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RCR.. Your pregnancy seems so fast! And now you're so so close! In a month and a half you will feel so much more comfortable smile.gif good on you for the zero fat diet too, that's hard to keep up so bravo.

Guppy.. So glad you four are all home now smile.gif I look at the chaos my one little baby has created and try to imagine it times 3 - you are my hero!! Post pics please when you get a chance

Sourire.. That's so scary - ut such a relief you got to see your little one wriggling around. It sure is a profound thing to realise its actually a person in there smile.gif and congrats on getting in the birthing centre. They are so much nicer if ou have the choice.

Afm... Had a huge scare the first night we brought Beth home. She slept from 10pm and for some reason (despite being exhausted) I woke up at 2am feeling like something was wrong and found Beth purple and struggling silently to breathe. Her whole mouth and nose were covered in stomach mucus left over from the c section apparently. After stripping her and trying to get her to cry and not being able to clear it with my finger, I rang an ambulance and we were rushed back to the hospital... Scariest time of my whole life. They said its unlikely to happen again, as most of the mucus seems to be up now, but we bought a safe bed co-sleeper cot, and she now sleeps between me and DH so I can check on her in one second flat. It was recommended by the midwife for a few weeks, and has given me the chance to actually sleep a little at night now, not very well, but way easier than getting up with a c section belly a hundred times! So even though she is a wonder sleeper and only wakes up once a night to feed, I am a bit sleep deprived and can't really appreciate it..bah. But no more incidents like it since Monday so fingers crossed it was a one off. Would never wish that night on anyone - so so scary. But aside from that, she is a dream come true baby smile.gif
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Oh my gosh Suzie! That is so scary. You are so lucky that you woke up!

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Suzie -- super scary! Ugh. My Henry spit up formula thru his nose and scared the crap out of me -- I can't even imagine the turning purple bit! So glad she's ok!

I'm surviving -- exhausted but surviving. They're getting so big already! Out of newborn clothes and into 0-3 greensad.gif my bitties are growing soooo fast! Quick photo --I'm supposed to be napping! H in orange, L in pink and G in black!

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Suzie, so sorry to hear about your scare with your little girl. Glad you woke up.


Guppy, love the picture of your little ones! Beautiful!


Saw the dietician and diabetes nurse today - thanks to 30 minutes of exercise every day, I am able to stay away from insulin, for now. Stress can really screw it up. If I end up on insulin, then I have to see my OB twice a week! Um, no, I don't have time for that, but I do have time for exercise. I will do whatever it takes to keep away from insulin.

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Lilac - great job with the exercise.  Glad to hear it is working.


Guppy- so cute! Thanks for posting a photo of the three of them together.

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Guppy... Great photo! They're getting so big so quickly!! Beth is still too small for 0000s. But gee your 3 are super super cute. I feel for u being exhausted - thanks for delaying your nap for the photo post smile.gif

Lilac.. 30 mins a day! I'm so impressed!

My little Beth has still not gained back to her birth weight so I'm expressing between feeds to supplement and hoping she puts on something before tomorrow.. Or we go back to hospital, which would suck. Luckily I have midwife home visits everyday monitoring her weight and they all give great support. Oh, but my poor boobs are hating all this pumping and feeding every 2 hours lol smile.gif
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Suzie, I hope your little one is able to gain back her birth weight. Hopefully you can keep up with her needs for food.

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Concerned- So, on Thursday I went in for my 32 week ultrasound and found out that my baby's abdomen which had been measuring in the 46th percentile at her 28 week scan, was now measuring only in the 6th percentile...my regular doc was out of town, the doctor I saw wanted me to return to high risk, but when I told him that their practice no longer accepted my insurance, he decided instead to have me go for the TORCHS blood work, have me schedule weekly BPPs, told me to increase my protein and fluids, and to rest whenever I could. He also in the midst of all this mentioned things like "we want to make sure the baby wasn't exposed to a virus" Aaaa- what?! What?! and "we certainly don't want to deliver her now" Aaaa- what?! oh, no! what?!...So, I went ahead and got the blood work (results due tomorrow), scheduled the BPPs, and then called my sister crying. I will be going back for the BPP and to see my regular doctor this Friday. I would appreciate any and all feedback and/or suggested questions I should ask on Friday.


I hope all of you that are pregnant are feeling very well and that the new mommies and their baby/babies are also feeling and doing great!

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happyhopeful, I am sorry to hear that your ultrasound last week has you so concerned, and rightfully so if your little girl hasn't grown in a month. I hope you can get to eating as much protein as you can and drinking water.  Remember that sometimes ultrasounds can give skewed results so hopefully the BPP will give you the info needed to make an informed decision about how to progress with your pregnancy and help your little one grow the best.

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Happy - I don't have any advice. But I just wanted to add my support. Sometimes u/s's are way off, so I hope this is the case. :Hug

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RCR and Lilac- thank you both for the support- I'm pretty shaken, but doing everything the doc said. I do want to add that my lil girl did gain weight- she was 2 lbs 8 oz at her 28 week appointment and 3 lbs 5 ozs at the 32 week appointment, so that was good and my fluid, placenta, and her breathing were good too, so that was all very promising. I'm just trying to stay as positive as possible and am desperately just wanting Friday to arrive so I can see my LO again and see my regular doctor....

