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rcr, glad to hear you are getting close with your homebirth. That is so exciting!


AFM, saw the doctor yesterday. At 33 weeks, I am measuring 40 and my cervix is still all closed up. Those Braxton Hicks contractions this week really made me wonder if things were getting started down below, but I am glad to know that they are not, yet. Dr. asked me if I was still working, I told her yes, and she was like "Well whenever you want to stop we can give you a note. No one expects you to go until your babies are born." I guess at this point I still feel pretty good while working and I don't have to worry about walking too much, which has been pretty painful this last week. I started wearing my pregnancy support thing on the outside of my clothes the other day. Works so much better than under it where it chafes and that seems to help a lot with walking.

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Hi All! I couldn't get on the internet yesterday, but things were a bit nutty, but definitely much much better at yesterday's doctor's appt. YAY!! So, first off my usual tech went straight to doing the measurements after I told her what happened last week and our lil girl's abdomen was now in the 26th percentile and she weighed in at 4 lbs 5 oz!!! Almost a pound in a week!!! So, my husband and I were on cloud nine.....but then..she couldn't complete the BPP b/c my little one wasn't moving (she was sleeping) and was on her belly, so she couldn't see her breathing- for 20 minutes the tech tried to wake her up!!! So, they sent me for a NST- and once they had me hooked up, I asked the nurse for some cold water- hoping that would wake up my sleepy baby!! Oh, it worked- she started moving and kicking up a storm- for almost the entire 20 minutes! The doctor came in and told me that the readings were excellent, the baby is an active little girl, and that I shouldn't be concerned about her size, that at this rate of growth, she could easily be 7and a half pounds at birth! She also said that they would have me come in for weekly BPPs and that I needed to drink more water because the NST machine did pick up small contractions- I didn't even know! All in all, I am pleased and soooo thankful for all of your well wishes!!


Lilac- Great pics!! How wonderful to have as a beautiful momento from this experience! It also sounds like you had a great doctors appointment and you may even make it to your due date!! So excited for you- as I remember, your twins are measuring fantastic for multiples or a single baby!!


RCR- I soo wish I was brave enough and able, to have a home birth- that must be such an amazing experience!! Your due date is right around the corner!! Thrilled for you!!


McCool- YAYYYY for Beth's growth!!! What a relief and a pleasure to be able to see her growing and to keep her home!! Looking forward to reading even more updates!


Hope4Light- My son also had speech issues and only family could understand him, and only I could understand him all of the time- it was resolved by the time he entered second grade. However, despite his speech, he had no trouble socially and had loads of playmates- children are so innocent and they don't judge, they enjoy the actual physical play with each other more than conversation at that young age. HUGS to you and Lots of reassuring emotions!!


Tear- Thank you so much for the support and I'm so thankful things are turning around positively! How are you, your little one? Would love to see pics!!


Everyone- looking foward to you checking back in and reading updates!! Hope everything is going really well!!

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Happyhopeful, glad to know the weight was up to 4 pounds 5 oz. That was actually the estimated weight of one of my boys last week and the other one was 4 pounds 1 oz which is right on track as if I was carrying a singleton so I was very excited.
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I'm a total Internet slacker but I'm excited to read that you all are doing so well! And can't wait to "meet" your little ones!

My gang has officially more than doubled their birth weights and are out of newborn everything... Crazy making! We had a rocking Halloween... Doing nothing! I am pumping then back to sleep. Trio is sleeping finally a good stretch from 10p-3am. If only daylight savings doesn't go and screw it all up!

A little Halloween amusement. George, Lydia & Henry:

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Guppy: Your trio of newborns is sleeping better than my 13 mo old! They are beyond precious. 



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Guppyluv, your little ones are so cute all dressed up! The other day I got some crocheted hats for my boys - crowns because they are my little princes, aviator caps because Daddy wants them to love planes, and thing 1 and thing 2 hats for fun. I need to think about Christmas outfits.
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suzie - that scare you had with Beth a couple of weeks ago sounds absolutely terrifying! I'm so glad everything ended up being ok. I can't even imagine how you must have felt!


