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Should have uploaded Henry, Lydia and Me, and George and me in the OR! They're doing pretty well in the nicu. George had some BP issues but is off all meds now, Henry is a slow eater and is using too much energy to eat, Lydia can't keep temps up. So
Maybe a week or so longer on the nicu but they're doing pretty well otherwise!
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Congrats Guppy, what a lovely trio you have.  You are amazing for hanging in there so long.

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Guppy - they are all beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing!! Hoping and praying all is going well & they r getting stronger!!
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Beautiful family Guppy, thanks for posting pics it brings a huge smile to my face seeing them.
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They are beautiful!
So happy for you!!!!!!
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Congrats Guppy and 3 babies!!! They are beautiful and you are amazing!

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Guppy - congrats on your 3 beautiful babies! I'm amazed how much they weigh, I have two nieces who were born from singleton pregnancies at full term, and they both weighed 5lbs at birth.
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guppy, i got all teary looking at your photos!  such a beautiful family you have created.  words can't even express how happy i am for you.  welcome to the joys and the craziness of multiples motherhood!!!!

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hi ladies!  i hope everyone is doing well, i've been thinking about you all a lot recently.  i got my bill from SIRM saying that the next six months is due for cryo... i was hoping to donate the leftover embryos and i asked about it, but sadly they don't do donation.  they said i can look into a third party service, but it feels like a lot of work at this point.  not sure what to do.  dh says i should just be happy we have our babies and to call it a day.  anyone else get rid of frozens?

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Guppy!!! Congrats! What beautiful babes <3
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We has our initial meeting with the OB on Tuesday. I was pretty impressed. We are still going with the birthcenter as primary, but it's nice knowing that I have the most natural minded high risk OB in the area (or so it seems at this point).

Both babies are growing right on schedule and squirming all over the place. It was amazing seeing them wiggle all over the place! An added bonus... I had my LAST progesterone shot last night! Exciting week smile.gif
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Originally Posted by auraleigh View Post

hi ladies!  i hope everyone is doing well, i've been thinking about you all a lot recently.  i got my bill from SIRM saying that the next six months is due for cryo... i was hoping to donate the leftover embryos and i asked about it, but sadly they don't do donation.  they said i can look into a third party service, but it feels like a lot of work at this point.  not sure what to do.  dh says i should just be happy we have our babies and to call it a day.  anyone else get rid of frozens?

Auraleigh, DH and I have 11 frozen embryos right now. DH wants to be done with our two boys, but I would like to try for a girl with the embryos we have left. But I know that we have way more embryos than we will ever use to create more children for our family.


When we know our family is complete, we are planning to donate the rest of our embryos to another couple. I have been looking at http://www.nightlight.org/snowflakes-embryo-donation-adoption/move-your-embryos/ as a company that we can donate through.


I know that for rcr, the excess embryos of another couple are the reason she is pregnant. I know for my dH and me it was heart breaking when we initially heard that he had no sperm. I can't even imagine if  we had a no sperm and no egg diagnosis which I am sure some couples have as well as couples concerned about genetic diseases and other confounding factors about getting pregnant using their own sperm or eggs. I want to give another mother the opportunity to feel life grow within her and know exactly what happened to her baby/babies prenatally. I don't want to just throw away these precious gifts that took us so much work to create and can give another couple hope for a family of their own with genetic siblings.

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Aura and Lilac: That is wonderful that you want to donate your leftovers. I am forever grateful that somebody made that choice for my baby. I know how hard it must be. There are lots of options out there (Aura) for you to send your leftover frosties to. Embryo Donation International (EDI) (in Florida) will take them if they are high quality, and you get some say over who they eventually go to (like characteristics, and open or closed donation, etc). For open donation, I think it is actually the biological parents that choose you.  EDI was the place I was looking into when my embryo came available from my home clinic.


Another route is to find somebody privately. A woman named Marna from the Parents Via Egg Donation forum/website can hook you up with somebody, and the people you donate them to pays all the shipping/storage/lawyer costs. Again, you choose the person you donate to for this route too. There is also snowflake, which lilac mentioned. There are some clinics that accept them too (maybe Shady Grove?) I am not certain, but I know I have come across them.


AFM - I am now on a zero fat diet to try to keep gallbladder attacks away. Wow, is it hard to find things to eat with zero fat.

