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Kewpie - mine came in about on the second day too. My boobs were huge huge huge, so no, for me, that did not tell me the size that I would later need. They were as hard as a rock and so painful. I took like 6 showers a day because the warm water made them feel better. The size was all over the place for few weeks until we got nursing established and consistent.

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My milk took 3-4 days to come in...so I guess on the later side.  DD ended up a little jaundiced and we had to supplement at the breast with a formula tube.  Another factor is at first in the hospital I was told to only nurse one side at a feeding (wrong, wrong, wrong!)  When I bought my bra a week after my milk came in, I got one that was on the loosest clasps.  Which was perfect because I ended up loosing weight quickly and my boobs ended up being a little smaller than they were at that point!  It fit perfectly for the whole year DD nursed :)





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Blue, looking at Abby always makes me smile!! How is everything where you are?


Belly, ugh to having such bad nausea that you need to take something for it!! Oh well, it'll all be worth it once the babies are here!!  Double the hormones, double the fun, right?


Oooh I tried using the doppler and I'm not sure if I did it right. haha. It was rather funny. i got my heart beat and then I aimed around my pelvic area and heart a very light heart beat but I keep thinking it was just my heartbeat carried over! I had trouble finding it so I decided that i'll just bring the doppler to the doctor's office and ask them to show me how to use it during my next appointment which is on Friday the 16th. I can't wait! I just want to see what is happening in there. Luckily, I think time will fly because I know that the next couple of days will be really crazy, I have to work Sat too and possibly Sunday. Then Monday through Thursday of next week, madness will ensue and then it'll be Friday!


I'm so excited about the holiday season too, mostly because my family isn't really that into celebrating so I think I'll be able to relax!




How is everyone else feeling. Kewpie, it's almost time, isn't it!?








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renavoo - Yay for dopplers!  I hope your doctor can give you some good tips!  A few things I learned: if you hear a sound like wind through trees, that's the placenta (it has its own hb too) Bloop sounds are baby kicks and flips.  The umbilical cord has its own pulse, but it sounds different than the baby.  Baby hb sounds like galloping horses.  It does start out soft sounding and gets louder each week.  I still do doppler the babies once or twice per month if they've been really quiet and I have to turn the sound way down now.   My babies each have a distinct sound to their hbs as well.  My girl's is faster and sounds like heavier horses with a lower pitch haha



yeah, starting to get close... My BHs are getting a lot stronger now and some catch my breath and I have to stop and wait for it to finish.  Nothing regular yet, though.  I have so many little things I want to get done and I'm starting to feel anxious about that.  I have 1 week left where they will stop my labor if I go in, but after that, they won't.  It's kind of sobering. 

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Rena my only advice is to look really really low. Is your doppler digital? at first my babies heartbeats at the was in the 150-170.


Kewpie how do BHs feel like? The other day day I felt something and was wondering if that was it.  I'm not quite sure how to describe it. It wasn't painful though.

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I usually get 3 different types.  Ill try to describe them.  If the babies are kicking low, I get what feels like menstrual cramps  That kind of dull achy feeling.  It'll kind of come and go but usually doesn't last more than an hour or so.


The second kind is the kind I get most often.  The whole bump will tighten and get really hard and it feels like there is pressure all over.  If you press with your hands while sitting, you can feel how hard your abdomen gets.  I've found that when I'm standing, my stomach stays hard all the time, but I can still feel the tightening during a BH.  I usually get this type if I'm dehydrated, walked too much or if the babies are really active.


The third I get every so often and I didn't know what it was until I was at labor and delivery a few weeks back and was told it was a contraction.  It feels kind of like pressure pushing down on the cervix and I usually feel like I have to have a bowel movement and sometimes breathing in feels a little more difficult.  The tightening is there, but it feels different than the overall tightening in the 2nd type I usually get.


I've asked my doctors about all 3 and was told they were all BHs.  Odd that they would feel so different... 


Mine usually aren't painful, but they have been getting stronger the last couple weeks and I've had a handful that were actually a little painful, like medium gas pains in intensity.  I can walk and talk through them, but I feel the need to stop doing anything tedious. 

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Kewpie how do BHs feel like? The other day day I felt something and was wondering if that was it.  I'm not quite sure how to describe it. It wasn't painful though.


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I'm beginning to wonder if they've moved to transverse again.  Usually they are side by side and head down with maisie slightly higher on my right.  I'm getting a lot of low kicks on my right today and I feel what seems to be a "rebound bump" on my lower left right after the low kick on the right.  It kinda feels like I'm getting the similar effect up top too.  headscratch.gif  My next check by u/s is next tuesday... I like to know who is who though so I know I'm feeling both of them.  I guess as long as I'm feeling movement in multiple places, I can probably relax.



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Thanks kewpie


I think I had the second one, I was  cleaning and may have over done it. It felt like pressure I guess enough to make me stop what I was doing. I read about the uterus tightening but like you my bump is always hard so I didn't notice a difference when I tried to feel it. It didn't occur to me to sit down and check.

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You  guys are fantastic! Thank you for all the tips. I want to try the doppler out again but i don't want to do it too much and I tried just a couple of days ago. Maybe i'll try again tomorrow. Keria, I found the heartbeat really really close to my pelvic bone but i don't remember how fast it was. I don't think it was really really fast so now I'm wishing I kept track of it!  DH just wants me to wait until next Friday, which is when our next appointment is.


