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Wonderful Belly! I forgot to show you my twins from yesterday's ultrasound. Baby A had a heartbeat of 155 and Baby B of 161. Still measuring 2 and 3 days behind respectively. We got to hear the heartbeats and see little limb movements :-). Belly- My RE said Zofran was perfectly safe. I took it today, but it didn't last long, so don't quite know what I'll do.




7week 6day Ultrasound-.png

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Belly - yay!!!! Glad all went well today and I'm glad you are feeling better too.  Can't imagine having a little one running around and feeling like crap, well i guess I can b/c that is how it would be for me with Abby b/c she is like a hyper terrible 2 yr old.  LOL


Renavoo - I'm a little worried about you b/c i haven't seen your name in awhile.  Don't feel like you have to do personals and just come on and let us know you are okay!!!  Thinking of you.


Keria - you poor thing!!!  I sure hope that your dr ordered you some therapy or something for your poor hands.  Feeling for you!!!


Kewpie - I know we used a doula for our boys birth but that is weird that you just got your doula now?  We had one from the very first and met with her like every couple weeks. I really liked the idea, but was worried she was going to push the "no epidural" on me and I wasn't sure if I could do that or not.  I'm torn if I will use one again if we ever get pregnant again or not.  I love the idea and think it is good especially since my DH is not good with medical things so that made me feel like she could also be a support to him in the time of need as well.  My obgyn was okay with my doula being in the OR w/ us but i know she had told us in the beginning to check b/c a lot don't let them in.  I hope you get it worked out.  How are you feeling?  I know i read your last post and was like "wow, you are sure doing a lot for being on bed-rest and then saw you are off the bedrest!  Yay!!! Hope you are feeling well!!!!!  Can't wait to see those babies!!!!


Deborah - glad to hear your babes heart rates are so good!!


Bungalowmama - Don't make me send you a PM!  lol.gif  LOL.  How are you doing girl?????  Fill us in!!!!!


Lyndi - how are you doing???  Still on bedrest??


Hi to anyone else I missed.... sorry!!!!!

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Thanks Blue! 

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blue - we waited a long time to get a doula cause we were really on the fence about getting one.  She's actually a friend of a friend and she's a pediatric nurse and lactation consultant as well.  Our personalities mesh really well, so we decided to just go for it and hire her.  I'm going to ask some of the other OBs at the practice if they allow doulas and see if it's just that one doctor or if it's hospital policy.  The way they work it at this office is that you see all the doctors on rotation and you don't know who is going to deliver your baby until the day of... I'm not 100% thrilled with their setup, but so far I only dislike 1 of the 5 doctors, so chances are I'll get one I like.


belly - I actually read your update last night, but was too tired to respond, so I'm going from memory here... Yay for good HBs and catching up a little in size!  I hope they continue to do so well!


deborah - great u/s pics!  I hope they continue to do well!


AFM - I don't know if it's hormones or what, but I am crabby crabby crabby.  They've been doing work on the roof of our building all week and I am just SO annoyed by it.  They;ve been at it for 4 days now and they choose our bedroom window to put the ladder right over.  The first day I had been sleeping and opened my eyes to see workers going up and down inches outside my window and here I was in my nightie that doesn't cover my belly and panties.  My bed is right up against the window, so I'm sure they got an eyefull or two.  I live on the 3rd floor, so stuff like having people peeking in my windows never crosses my mind.  I was mortified!  


Plus, they are SOOOO loud tromping up there and all the yelling in spanish back and forth.  It literally shakes the entire building (the tromping, not the yelling).  When we had that earthquake a couple months ago, we had fewer things fall off of shelves!  I told DH that I'm so annoyed that I'm tempted to pop out our screen and push their ladder over.  Anyway, I can't sleep with all the electric saws and tromping and I have to keep the blinds and windows closed so it's dark all the time and I'm just so grumpy about it!  The silver lining is the babies are still inside and I'm not trying to get them to sleep with all this noise and crap.


I'm really starting to get super uncomfortable now.  This time last week, I could still get down on the floor, but I tried it a couple nights ago and got stuck.  I can't stand for longer than 3-4 minutes, so even though bedrest is now lifted, I can't do anything.  I was still feeling good a few days ago, but I must have had a growth spurt that pushed me over the edge.  I want them to stay in as long as possible, but there is a part of me that wishes I could speed up time by about 2 weeks.  When they measured me on tuesday, I was measuring 47 weeks pregnant for a singleton.  I really wish I were taller so I had more room for them to go.  I think my back wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't so "out there."