Lilac - I'm glad you're managing to avoid the insulin. You have a beautiful tummy in those pics... I can't wait to start looking pregnant!


happy - I'm sorry you had such a scare at your appointment and glad things are looking better now! I've heard these ultrasound measurements can be pretty subjective and can vary a lot based on what position your baby is in and who's doing the measurement.


hope4light - Hi! Nice to hear from you.


rcr - huge congrats on getting cleared for homebirth! With my midwife we have the option of homebirth, birthing centre or hospital birth (just a room in the hospital, you aren't actually checked in and the doctors/nurses aren't involved at all). It's going to be such a tough decision!


guppy - those Halloween pics of your babies are ADORABLE! I can't believe your babies have already doubled in weight, I have no experience with such things but I remember my niece who was 5lbs when she was born didn't hit 10lbs until she was 6 months old!


AFM - I had my NT scan last week and everything is looking amazing. Baby was measuring right on dates and wiggling around. Our risk of Trisomy 18 or 21 is extremely low. I'm finally starting to believe that this pregnancy is for real! I announced my pregnancy on Facebook on Hallowe'en using this photo (I also mentioned that it took us 3 years and IVF to get this baby), and then I was overwhelmed by the avalanche of congratulations and likes I got... made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside!

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Oh My!!!!!  Caden just went down for a morning nap, so I thought I'd try to catch up.  I feel so far behind and that is probably part of the reason why I haven't posted in so long.  I do get all of the updates on my phone via emails, so i always read them, but just haven't had a chance to get on to respond.  I'm always thinking of you all and sending positives vibes your way for your pregnancies and new babes!!!!!  I'm sure I'll miss people, but i can just go by the last page & what my mommy brain can remember (which isn't much these days- holy cow that is crazy how bad it gets after having a baby be warned) & what I can see on the pg above, but sending love to you all!!!


Sourire - Love Love Love the way you announced!!!  That is awesome!!!  So creative!  Did you design the shirt yourself??  So creative!!!!  I'm soooooo happy for you and love following you and watching your ticker move!!!


Lilac - So excited for you and your twin boys.  Love the hat ideas!!  I have had a pumpkin hat for Caden and it is crazy how many fun comments I get on it when I have been out and about.  Nice job w/ your sugars.  My aunt is diabetic and she always says if she can do 15mins of any exercise after every meal she notices such a difference.  Good luck and hope you can avoid insulin all together.


Guppy - So glad all your little ones are home now and doing well.  Loved the pic!  They are adorable!!!!!  Hope things keep getting easier for you!  Do you still have help?  You are amazing!!!  My MIL had triplets and she had twins before the trips. so I know it can be done (the twins were 4 when the trips were born at least), but I have so much respect for those w/ multiples!!!!!!  Hope things continue to go well for your LO's and great job on their growth!!!


Happy - so glad all is looking better w/ your LO and her growth.  I think now a days the ultrasounds are way too advance and a lot of times they get us mommas scared to death.  You think about the old days when they never had such advanced technology and we all turned out fine.  I'm glad that they are monitoring you now that they have found this and we will just hope and pray that it is just a fluke and that all is well from here on out.  Enjoy eating and make sure you are getting lots of good protein and water!!!! 


RCR - Yay, you are getting so close!!!!!!  So excited for you and how awesome that you are able to do a home birth.  I'd probably be too much of a chicken to do that, but that's me!!  I can't wait to see pics of this new little one of yours!!!!  Fingers crossed for a really easy & smooth delivery!! Glad you are able to control your G.B. issues w/ your diet.  I lost my G.B. way back in like 2006 i think it was, but i know that pain and it sucks!!!  Thanks for checking in w/ some of us that have been "behind" on posting.... I know i'm totally over due and glad i got a chance this morning.


Suzie - how is the little one doing!!!  I read your post and my heart just dropped!!!!  That had to of been so scary!!!!!  OMGosh!!!!!!  Thank God you woke up when you did and i sure hope that you can use one of those monitors to be able to calm your heart at night so you can get some sleep too.  Praying all is well now!!!!  Fill us in when you get a chance or maybe you did on the last pg and i just need to scroll back after i post. Oh and loved the hospital pic.  I'm mad that we never got any from the hospital.  They told us they would be in to do them and then never showed up.  Weird... now i regret that i didn't think about it but we were a little busy and crazy..  Lol.


Aura - can't even believe your LO's are 5 months old.  For some reason i was thinking they were farther behind Caden in age, but i guess not.  Hope all is well.


Tear - good to see your name pop up in here again too!!! How is your school year this year?  I'm assuming you are back to work or no?  Is DH watching both LO's and working? Hope things are good w/ you all.