Kewpie, how are you feeling? Just a few more weeks (or less, if Maisie and Liam want to come meet you and DH sooner!)


Keria, how is everything going with you? How are you feeling?


Belly, how is everything going? How are you feeling? Week 8 going on 9 for you right? I love that you're 2 weeks from me so i can always remember where you are! I hope the Zofran is helping with the nausea!




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renavoo - I'm feeling really good these days.  I did have a rough night last night with bad back pain that didn't want to ease up despite ice, showers, and a back rub from DH, but I'm feeling much better this morning.  I totally caved and had a slice of pepper steak pizza for breakfast to make up for a lousy night. orngtongue.gif


How are you doing?  nausea? fatigue?  I sure don't miss first trimester and I feel for you guys who are currently in it.  


Belly - How are you?


Tenzin, deborah, keria?  I know i'm missing some people... I hope you all are doing well!



AFM - I am in really good spirits today.  DH took the day off yesterday and he was actually not distracted by work for once! joy.gif  He usually has one eye on his laptop or phone, but not this time.  It was really nice.  We had a chiropractor appt really early and then he took me out for breakfast.  Then we went and got all the baby toiletries we'll need, like baby shampoo and qtips.  Then we went to whole foods and got some imported water to celebrate making it this far.  haha 


We took a 4 hour nap and then finished the day with really good pizza.  I'm so glad to be moving off of bedrest and be able to do things again!!  Today, I'm wanting to clear off the changing table and figure out what to do with all this baby stuff that has gotten shoved there.  We live in a tiny apartment and there isn't much space and I have a feeling there will be a bit of hair pulling over this.  I don't know how people who have a lot of stuff and feel they need all the gadgets for baby do it cause we don't have much and I'm already wanting to go crazy!

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I forgot to update on this thread. Our ultrasound on Thursday went beautifully and surprisingly. We are having identical twins! One had a bpm of 128 and one of 129. One is measuring 2 days behind and one 3 days behind (totally normal).

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Congratulations Deborah!


Kewpie sounds like an awesome day with DH. I'm a little overwhelmed with everything that has to be done. But I'm hoping Dh will do most of it while i supervise.



My babies are super active and I have been really enjoying it. It's easy for me now to find a leg and annoy them for a little while. It's so fun to play with them and "touch" them. I think this is my favorite part of pregnancy. Other than that my hands are really hurting the brace helps at night but now my hands are swollen pretty much all day. I've also seemed to have lost strenght in my hands I could not open my water bottle yesterday. I'm getting a little worried about the fluid retention so I'm having DH take my blood pressure every day so far it's normal. I think I'll call my ob tomorrow to see what he suggests.

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Keria - I'm glad your BP has been normal. You said your DH was a paramedic right?  Or am I thinking of someone else?  Bummer about your wrists, that's gotta stink.

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Yes my DH is a nurse. He has not practiced in a few years but I knew those skills would come handy some day :). He also came with a good trick that brings some relief he puts some mittens in the freezer and after wearing them for a bit my fingers start looking normal again. I should do that with socks too I bought one pair of bigger shoes and those are not even fitting anymore.

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Thanks Keria!

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Keria - Oh that sounds so miserable!

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We picked our doula today.  I'm really wondering how all this will work if we end up having to do a c-section...  But I feel a lot better having one more thing to check off my list.


ETA - I talked with the OB this morning and she said that the doula is welcome in the labor room, but I will have to deliver in an OR regardless of vaginal or c-section and she won't be allowed in there.  Major bummer there.  

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Oh kewpie that sucks, at what point will they move you to the OR?, are you still hiring her for the labor part of it?

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Kewpie, bummer about having to deliver in the OR either way.  I have read a few twin birth stories and heard that a lot, so it must be common :( 


Deborah, can't remember if I congratulated you here or on the other thread yet!  How exciting!


Renavoo, how is the crazy work schedule going?  How are you feeling?  I am 9w2d now so you must be 11w2d, right?


Keira, must be nice having your medically trained DH around!!  I resort to the internet way too much :)


Bungalow, how are you doing?


AFM, OH MY GOSH, I AM ALIVE!!!  So after trying the unisom/b6 for a week I gave up and called my RE for a zofran prescription.  I took my first one this afternoon and I feel SO GOOD!  I am hungry and actually want to eat, I was able to play with DD, and feel like a person again.  I am a little torn on it since it isn't proven safe or unsafe, but I plan to ration the small amount I got since I don't think my OB will refill it and I don't think the RE will since I will be "released" soon.  So hopefully one a day (it's prescribed 3xday) wont hurt the babies at all.   I go into my ob (midwife) tomorrow and I plan on asking her for more, but I don't think my Dr. will prescribe it since I wasn't vomitting non stop.  But the nausea was causing so much pain I couldn't move, eat, drink, or sleep...I really thought I was dying, or maybe it would be better if I did.  

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Hi all :)


I am back from my u/s, and both twins look great and have gained a little size in the past 2 weeks and are only measuring 1 day behind.  My MIL was watching DD and when I got home I decided to tell her it was twins.  She was so excited she cried.  No imposing questions although I did mention "fertility", but I was relieved I didn't get a bunch a questions.  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and I can start enjoying the pregnancy. 

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