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RCR: I'm soooo excited for you!!!! :-)



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rcr- yay! congrats!

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Excellent rcr! Very exciting news to have a little girl!
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Congrats rcr!!! how exciting.

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Yay RCR!!!! So exited for you that it's a girl! Were you leaning one way or another in your own thoughts?? Now you will have the "perfect" family as they say ... One of each!!

I've been meaning to catch up and hopefully will be able to more next wk. it's a crazy busy wkend for us. More to come but know I'm reading along and excited for all the BFP's.
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Congrats RCR


Buckets-So excited for you, we will both have our little ones to hold soon.  My DD has had much more screen time than usual lately as well.  I try not to worry about it since we just need to get through the next little bit and it is not a normal thing for us.  Sometimes I am just too tired for anything else.  It is extra hot over here so that does not help us getting out either.


Guppy-thinking about you.  Fingers crossed that all those baby stay put for a while longer.  Glad your parents are there to help you, even though help always brings its own challenges.


shesaidboom- I hope it works out with the midwife, so you can have a doula present.  The only doula in our area is out of town when we are due.  Same thing happened with DD, but the hubby stepped up pretty well.  It really sucks that is is so hard to find a good doctor/midwife to deliver with.  We like our facility and our doctor is okay, but not amazing.


Lilac-Glad you had a good meeting with the dietician. Sounds like you have a solid plan for your nutrition.  The doctors don't always seemed to be the best informed on this topic and I think everyone's body responds differently.  If I don't get enough calories in I feel awful, other people don't seem to be able to eat at all. 


Suzie-I hope you have a wonderful vacation.


Happy-I hope the scan goes well.  My husband snuck some video in during ours even though they do not allow it.  He just pretended to be taking lots of stills shots which were allowed.


AFM-38.5 weeks now.  My mom arrives in  just under a week.  No signs of early labor so I think we will make it till her arrival.  DD seems pretty happy about the baby coming soon, she was going back and forth about it for a while.  The time seems really long now, since we are not getting out that much and have everything as ready as we can.  I am keeping some of the baby stuff put away so that DD doesn't jump all over it.

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Blue - nice to see you here. It has been a while. Yes, I was really hoping for a girl. I didn't really admit it to anybody when they asked, because I didn't want to let myself be dissappointed if it was a boy, but yea, I am really happy that it is a girl.


Vieros - Wow, good luck! Glad the baby seems to be staying put until your mom arrives.


AFM - DH finally told his parents today that I am pregnant. They were excited. I told a few people who didn't already know too. I still haven't told my dad, and I don't really have any other family. I am totally looking pregnant, but I was so worried about telling too soon that we waited a really long time. I still haven't told my work yet! agh! I was planning to a few weeks ago but I chickened out. I know they will be annoyed - not that there is anything that they will do or say. I am off for the summer, so they haven't seen y growing belly. Every time I go to the grocery store I am afraid of running into somebody from work. I really need to tell them.

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rcr, I hope you get to tell your work associates on your terms, not just "oops met you in the store". 


AFM, dh got in a "must clean everything really well before the babies come".  I think he is nesting more than I am.  He totally cleaned the garage, put some shelves in order there, and took all the stuff I had brought home from my teaching job that I won't be using for a couple years and put it out on the shelves with the help of my brother.  It was crazy hot but I agree the garage looks amazing and having the basement empty to make room for putting my brother's bed down there (he is currently in our spare room that will be the babies room and we only have 2 rooms).  My brother is really relaxed about it, "Oh, yeah, I knew I would have to give up the spare bedroom soon so you could get prepared for the babies."  Next up on DH's list is cleaning out the attic.  I need to be more involved in that though because DH tried to put to the curb some stuff that holds sentimental value for me and isn't just "junk".

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rcr - yeah for a girl!! ssb and vireos - I can't believe how close you both are! Can't wait to hear the exciting news and birth stories! Sorry, between work and the kiddos I've been insanely busy, and haven't had much time to post. But please know that I'm reading along and always thinking of you guys!! Congrats to our new members on their BFP's!! edited because i'm a big loser and might have made sourire cry... i'm so sorry honey :-(
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Hope - I'm not sure who you meant by sourire but its clearly not me.
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Hi All!! I just told the job and it went pretty well, but a little awkward...they're all men, so I guess I should've anticipated mixed responses. No one gave me a negative response per say, but I did get a couple that went pretty much "oooooh, nooooh, yeah? Oh, yeah? okay, okay, no, i mean this is good- congratulations" . Yes, as I stated, awkward.

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Happy - congrats. Telling work can be really hard. I am dreading it.

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Happy... LOL.. Men are just awesome at stuff like that!  (not)  Where ladies are immediately overjoyed on your behalf, and ask all the "right questions", men come up with the most awkward and "wrong" responses.  I've had "gee, that's bad luck" when I tell customers we were selling the shop because of the baby!  As well as "I thought you were just getting fat"... yup.  Men..