Hope - we are starting the teething thing too.  ugh!!!  Glad that your DH got a new job and hope it goes well.  I'm sure it has to be hard to have him away more though.  I hate when DH travels for work now even more than before.  Can't believe your little guy is 10 months now!!  Where does the time go?  We had a good speaker at our Mops group the other night and she is involved w/ mom's w/ concerns like yours and others in CLE if you would want me to get you some more info i'd be glad to.


Hi to everyone else I missed.  I really tried hard to get caught up some!!!!


AFM -  Well, on the 8th of this month our little guy will be 7 months old!!!  Can't even believe it.  DH still look at him and then each other and can't believe that he is ours and here to stay!!!!  He has been such a blessing and such a joy!!!  We are so in love.  He just got his 2 front bottom teeth last week and man are those things sharp.  Yesterday i was nursing him and he bite my Right nip and i screamed and then like a couple hrs later he bit my Left one and drew blood.  I screamed even louder and my friend that has 5 kids told me to scream (how could you not) and then just put him on the floor and tell him No biting that is bad!!!!!  He was crying, I was crying and Abby was scared and I think DH probably wanted to cry to.... LOL.  Now I'm fearful every time i nurse him now that he is going to bite me again.  That was awful! My Right nip. is really sore this morning but the L one isn't as bad.  Hoping it will go away and start feeling better.   I'm hoping that he learned his lesson and won't do it again. Anyone else have this problem?????  I'm always looking for advice!!!!!!!   Then later that night he was sitting in his booster chair eating dinner and i could tell he was uncomfortable and needed to go to the bathroom.  So i took him in the bathroom and we sat on the toilet together (sounds crazy i know for both of us to be sitting on the toilet but we did) and he pooped and peed in the toilet.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I had read about elimination communication (EC) they call it after one of my friends did it w/ her little girl, but never thought it would work w/ him and this is the 3rd time I have tried it w/ him and it worked.  DH wasn't home so i didn't flush b/c i wanted him to see it, b/c he would have never believed me.  When he came home I said Guess What, and he thought we won the lottery or something (not that we play) b/c i was beaming.  LOL.   Now if I can get him to do it again that would really impress me.  It is a commitment though, wow.  We also started solids at 6 months and he is such a good eater too.  He loves his veggies and I have been making his food which i actually have found to be really fun.  We will see how long it lasts.  Okay, well I think that is about it here.  I'll try to post a pic of Halloween w/ our little Batman and Robin side kick!  Hope you all are doing well.


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Blue - aww Caden is adorable! I found those shirts online and thought they were awesome so I ordered them a couple of weeks ago!
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Sourire, the shirt with skeletons is so cute!

Blue I am glad the ec'ing worked andhope you canget it to work again! I am so glad that the exercise is keeping me off insulin because on insulin I would have to see the doctor twice a week. I don't have time or money for travel for that.
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So great to log on and read all of these great updates!!


Lilac- great weights for your little boys and so glad you didn't have to go on insulin- you're doing a fantastic job at keeping you and your boys super healthy!!


Guppy- such an adorable pic!!! I can't believe how fast they're growing!! Your days must be so busy and so amazing, watching 3 babies discover the world around them!


Sourire- Those shirts are awesome and I love that you announced that way!! Doesn't it feel so wonderful and so surreal when you let everyone know?


Blue- Caden is soo adorable- he totally upstaged that beautiful dog! As far as the eating, teething, breastfeeding, and pottying?! Wow- It sounds like there is a lot going on! My son (he's now 14 1/2 years old) was an early teether too and by the time he was 6 months old he had 4 teeth and it was very painful breastfeeding him, and his appetite was huge- I did end up stopping the breastfeeding and switching to table foods and pumped milk. I thought he would be so upset, but his appetite was bigger than his emotions, and as long as I had food and/or bottle ready when he was hungry, he was very happy!!


AFM- Due to the success at the last appointment, I am completely obsessed with drinking lots of water and munching on protein all day..this also means that I am waddling a lot more and waking up even more at night to use the bathroom- however, I swear that the baby is moving so much more because of this, so I don't care. Besides, I figure soon enough I'll be waking up just as often to feed the baby :)

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happy, I found my boys move a lot a few minutes after I eat or drink water. I figure they are either getting glucose from the eating (although protein shouldn't give your little one a surge of glucose) or that the water is making their fluid better or something so they want to move around more.

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QUESTION FOR MOMS: Okay, so as I really get into my nesting, it also means that I'm finishing up buying what I'll need for my little girl and it occurred to me that since I will be going back to work when she's 8 weeks, that she will need to get adjusted to using a bottle. I'll be (hopefully) fully breastfeeding the first 4 weeks, and then hope to do 1 or 2 feedings via bottle so that she can get used to it for when I return to work. MY QUESTION- What bottles did you find worked best? I have read sooo many conflicting reviews, that my head is just spinning!!