I just realized I've been doing nothing but complaining.  SOrry about that.  I think hormones, pain, and the dumb roof workers are just getting to me.  

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Kewpie, sorry about your doula and the pain you're going through. I think that you SHOULD be complaining considering what you're going through!! I hope that you're feeling better today and that yesterday was just temporary. As for the roof workers, we have people working on our building too and one day, they scared the heck out of me too. I now keep the window shade closed all the time. haha.


Blue, hug2.gif How are you doing? Thank you for asking about me! I just got back from my trip and I'm so happy to be home. I'm so happy that this week is almost over too!! I have a doctor's appointment today and seriously, it couldn't have come at a better time because I bled a little yesterday. I wonder if they are going to suggest that I don't travel by pain anymore because not only did I spot but my legs are really sore. I need to make sure I move a lot today to prevent deep vein thrombosis. I wouldn't mind that because i hate traveling anyway but i'm worried about work.


Belly, YAH to measuring pretty much on schedule!! I am 11 weeks 4-5 days today so I'm going to get my NT scan today and quite excited about it (mostly because i just want to be sure that the babies are ok). As for the zofran, I hear a lot of women take it and are fine so I think you taking such a small dose is ok. It's probably better that you do so your body maintains the strength for the placental growth spurt. i LOVED reading that the zofran made you feel good.


Keria, ugh to fluid retention and swollen hands. I'm glad your DH can take care of you so that really is wonderful. How are you feeling now?


Deborah, hope all is well! the US images are great.


It is 6:30am here and I'm so tired that I may go back to take a nap before work. ;o) i really wanted to go to the gym this morning because I have been feeling a little pain in my legs but I'm tired so who knows if I will make it. And then i have to go into the office for a few hours. My appointment is today at 2pm (which means, if it is anything like last time, i won't be seen until 3:30!) I will write more later but i just wanted to check in and say that I was thinking of all of you. big hugs to you all!



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I'm still having a hard time with the flu shot decision and even calling the CDC is NOT helpful. So sick of pat answers.

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Thanks Kewpie and Renavoo!

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Blue - Thanks for checking in on me! I won't make you resort to a PM :-) I haven't checked the latest IVF thread. Is all still on track for your FET?


Kewpie - You are completely in the right for being crabby. You certainly have enough on your plate! I'm sure your babies are getting nice and chubby and cute at this point - can't wait to see pictures of them. But of course that growth is making you uncomfortable.


Deborah - Congratulations on your twins! That's great news about the growth spurt. In terms of the flu shot, I will say that I went ahead with it. My doctor is very low intervention and highly recommended it, saying that it's less risky than the chance of having a really high fever with the flu. I had the shot and zero symptoms afterward.


Renavoo - How many weeks are you now? You need a ticker! Achey legs are often my sign that I'm doing too much. I've always felt monthly cramps in my thighs so it's linked to my uterus somehow. It's definitely difficult finding a good balance with work. I'm going through that myself at the moment. I'm taking on different responsibilities to make up for being able to travel less.


AFM - I hadn't realized it's been so long since I posted (back when I announced the genders). My grad school graduation ceremony is tomorrow so more free time is in my future! Though that will be thrown into nesting projects, I'm sure. The nursery is currently FULL of boxes of all sorts. This weekend we're going to work on clearing everything out and starting demo in the closet (making new built-ins). The boys are doing great and are SO active. I can't tell which is which since they seem to change positions constantly (every US shows something different - breech/vertex, breech/breech, transverse/transverse, etc).


We're taking childbirth and breastfeeding classes in January and touring the maternity ward at the hospital. In February I'm taking the next two sections of the breastfeeding class and the infant CPR class. I'm hoping to have the nursery done by the end of February, including having an electrician come out to do a few things in the nursery. Then in March we're having the exterior of the house painted. Hopefully the boys will stay in until near their EDD (4/15). We have so much to get done before they arrive!

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Belly Yay for a great scan!


Deborah cute pics do they know if they a membrane between them yet?


Rena I'm hoping to hear some great news from your scan.


Bungalow great to hear form you.


Kewpie I would have freaked if I saw someone on my window when I woke up. I think is ok to be crabby when you are uncomfortable so don;t worry complain away.