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RCR, yay for exciting news!!! I'm so happy to read your updates! love.gif
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rcr - Hurray for a girl! That's so exciting.
I agree, I hope you get to tell your work on your terms. Even if they are annoyed, they really have no reason to be. This is a very good thing, obviously!


lilac - glad your dietician meeting went well. Your plan sounds good of eating well, when you're hungry, and trying to stay away from junk food sounds good. That's what I've been doing all pregnancy and not worrying too much about the scale numbers.
You must be so excited about the anatomy scan! I can't wait to read what you're having.
I wish my DH would nest like yours. That would be wonderful! I'm glad things are looking good.


suzie - it does seem really close. I keep alternating between really nervous and just wanting this pregnancy thing to be over with so I can have the baby. I'm sorry you're dealing with a lack of continuity of care too. I agree that I'll be doing things differently if we get lucky again.
We are all so graceful during pregnancy, right? I like to say pregnancy is so glamorous with all the gross and weird things that happen!


happyhopeful - glad you were able to have a vacation and that you're feeling better!
Thanks for your support and kind comments. I really hope our friend can be there to have extra support, like you said.
I'm glad telling your work went well. So funny that some men were so awkward about it, but at last it's out there!


bucketofrain - 37 weeks! That's so exciting. I'm with you on the heat, it has been awful. Today was about 40 degrees here (celsius, about 104 fahrenheit) and I could not handle it.
It really does feel surreal to be this close. Time crawled for the first 20 weeks, but now it seems to be flying by.


blueyezz - can't wait for an update from you! I hope everything is going well.


vireoes - That's too bad that the only doula is out of town again. I feel about the same way you do about our doctor. She's ok, but not great. Hopefully my hubby steps up like yours.
I can't believe how close some of us are getting! You're so so so close. Glad that DD is happy about the baby coming now!


hope4light - Good to see you! I hope that even though you've been so busy that things are going well.



AFM - still feeling pretty good aside from not wanting to go out much because of the heat. It has been so hot here lately! I'm never good at summer weather. Birdie has been stretching lots since I imagine room is getting pretty scarce in there. I get a little sore because he pushes up into my ribs. He's also started doing this weird thing where it feels like he's scratching at my uterus (haha, he just started doing it right now as I typed this). I say he is trying to claw his way out. Kinda tmi, but I've been getting a lot of mucus-y discharge so maybe things will go a little early? Maybe not. I've read that lots of women lose their mucus plug weeks before giving birth. I need to mention it to the doc when I see her later this week. Any experience with this kind of thing? I'm getting a lot of what I think are Braxton Hicks. I guess I better finish up the last few things we need to do before baby, like getting that car seat into the car!

We're having a bit of drama with the in-laws. They want to buy us a present for the baby, but one of the "main" things we will need and will use every day. The problem is we've already gotten everything because we didn't want to leave things to the last minute in case the baby came early. We would mention any time we were going to buy anything, but they didn't offer a gift until now. I gave a few suggestions of things we could use but they didn't go for any of them. I also suggested getting something we could keep at their place to use when we're over there, but they didn't like that either. His mom is also upset that I haven't included her enough, but I always try to give her updates on the baby when I see her and have asked her to come shopping with me (she didn't want to). Not sure how to fix this one. Hopefully they'll get over it. They may still be upset with us over a comment hubby made on them smoking and him not wanting smokers around the baby. It's too bad because I love my in-laws and we've always gotten along great.

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shesaidboom, sorry to hear that you are having weird interactions with your in-laws.  The smoking comment may have something to do with it but honestly it just seems that some people just want to be contrary. When they can't have it "their way", they basically throw an adult tantrum by not giving what they said they would. It sounds like you are doing the right thing - inviting them to be involved and telling them as much information as you think is useful.  Keep loving them anyway. Some people you just can't please no matter what and your state of mind needs to be in the best place as you prepare for your little one to join you in the world.


AFM, I think I felt my babies yesterday, actually it does feel a little like they were scratching/tickling the inside of my uterus. Weirdest feeling ever. I am sure I will start to feel them more.  The other day it felt like one of them was trying to push out the left bottom side of my uterus, while the other was headed out the right top. The one baby at the top was really hurting me - felt like too much pressure on my liver.  I know they are taking up space inside and pushing my internal organs around. I just have to get used to the "new normal".

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She Said- you sound like you're all set for the baby, but maybe not for the in-laws :) I would suggest telling them/paraphrasing to them what you wrote- that you really love them  and want them to feel a part of it all, you're just a little lost about how to do it- this way, you're vulnerable and it doesn't put them on the defense and it shows just how much you really value them. As far as something you "could use every day"- DIAPERS!! I mean if that's how they phrased their desire,"to get you something you will use daily" then that would be a huge help. However, if they're looking for something more sentimental- what about a new camera and/or camcorder? This way you can take great shots to share with them? Anyway, the main thing is to keep focused on all the positives and all the love you have for your family and the anticipation of lil birdie's arrival!! p.s. With my son I lost my mucous plug 2 hours before I went into active labor


McCool- Thanks for the cheers and wow, some people- right?! Hope you're in the midst of enjoying your down time!!