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Happy - we use Dr Browns bottles. I hate all the pieces parts but he does great w them & we've never had any issues like our friends that used other bottles & had issues so they switched to Dr Browns & are happy.
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Happy-- my trio uses dr browns and will also breast feed no problem. Granted they started on bottles in the NICU and didn't get good at breast feeding until about full term. One is super colicky and does well with Dr browns as well, but he did even better when I gave up dairy (oh how I miss my cheese!). they get about 50%breast milk & 50% formula each feed. We dishwash the bottles to sterilize and do not find the many parts as annoying as some people do (and I have 3x the bottles!!). From my best friend's experience --she suggests you introduce the bottles once in a while before heading back to work so it's not an abrupt transition. She didn't and regretted it. Her babe spent half a day not eating for the sitter, so my friend had to come home from work early! Ugh.

RCR- I'm in awe of you for considering home birth! How special...
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Just a quick pop-in to let you know we're still alive.  My littles are approaching 2 years old now.  They just hit the 22 month mark this past week.  They are getting so independent.  They talk constantly and are little hams.


Here's a video I took of them today during lunch.  Their personalities are overflowing.





Guppy - Congrats on your trio!!!  So cute!


Blue - Caden is beyond adorable!

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Kewpie80, your twins are so cute! I can't for mine to arrive!

Yesterday I gota little preparation happy - I got my favorite Stayfree overnight ultra thin pads for post partum, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, hand soap, laundry detergent and an exercise ball. Mostly things that my husband would not get the right kind if I sent him.

When I got home from grocery shopping my brother and I rearranged the pantry and cupboards so if I sent someone to make some food I would know if I had the food (because I sorted our most common food into sections) and I coold direct them where to find it. I like the order much better.
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Guppy and Blue- Thanks for the advice!! I was torn between Dr. Browns, Comotomo, and Lanisnoh Momma. It seemed like there were sooo many conflicting reviews- either people couldn't live without them, or they hated them.


Kewpie- what a sweet video!! Those two are just adorable!!


Lilac- This must be our organization week, because I have been cleaning out closets and rearranging cabinets this week too! I feel this sudden need to have everything super organized!! I'm even having my teenager clean out and then reorganize his closet. I keep on saying to everyone, "I need you to do this in preparation for the baby" and I know that in my normal state, that probably sounds really strange- like why  would she care if my son's closet wasn't organized?? LOL!

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Happyhopeful, that is too funny about the cleaning. I am beginning to feel more and more ready.

I am getting close . 34 weeks one Day: saw the doctor today who said I was measuring 42 weeks, my first twin is at -3 station, my cervix is still closed but has effaced 60 to 70 percent. My two little boys will be here before I know it but they still appear to be content on the inside.
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Bah just lost a whole post! Annoying!

Rcr, I'm on pins and needles waiting for this baby!! Will m be around for the home birth?

Blue, Caden is so handsome!! I had to show do the costumes, we are a fan of babies and/or pets in super hero costumes. And teeth!! We are teething but nothing has popped through yet. How was your teething experience?

Kewpie, love the video! And I love their little voices! They are beautiful and so sweet, can't wait to see mine doing the same. How do they behave with each other? Do they interact a lot? I'm always looking for b/g twin stories.

Guppy, they're so cute!!!! And I can't get over how fast they are growing! Mine were in nb clothes for about 3 months! At 6 mo now Julia is still in 0-3 and Ben is *just* fitting 3-6. You must be thrilled!

Suzy, how is your daughter? All well since the scare? You have to have faith in a mother's intuition but hopefully nothing but sweet dreams from here on out.

Happy, we used Avent natural. The nipples on the dr browns were too long and bendy for my babies, and I was annoyed by all the parts.

Lilac, just in my experience (and I prefer the ultra thin myself) I wound up buying the fattest, puffiest pads I could find for post partum. I even soaked them in witch hazel and froze them. I needed all the help I could get! The ultra thins just weren't cutting it.

Hope I'm not forgetting anyone, it's hard to keep up!

Afm, Ben and Julia are the smiliest little babies. We couldn't be happier! This Saturday is their six month birthday, they are already pros at eating solids, and Julia is more than halfway to crawling. Both are teething, though no teeth yet!

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