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Happy.. I'm with RCR and lilac, sometimes u/s can give inaccurate info - my fingers and everything else are crossed for you! It's great that everything else looks to be growing and developing as it should be though, so you're right to be thinking positive smile.gif hope Friday comes quickly for you x
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Happy, big hugs to you! What did the bloodwork say today? I'm glad they're being cautious and I hope it's just a skewed ultrasound.
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Happy, hope you got some good news yesterday.

AFM, I was having lots of Braxton hicks contractions yesterday. Went swimming last night and that seemed to help them go away. Woke up about 11 pm and rock hard belly was back. Woke up again at 1 am and hardly slept just tossed and turned until 4 am. I was hungry but didn't want to mess up my fasting blood sugar. Slept through dh alarm at 5 am. Having to wait 30 minutes for my thyroid pill to do its thing was torture this morning. Finally ate my breakfast and now I need to not fall asleep before I do my breakfast blood sugar stick. Laying down with lots of water to drink. Glad I don't have to drive anywhere today for work.
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Hi Everyone! Thank you for all the support!! It really means a lot!! I did hear from the doc's office yesterday and my blood work was normal- YAY!! I have been eating so much protein and drinking so much water that I literally had to leave work yesterday and change out of the maternity clothes I was wearing into the next size up!! I can't wait for Friday to get here and although tempted to try to get an appointment sooner, I know that it's much better to wait till Friday and let my little girl grow as much as possible!! I'll re-post an update on Friday and again thank you all so much for your kind words!! p.s. Lilac- I hope you got some sleep today and that those contractions leave you alone!! p.p.s McCool, hope your feeding schedule has normalized and that little Beth is starting to gain weight!! HUGS!!

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Happy, glad the blood work was normal! Good luck on Friday! Eat and drink up mama to help that little girl pack on the pounds.

I have been able sleep some but woke up hungry. Still resting.
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Happy - so sorry about the scare, but glad to know that the bloodwork came back good. Fingers crossed that Friday shows all is well.

Lilac - Hang in there!!!

Suzie - how's little Beth? Did she get to where she needed to be?

HI to everyone else, hope you are all well, I keep checking in but haven't really been touching base. DS is growing like a week, almost 10 months already. He's got his 2 bottom teeth, and I think he's working on all 4 of his first top teeth right now (my DD got her teeth in a really strange order too, so it wouldn't surprise me if he did). He eats like a champ, and is still good to nurse in the evenings/overnight (ugh), and during the weekend. When I do morning duty (DH typically does) he won't nurse which I hate but what can you do. He's standing up without holding onto stuff, and even able to stand up without help from a crouched position. He's cruising on furniture. DD walked late, so I don't know what I'm going to do if he starts walking soon. I'd be OK if he waited LOL.

DD has been so darn adorable lately it's killing me. She is doing better with her speech, but still isn't anywhere NEAR where she needs to be. I'm usually OK with not stressing about it (esp since a speech therapist said 'she's fine - just doesn't want to talk right now, there's absolutely NO red flags here') but sometimes when I'm around other kids her age (like picking her up at preschool) it saddens me a little. The other kids will say things like 'Maci R's mom is here' using her full first and full last name (she share's a name with another girl in her class) and it's clear as day. I don't have a real tough last name, but it's also not like it's super easy. She doesn't even say her own first name clearly (she does say it, and if you know her you know she's saying her name, but it almost sounds more like TeeTee then Maci). She still uses sign language for things that she really struggles with getting us to understand. It just scares me that it will have long lasting effects on things like making friends. I'm sure I'm just being a worrier, but I can't seem to help it.

DH starts a new job on Monday, and while I'm super excited for it I'm also nervous as it means he'll be away more. I just keep saying that at least I know when he's gone he's gone and when he's home he's home with this new job, versus now where he's 'home' most of the time, but not really HOME, he's just in town. Ahh, the joys of being married to a pilot.
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Happy ... That's great news and only one more day til you get to see your doctor smile.gif ill be thinking of u tomorrow!

Just a quick update -Beth is now just over 3kg at 20 days so as long as next week shows another gain, we're doing well smile.gif still so tiny but being a great baby for us
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Suzie, I am so glad to hear Beth is growing bigger each day!  Hope the doctor appointment next week shows a gain.


AFM, worked on getting thank you cards written for baby gifts and getting the bags and bags of stuff out of my living room (the shower was almost 2 weeks ago, doh). I got my maternity photos back. These were taken when I was 31 weeks pregnant. They turned out so nice and I am glad my DH finally got in a good mood for some of them (he HATES being photographed).


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Hope: My 6 (almost 6) YO can't read yet, and I can relate to your feelings about your DD. I get a little sad when I see all the kids at school reading chapter books and drawing pretty advanced pictures, which is also something that DS can't do. He does have other wonderful skills (mostly science) that other kids aren't doing yet, so I just try to remind myself of those things. Just try to focus on what she can do, and not worry. Kids all develop at different rates.


Lilac - you both look so happy! Great photos!


Suzie - I am so glad that little beth is growing!!


Happy - thinking about you and hope everything went well today.


AFM - Well I scheduled my home visit (she visits my home) with the midwife for next weekend. After that I am cleared to have a homebirth. I have been having tons of BH contractions - but nothing too painful. Just AF-like cramps and a rock hard uterus. baby girl is still kicking up a storm. I am getting really excited, though since I have given birth before, I am also a little anxious because I remember very well what it feels like. I miss the days when I was pregnant with DS and I didn't know what was in store for me :)


Sourire, blue, aura, kewpie, kiera, tear, etc... how are you all doing? it has been a while since we heard from you in here.

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