining room is worth all the fun you'll have decorating her nursery.


lilac - boy/girl twins would be nice!



AFM - I started packing our hospital bag today and am getting very excited. I know I'll probably be sitting around at 41 weeks wondering when this baby will finally come out, but I want to be prepared. I've been feeling braxton hicks contractions. Birdie has his butt tucked up under my rib cage on one side, which is making it uncomfortable to sit most of the time, but I guess that means he's growing well. Just a few things left to do now and a couple bits and pieces to get and we'll be ready. This weekend I plan to wash all our baby clothes/diapers/sheets/etc. I realized we went a little overboard with the baby clothes (mostly thrifted so I don't feel too badly).

I hope all the new mamas, mamas to be, and mamas that soon will be mamas to be are doing well! Have a good weekend.

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Suzie, purple is such a fun color. Before I got married 3 years ago all of my bedroom accessories were purple. It was pretty. I am sure your little girl's room will be adorable.

My mom had a baby shower for me in Wi this weekend. It was fun. I got several packages of diapers - since it was a diaper shower and one person made me an all boy package stuff in sizes newborn to 12 months -all new stuff she never used. Another lagy gave me a garbage bag and a diaper box full of adorable preowned clothes most of which I will keep even though theyare preowned. Another couple ladies got me matching giraffe yellow sleepers. Then presents of money which I will use to buy fabric for curtains.
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I'm leaving you all again to enter the wild world of recurrent pregnancy loss testing. Wishing you all the best & hoping to find the other side in the near future. <3
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TF I am so so sorry, this is,so unfair. Please take care of yourself and know that you are in my t&p's. Big big hugs. I wish I could say more but I know there are no words that will help.
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Stalking ---


Shesaidboom - So excited for you!! You never know when the baby will come, so it never hurts to be prepared.  However, my general rule for going into labor is that it will happen at the most inconvenient time.  Can't wait hear all about your little when it comes!!


TF2B - I'm so sorry for your loss.  I know that's small comfort, but I'm thinking about you.  


mccool -- Noticed the c-section date...which is when my DD will turn 1.  She was a repeat c-section as my first was a surprise breech. I tell everyone the 2nd c-section was the way to go and I'm so glad I never went into labor for that VBAC!  

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Cait - I'm so, so sorry. I hope you are able to get some answers. I am thinking of you <3


Wissa - thank you <3

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TF - I am sorry. I am so so sorry.

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I think that I am going to have to tell people at work that I am pregnant. I have been holding out as long as I can, but I am really starting to look pregnant. Last night I ran into a co-worker, and I think he noticed. I think that I will wait until after my MW appointment on Sat. just to make sure everything is ok. I have been dreading this for a long time. ugh.


Wissa - nice to see you pop in. Hi!

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HI All!! SheSaid- I'm so excited for you and I can only imagine how sweet it must have felt preparing the baby's room!!! Lilac- wow! Sounds like your baby shower was a great success, and it must be nice knowing so early on that you're already somewhat prepared RCR- I too am completely dreading telling my job especially since I'm the only female and the only one that has to worry about job security- I'm telling them when I return from vacation on July 10th. Ugh!! Please let me know how it goes for you- sending you lots of strong, calming, vibes! McCool- loving the purple room and I am totally going to be in the same boat as you, being that the soon to be baby's room is right now a storage room for everybody's _______ and I know that one day in my not too distant future, I'll be moving it all out into the dining room! TF- I am so sorry for your loss and admire the strength you're mustering to get right back to trying. As you know, many of us here too have had to do the same and I hope you feel our love and empathy.

AFM- Major whirlwind in the last 24 hours...first 12 hours- changed my Master's program at school from a MA in Health and Wellness Coaching to a MS in Health Promotion...in the next 6 hrs- found out the results from Panorama blood work: all the blood worked looked (and this is a quote) fabulous!! AND, we are having a GIRL!!!....Last 6 hours- found out that my 20 year old stepdaughter is PREGNANT AND DUE 2 WEEKS after me....still in shock...blush.gif

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lilac - sounds like your shower was great and you really got a lot of things to help out. Most of my little bird's clothes are pre-owned thrift store things, but all in great shape. We saved a lot of money that way. I love pre-owned!


rcr - sorry you have to deal with telling co-workers. Hopefully you'll feel relieved once it's out of the bag and over with.


happyhopeful - Congrats on your little GIRL! I'm glad all your blood work was great.
How are you feeling about your stepdaughter's pregnancy? Does she live with you and DH?


I hope everyone else is doing well. The new mamas must be so busy.

