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Woohoo! Congratulations Shesaid & Vireos!! Can wait to see photos smile.gif

Happy -- hoping all goes well with your follow up scan!

RCR -- sorry about the nausea. Hope it mellows soon!

Bucket- good luck! Hope it's smooth sailing smile.gif

Lilac - maternity clothes were a pain - but on bed rest I now live in target (Liz Lange) tank tops and PJs... I'd hate to think what it would mean to have to find clothes for work at my belly size!! Ive had to go up a whole size to fit my circumference! Ugh.

Suzie-- I just flat out tell folks my due date is end of Oct-- and their jaws drop... Then I drop the whole triplet bit smile.gif people are silly about that stuff (size, weight, etc).

AFM -- 28w+2 and doing well. Contractions on and off - and a lot of pressure down in my pelvis when standing but my cerclage stitch is holding and babies are doing great. Really hoping (still!) to make 33-34 weeks. That would put the babies on great shape and a short nicu stay! I failed my 1 hr GTT by 3 points yesterday greensad.gif so now have have to do the 3hr. Fasting will be the worst part. greensad.gif but I know it's best to know for the babies sake! I won't have to worry about them being too big per se, but want to avoid the other issues. I will miss my ice cream if I do have GD! So common with triplets... Whatever.

Good luck to everyone! Hope it's a great week ahead!
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guppy, glad to hear the babies are still on the inside!
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Hello ladies!

kewpie, those kids are GORGEOUS!! it blows my mind how big they are! so happy for you.

blue- he's also SO GORGEOUS! i'm biased because i know our babies on this board are so much cuter since we worked so hard on them, right? but seriously, so elated for you. and excited to see what is to come for my babies as well!

i'm always reading along for everyone (especially you rcr!) and getting excited at everyone's progress, but the babies make it hard to post.

afm, ben and julia are 11 weeks old tomorrow. time FLIES! they are so different. ben is my little koala, full of hugs and cuddles. he looks chubby and eats all the time, but at his 2 month visit he was only in the 7th percentile for height and weight. julia is active and always stretching and grunting, loves smiling at herself in the mirror, and is the master of tummy time. the girl is so strong, it's freaky--she has held her head up since birth. she's just on the charts in the 2nd or 3rd percentile.

both babies have rolled over at abnormally young ages, but i suspect because they are smaller, they have less mass to heft? is that possible? everyone tells me i'm going to be in for it once they start moving, but so far being a mom is the greatest thing ever. i don't know what it's like to have only one baby, but i'm handling two like i was always born to do this. they have even slept from 10pm to 5:30/5:45 for the last three nights. on tuesday my alarm woke me up. my alarm! i don't think that has happened since they were born.

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blue, I had totally missed the picture of Caden yesterday - what a cutie!


auraleigh, glad to hear your little ones are making strides in developmental milestones.  Hopefully they catch up a bit on the height and weight side but as long as they keep growing, I would think that is good!

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Guppy... I failed my 1 hour glucose test too, but passed the glucose tolerance test the next day, so fingers crossed that happens for you too!  Only another 5 weeks to hang in there :)  Do not measure your circumference!  I did (to order some stuff online) and gee.. Never again!  My poor ego took a huge nosedive LOL!  126cm with only one baby!  Sigh... lol


Auraleigh... Beautiful babies!!  I agree about the lack of fat making rolling easier.. when DS was a baby he was in the 90th percentile for weight (umm yep) and he never rolled or crawled at all..  Then when he turned 1 he just started walking. Slowly LOL


Shesaid & Vireos.. Hooray and Congrats!!  It's raining babies in here!  :) xxx


Blue... Caden is fabulously gorgeous!!  We took our week off in the city (about 40 minutes from home).. lol.. so so lame, but no pets, work or housework is the same no matter how far away it is haha.  And we had a giant spa :)


Rcr... I'm sure people don't MEAN to make it sound like that... but it still does!  I even exaggerated the due date for my DHs family because I was already so bloated from IVF that my sudden tummy was too hard to explain.  Way easier to just be more pregnant - and now they've all forgotten anyway :)  Besides that, my DS was 3 weeks late, so this one can be "late" too, if necessary lol


Sorry if I missed anyone - very tired today.  Crazily I think I'm putting in more hours at work helping the new owner that I was working for myself!  Another week or two and he should be good to go and yeah, I'll be chilling properly :)

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Hi ladies. Joshua Nolan was born at 3:32pm on July 30th. Labour was quick and intense. He was 6lbs 7ounces and 18.5 inches long (so much for that huge baby I thought I was going to have!). We are doing well, but are having some latching on issues that we are working through. Hopefully he'll be breastfeeding like a champ soon.