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Thanks all! I'm totally smitten with my trio! It's been a busy week. I was discharged last night but babies are in nicu for a few more weeks. Dr said they're acting more like 32-33weekers so probably looks at a few weeks in nicu.

Dandelion -- glad the scan wAs so awesome and you've settled on a birth center! It was such a tough decision for me an in the end I ended up at a totally different hospital as my primary choice had no nicu space and refused to admit me.

Aura-- good luck with your decision!
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Hey ladies I think I'm ready to officially join you over here! I had my 7w ultrasound today and everything was looking great so I've officially graduated from the fertility clinic! What a crazy feeling. The realization that I might be getting a take home baby next May is only just starting to dawn on me now.


I've been feeling pretty nauseated lately and having weird food cravings (I would give anything to have some KFC chicken right now - normally I wouldn't touch that stuff with a 10ft pole)!. I've even thrown up a couple of times in the last few days which is sooo exciting.


dandelion - how are you feeling these days? Are we the only two gals around here currently in the first trimester? Though it sounds like you're almost at the 2nd trimester if you're stopping progesterone already - that is so exciting!

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Congratulations Sourire! I was lurking over the Spring 2013 IVF thread and was wondering how you were doing. Glad to see you over here.


AFM, This morning I drank my "glucola" for the gestational diabetes test, sat for an hour waiting for the sugar to course through my system and I managed not to throw up! Sugar has not been my friend this pregnancy - gives me a tummy ache every time I eat something sugary. I felt so bad for 2 other ladies who where there for 3 hour gestational diabetes tests. I sure hope I pass. Phlebotomist had a hard time finding a vein to get blood from and there was a lady across the way who had all sorts of vials that needed to be filled and it wasn't going well. I had my phlebotomist close the curtain around my "chair" so I didn't have to watch the agony on the other side of the room.


Hit up a sale at Motherhood Maternity then it was back to my town to get the oil changed in my car and the headlight fixed so DH isn't driving to work "half dark" when I take his car.


I have done some baking to warm up the house while I respond to emails from teachers. It is 63 degrees F inside and 57 degrees F outside.

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sourire-I'm so glad to see you here! Yay for puking! How are you doing today? I'm actually starting to get some energy back. It's so exciting. I never really had to puke, I just felt really nauseous if I got to hungry.... So now I don't let that happen. It also appears that my blood pressure is a little better, I can stand without blacking out. I will be 11weeks on Thursday, we are excited to be out of the first trimester soon.

guppy-so you got to the hospital and they turned you away? Did you know this was a possibility? Everything seems so unsure with a hospital. I only have a 1 in 5 chance of getting my OB after hours and weekends. So frustrating and hard to be prepared. How are you feeling?
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AFM, I failed the one hour GD test. I had a blood sugar of 189 when it is supposed to be under 130. Boo! Now I have to take the 3 hour fasting test. I haven't fasted for 10 hours this pregnancy. I often wake up and eat a nighttime snack greensad.gif With twins I always seem to be hungry.
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Sourire!!!! Yay!!! I am so happy that you are finally here. Please stay for a good long 9 months

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Lilac - sorry you failed that test. I hope you survive the long one!

Dandelion - I've been feeling pretty dizzy sometimes so maybe it's a blood pressure thing too? I don't puke every day, I've thrown up 3 times in the past week. But I feel super nauseated about 90% of the time. Most food grosses me out, it's so hard to find anything to eat! I'm loving these symptoms though, they are so reassuring.

AFM - I've been spotting for the past couple of weeks. At first it was only a couple of drops of blood a day, so I wasn't worried. Then it started getting worse so I had an early ultrasound at 6.5 weeks and we saw a heartbeat but I had a hematoma in my uterus (a bit of blood accumulated next to the baby) so my doctor put me on bedrest for a few days. After 4 days of bedrest my bleeding had pretty much stopped and I had another ultrasound and the hematoma was gone. So I went back to work the next day, and my bleeding came back, worse than before! Now I'm having brown chunks of tissue coming out. So I've called the clinic back and they've put me back on bedrest for a few more days, and I'll be having yet another ultrasound on Monday (1 week after my last one). Personally I'd feel better if I could stay on bedrest for the entire 1st trimester because it seems like every time I get off bedrest things get scary. In spite of the brown chunks I'm bleeding I still have hope that my baby is ok because I still feel really sick most of the time, so thank god for that!
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