RCR- Thank you for the support and at least now it's out there!! I just said to himself "Just state 5 words: I have news, I'm pregnant" and then from there, it is what it is!! GOOD LUCK!!! Sending lots and lots of courageous vibes!


Buckets and Vireos: YAY!!! You guys are soooo close!! Can't wait to read names, weight, and mama's health!!


Lilac- Due to a conflict at work, I moved my anatomy scan to next Friday, so we'll both be going on the 26th- I'm just so anxious to see my little one and very excited for you to find out what you're having!! Do you have any feeling one way or another? p.s. totally jealous of the nesting husband!!


AFM- Just happy to have told the job and now can focus on baby baby baby- I spent a good 2 hours this afternoon planning out how I want her room to look...mmmm, can't wait to put these ideas into action!! :)

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happyhopeful, I am hoping for a boy and a girl. I have been calling the baby on the right by our girl name and the baby on the left by our boy name. I will just have to wait to find out. My appointment is at 9:15 on July 26. What time is your appointment?

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Lilac- I LOVE that you're calling them by names and that they have their own territories! So sweet! My appointment is at 2:30, so I'll definitely be checking for updates from you before it! :)

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Hello all!!!!  Finally finding the time to try and post here.  The babe is taking a nap in his crib.  Doesn't happen very often but I'm trying to make a point of it.


happy -  Hope your anatomy scan appt goes well on the 26th!!!  I'll be excited to hear!  That is always a fun one but i remember being a little nervous too!!!  I forget if you said you are finding out what you are having or not??  I'm too much of a planner not to find out so we had too... DH wanted to know too. Hope you got the room figured out.  I thought that was fun.


Lilac -  fingers crossed for you to get your boy and girl!!  That would be great then you would get that "perfect" family as they call it!!!!  Whatever... healthy babies is the most important i'm sure but I always had in the back of my mind what sex i really wanted. 


Shesaid - Wow, where has the time gone!!!!  So excited you are so close!!!  I feel the same way about smoking and it really scares me to have my babe around people that smoke.  Even if they don't smoke around him it still can be on their clothes and i know that isn't good for babes either.  Ugh!!! Hope you get the whole doula thing.


Vireos -  that's great that your mom is coming!  I'm sure it will be great to have the extra help w/your DD.


Tear - good to see your name.  How is life w/ 2 kids???  Hope you are all well.


Suzie - wow, 25 wks that is awesome or maybe you are 26 now.  Hope you are feeling well and getting things figured out w/ the shop and it all went smooth.


Hope - hope things are going well for you!!!!  You sound super busy w/ work and kids!!!  Hope life is treating you well and you have fully adjusted!!


rcr - still so excited for you!!!!  Yay for little girls!!!!  Hope you continue to feel good and good luck w/ telling your coworkers.  I'm sure they will be happy for you.  What do you plan to do about your job?  Can you take some time off or what will you do?


Bucket - I'm not even pregnant and this heat is getting to me.  My extra BF hormones don't help either b/c i feel warm all the time anyways.  Ugh!!  Hope you are feeling well other than that.


Maria - Welcome!!!!! Did the spotting stop??  Hope all is okay.


Hi to everyone else!!!  I'm sure I missed some... sorry I was just looking on this one page and I can't get back to the one before this one or I'll lose what I already typed.



AFM - the babe just woke up and is for some reason being clingy for the first time, which in some ways is so sweet, but i really wanted to finish this post and i also have to make dinner so it will be a challenge (the dinner part).  Anyways, Caden is such a sweet boy and such an easy baby so far... we are so lucky and blessed.  He really has fit right into our lifestyle and it's so fun to take him everywhere we go.  I have just learned to time everything around his feedings which is every 3 hrs.  I'm loving being a mom!!!!!!  He is 14wks now and growing.  We are so in love and wouldn't change anything.  (I had to finish this after dinner b/c I ran out of time).


??? for those who have had babies....


 1.Did any of you get night sweats after having a baby??  Last night both my top and pj shorts was drenched last night.  I had to get up and change my pjs in the middle of the night.  I'm assuming it is from hormones and breastfeeding.


2. How long did it take for you to get your AF back even w/ breastfeeding???  I was kinda thinking last week that I might be pregnant again (that would totally be our luck to get pregnant right off the bat after all our struggles and all.... LOL ) b/c i was having all of these symptoms that seemed like pregnancy again, but I'm thinking that it might have been that maybe I was Ovulating or just a hormone shift who knows.


Was thinking that I had another question, but i'm drawing a blank right now.

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