HUGE congrats to you on baby Arun Vireos! Now to catch up on everyone else!

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Ah, shesaidboom, Joshua looks so cute in those cloth diapers/diaper cover thing.  A perfect little man!

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Popping in to say CONGRATULATIONS Shesaidboom! So cute!!!

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Congrats shesaidboom.  Welcome Joshua.  Early breastfeeding is tough, hopefully he will be latching like a pro in no time.


We got home yesterday.  We ended up staying three nights since he had some mild jaundice.  These are my two IVF wonders.  He only opens his eyes really big when DD is around, they seem to have an instant connection to each other.  She is really good with him and has done wonderful through this process, better than we could have hoped for.


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Shesaid: congratulations and welcome baby Joshua!! I hope bf gets easier soon...

Vieroes: love the pic of your daughter and son:) so happy for you guys!

Aura: the twins are adorable!

Guppy: thinking of you! Your doing great growing those babies, sending you lots of stay put thoughts as I know every little bit helps! I hope you pass your 3hr.

Suzie: I hope you are able to take advantage of your downtime, it is a really big adjustment to going from being super busy to not working...

Hi to everyone else, I can only scroll back through this page...

Afm: nothing new, 39w + 5, my dd is better, yay, and I am trying to take advantage of these last few days before a newborn arrives as best I can...which means I have watched the entire season of orange is the new black on netflix over the past few sleepless nights, haha...has anyone else gotten sucked into this show??
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Shesaid and vireos- Congrats on the new arrivals, the pics are beautiful total cuties!

Aura- Love the pic of the twins.

Blue- Caden is such a handsome fellow, a true miracle!

Good luck to all those due soon. It's really amazing to see all these babies and I agree that they are the cutest babies ever cause it was so much hard work for them to get here. Our twins will be 3 in December and we will not be having anymore children so I totally get my baby fix from all of you and I love it.
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Love all the baby photos, expecially Shesaid and Vieros. Shesaid - what a cute diaper! and Vieros, your DD looks so happy to be a big sis!


Bucket - what is up with that show? I have never seen it but it seems like everybody is talking about it. I have been watching "call the midwife" online. I heard about it and thought it was a reality show about midwives today, but it is actually in the 1950s. It is really good.


Blue - Love the pic


Aura - I love seeing the twins. I just ordered a few of those pacifiers with the stuffed animal on them. DS had one with a duck that he called "duckie suckie" and he loved it. That cat chewed it up and he was crushed. I put it in his baby book to save it because he loved it so much.


Kiera - I agree with blue, please update on your plans for your FET!


AFM - finally told work. I sent them an email, so I didn't have to see the look on their faces. they all said congrats (of course), so email was better because I know I would be able to see their real feelings if I did it in person. Boy, second babies are cheap! I mean, if you don't count the money we spent on IF treatments to get her :) I made a list of what we need and it was like, nothing. We kept most of DSs stuff. So I ordered a fancy woven wrap because I really felt like I needed to buy something for her. She can wear boy clothes, right? DS is into rainbows and colorful stuff, so its not like everything is blue with a truck on it anyway. I am kinda wanting to buy some new diapers, even though we have a ton of fuzzy buns that will totally last another baby. We don't need it, so I won't do it though. The patterns are so much cuter than the ones that DS had though.


Maya - I am a professor, but I have summers off like all other teachers.I could work for some extra money if I wanted too, and the money would be nice, but I would rather have time with DS. No amount of money can match that (and the amount they would pay me in the summer isn't that much anyway)


Momalexis: hi!

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Blue - LOVE the new pic of Caden.  He's adorable!


Vireoes -  Awwwww what cuties!


auraleigh- People told me i'd be in for it and in trouble when they started moving too, but honestly, it gets so much easier once they start moving.  They can explore more and are so much happier when they play because toys don't get out of reach anymore and they have more fun.  Walking was super exciting!  Your LOs are SO freaking cute!


Shesaidboom - awwwww!  Love his little face and those FEET!  I'm a sucker for tiny toes.  :)  


rcr- I'm glad the email went over ok.  I had to tell work when i got pregnant with our first (the one we lost) and I remember shaking and being so nervous.  I told my boss in person and it was pretty awful.  He was very concerned about how it would affect him.  I didn't stay at that job much longer, but it was just that...a job.  Yay for summer time with DS!  


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Lilac - I played at being a literacy coach at my school last year, but what they really wanted was a reading specialist/interventionist, so I asked to be put back in the classroom this year. I think I am a good coach and the lack of grading was nice, but nothing is worth dealing with the stress of working with the administration at my school.


Also, I found eBay to be a great source for maternity (and baby) clothes. You just have to be careful and ask for measurements unless it's a super familiar brand. 