AFM - I had a follow-up ultrasound on Monday to check the placenta (it was laying low on previous ultrasounds) and the posterior horns in Birdie's brain since they were in the upper limits of normal last time. Everything looked good, posterior horns are fine and the placenta moved a lot so we're good for a vaginal birth. I brought my mom to the ultrasound since DH couldn't get time off work and she was feeling up to it. She was really happy to see him and it lifted her spirits for the rest of the day, which was nice.
I snapped this picture of my dog cuddling my belly while I was laying on my parents' couch. She does this a lot now, her legs "hugging" my belly and her chin resting on the middle..


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toothfairy sorry to hear that your FET little one didn't take hold for the long haul.  I hope your doctors are able to find some answers.

happyhopeful congrats on the little girl!  So exciting!

shesaidboom, love the photo of your doggy hugging your belly.  Very cute.

AFM, going in for my next prenatal appointment after a bleeding scare on Monday.  Spent 7 hours in ER on Monday (2.5 hours waiting to be seen ended up drinking 3 bottles of water during that time and cramping stopped). I had vaginal bleeding after a stiff bowel movement at 4 p.m. on Monday. DH didn't get home until 6:15 pm since he had stopped at school to do some work after his job (usually he gets home at 5 pm). I was having cramping and pressure, so OB had said go to the emergency room.  The bleeding had stopped by the time DH got home but because he is B+ blood and I am O- blood we went to the emergency room any way to get the rhogam shot and make sure babies were okay.  The ultrasound (which was at 10:45 pm!) showed that everything was okay and that from the pictures there was no reason for the bleeding.  Getting the rhogham shot didn't happen until 1:30 a.m. because the bloodbank wanted to make sure I was still Rh negative even though I had just been tested 25 days ago at my first OB appointment.  They also did some testing to make sure I wouldn't react to the rhogam.  Finally at 2 a.m. we were able to go home.  DH didn't go to work the Tuesday and I had a sub for my summer school teaching that day and basically slept the day away.  I am hoping that all is well at my OB appointment today as well. There hasn't been any blood since Monday but I am afraid to have a bowel movement for fear more will come.  I have been drinking LOTS of water to make sure my bowel movements move loosely through.

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Well, my ob appointment was very underwhelming. The doctor answered all my questions but all that happened was they did a dipstick test to check for protein and sugar in my urine, took my blood pressure, weighed me (I only gained a pound from my last appointment a month ago), and did a heart beat check.  Does that sound about right for a second ob visit? It lasted all of 15 minutes tops. She figured the blood was just from the stiff bowel movement and seemed unconcerned.


I have an appointment with a dietician. I want to make sure that I am eating the best for two babies.  OB Dr. seems unconcerned that I am not gaining any weight but from what I have read I should be gaining a bit more


My appointment for the gender scan is July 26 at 9:15 a.m. I can't wait! I have been told not to urinate an hour before the exam.  What good will that do?

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Lilac.. that's so scary!  A similar thing happened to me at 17 weeks and that shot was pretty terrible!  Mine was well after 1am too, so I feel for you!  Glad you got a day of rest in, and that all is well x


Shesaidboom.. so so cute!!  It's funny, they say your pets know you're pregnant and want to do things like that to be close to you and the baby.  So cool your mum got to come to the u/s with you.  That's really special :)


Happyhopeful... Yay for a girl!!  So exciting!  :)  My great baby group friend from my DS's early years had her baby a few weeks before her daughter had twins, and they are still such great friends they're more like a gaggle of 3 brothers than uncle and nephews.  And it makes family things so much more fun for the kids when they have someone their own age to play with.  I know Mary struggled with not being able to be such a great support when all the babies were born, having her own newborn to cope with, but seriously, they have such a great family unit now.


rcr.. you made me laugh a little bit.  i thought EVERYONE who saw me knew, but when I finally did announce at 20 weeks everyone was surprised - most people thought I just put on a bit of weight, but I seriously thought it was so obvious!  Good luck when you do announce at work though.


AFM... I'm wide awake at 3am because we actually sold our shop!!  I'm so excited/relieved that the adrenaline is a bit mad atm.. The things this mean to us are phenomenal, because we've lived on the edge of financial strife for ages, and suddenly we can afford to get our heating fixed and a new stove/fridge and stuff!  AND now we don't have to dismantle the store and dump all the racks and fittings, and fill our shed with thousands of CDs and DVDs.  Words cannot ever come close to how much this will change our lives!  Crazy happy!!ROTFLMAO.gifAnd to make it all even more awesome, this little baby has really started moving and jabbing in the last 2 weeks, which is a massive relief every time!  I think she is going to be a ballerina with boxing skills at this stage :)

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Hi - RCR I stalk you too...I have to keep up with the ladies that were a part of my infertility journey.  

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