Blue - I'm pretty sure I was going by months after around 24 weeks, but I could be wrong. I do distinctly remember a conversation with a coworker about how only parents speak in weeks. I just don't know when. At this point, I am uncomfortable making the transition from months (25) to years (2).


Auraleigh - My guy is pretty little but was perfectly average for every gross motor milestone. Yours are probably just ahead of the curve in that area.


Shesaid and Vireos - The new babes are so gorgeous. Congratulations to you both.


Shesaid - Breastfeeding was rough for me for the first month or so. Don't hesitate to seek out support.


Vireos - I love your daughter's curls. My guy sadly didn't inherit mine.


rcr - Glad the announcement went smoothly.


My first beta on Wednesday was 259 and the second beta on Friday was 624. I also had a cramping incident yesterday which was most likely digestive. I hadn't eaten breakfast and got light-headed and super crampy. It completely freaked me out that I was having a miscarriage before I ate something, took a potty break, ate some more and finally a little felt better (but still not great). I was with a handful of teenagers from the summer program I'm teaching at the time, walking in front of (of all places) the entrance of Lollapalooza. Instead of ruining our field trip, I got them lunch and then let them adventure on their own and then worried for hours until I got the texts to let me know they were safely on the train home.

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Yay passed the 3hr no problem. Figures....

Not feeling great physically. Just really trying to hold out. 29w Monday smile.gif

Don't have the energy to read or watch TV at this point... Will try to keep everyone posted!!! smile.gif
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Vireos & Shesaid.. Huge congratulations to you guys - and thanks for both putting up photos so quickly!  Beautiful little ones x


Blue.. Caden is just adorable!


Rcr.. You are so lucky the clothes you have are good for either.. I seriously have a whole wardrobe of clothes with trucks on them from DS..LOL.  Who knew I was such a stereotypical child dresser?  And good you got the work thing done - email is awesome for stuff like that!


Guppy.. glad your gtt was clear :)  Keep hanging in there!  And so sorry you're feeling so flat out tired, that must suck.


Mayari.. Great betas!  The cramps are always concerning, even though they're totally normal.  Kudos to you for not cancelling the field trip! :)


AFM.. In the process of buying a baby monitor.. was looking at the (horribly expensive) Angelcare one.. if anyone has any feedback or suggestions of a good one that doesn't interfere with wifi - (imagine DS trying to cope with his games dropping out!!)  please let me know :) 

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Hi Everyone!! What an absolute thrill it was reading this weekends thread with all the positive updates and seeing all the gorgeous pics!!!


Aura- the babies look sooo sweet and adorable! I can't believe it's been 11 weeks! It so awesome that you sound just so happy and perfectly suited to be mothering two!!


Blue- Gorgeous baby!! Instantly brought a smile to my face!!


Shesaid- What an absolutely beautiful pic and beautiful baby!!


Vireos- Love the pic- what cuties!! and how perfectly sweet that your DD has instantly bonded to her lil brother- you are so blessed!!


Bucket- So happy that dd is better! Soon you'll be posting pics!!


Guppy- YAY!!! Happy 29 weeks!! Just keep doing what you've been doing and you'll reach (and probably) surpass your goal!!


RCR- Congrats on telling the job!! What a relief!!


McCool- I didn't even think about the possibility of wifi interference- that issue didn't exist 14 years ago when I had my ds!! Please let me know what you find out, because I'm not sure my ds would survive without it! :)


Mayari- your betas sound super!! Really strong!! I know the cramping is always nerve racking! Even now,entering my 21st week, when I have gas- I am totally on alert. ugh, it's all just part of the struggle.However with those betas and your early bpt I would feel pretty confident! When is your ultrasound? p.s. cramping also seems to go hand in hand with twins...


Sorry if I missed anybody!! AFM, feeling good- migraines are down to every other week which is a big relief. I'm still very much looking forward to the follow up scan, but am no longer feeling as nervous/anxious as I was about it.I am feeling my lil one moving now and it's just the best- the moment I feel her, I stop whatever I 'm doing and talk to her :) I can't wait till she's big enough that I feel her more frequently!

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guppy: congrats on passing your three-hour glucose test.

suzie: i would love to know what baby monitor you get. we still co-sleep with our first (one br condo), but plan to move soon.

happy: migraines suck. I hope they go away soon.

my third (final) beta today was 1850. I know those are good numbers, but they're not going up as quickly as they did for #1, so of course I'm worrying. my first u/s is a week from today. i'll be 5 weeks, 6 days. what are the chances of seeing a heartbeat that early? I've got my fingers crossed we will.
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Mayari, I think I saw my twins heartbeats at 5 weeks 4 Days with ¨he vaginal ultrasound.
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That's awesome, Lilac. I hope we see it, too!

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