I'm doing good, still swollen I called the OB and he said all normal keep doing what I'm doing and that we'll talk about it on monday on my appointment. We are probably having a 3D scan next week  so that's exciting. Babies are great still really active Oliver had the hiccups yesterday for the first time or at least the first time I felt it DH even felt him hiccuping :)



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Hi everyone!


Bungalow, I'm so excited you checked in and that everything is going well. It's going to be great to have some relaxation time, I bet. Although, boy, do you have a lot to do in the next few months. Ah, that is so exciting though!


Keria, I'm glad that the ob said everything is normal. Just a couple of more days and you will get a visual "everything's ok". I hope that you post the 3d scans so we can meet your miracles!


My scan went well. the little babies are doing great and we saw them move today which is amazing. I think this really makes us feel like it's "real" if you know what I mean. We were so excited. We wanted to take a video of the session but they didn't let us but it would have been so great for our parents to see the babies move too. Oh well, we'll just sneak in the camera next time :o) It's easy now with the cameras on our phones!


I'm at almost 12 weeks now so they did the NT scan. With the results of the blood work, the babies' risk of down's or trisomy are quite low which makes me feel much better...at this time, I don't think we're going to be doing an amnio. Bungalow, you're right, I need a ticker! Maybe i'll make one this weekend :o)


By the way, the technician "guessed" at the sexes today and she thinks that I'm going to have a boy and a girl. haha we'll see how accurate she is with her prediction in about 8 weeks!


I'm also grounded from now on...my doctor stated that she would prefer that i don't fly, especially since I fly long distances. So she is writing me a letter to tell my boss that i am grounded during the pregnancy. I'm very happy about this!


Anyway, so that's what is going on with me ;o)


Kewpie, how are you feeling today? I hope you're feeling better!!


Hope everyone else is doing well! Belly, when is your next scan?


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Keria - glad to hear all is still going good.  Love the name Oliver.  So cute.  What is your little girl's name?  I don't think I have heard yet.  Hope your OBGYN can give you some guidance w/ your hands.


Bungalowmama- So glad you came out of the Bungalow wood-work to fill us in!!!!  LOL. Glad to hear that school is almost done so you will have a little more time.  Sounds like you have a lot going on at the house but that's a good thing.  Keep us posted and take care.  Oh and yes, still on track for my FET probably the first or 2nd week of Jan.  Just waiting for AF to show up so I can have my E2 drawn and then they will add estrace to my Lupron.


Deborah - there is a flu shot out there for pregnant women with out the preservative free or mercury free that is what I would ask for if I were pregnant.  I know they scare me too.  You kinda feel like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place b/c if you don't get it and get the flu you could end up in the hospital and it can increase you risk of problems, but then it is a little scary getting it as well b/c of the vulnerable babes growing in there.  I ment to ask you... how much prednisone are  you on and how often you take it??


Renavoo - so good to hear you were just away on business.  I must have missed that or something.  I saw on one of the threads that you are now "grounded" i think that is great!!!  One less thing you have to do. Do others at your work know or just your boss.  How will you get by this one if they all don't know and now you can't fly?  I love your DR and think he/she is being very smart.  Is it b/c of the spotting you had or what?  What did he/she say about the leg pain?  Glad your appt went well.


Kewpie - i see (about picking a doula later).  I hope it all works out.  I can't believe that there were roofers in your window.  Nice.  No wonder you were moody.  That would make me moody too even when I'm not pregnant!!!!  Hope all is going well and that you have a good weekend and start to feel better.  You still going to the chiropractor?  How's that going now a days?  Feeling better after your adjustments?


Belly - how are you doing???





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Thanks BungalowMama! That is definitely helpful. Keria- They haven't seen one yet, but they are hopeful they will in the next few weeks. It could be just that it's too early. They are giving each other plenty of space, so the RE thinks we'll see a membrane since the few times she's seen mono-mono, the twins have been right on top of each other. Blue- That's the one that I was going to get. I just have to make sure one of my doctor's carries it because Walgreens won't give me the shot since I have a history of adverse drug reactions.They told me to do it at a doctor's office just in case. I'm currently recovering from an allergic reaction to my Estradiol patches.

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Blue- Forgot to answer the question. Sorry. I am on 15 mg/day (well under the 40 they say is okay) and will be on it until I am 12 weeks along. I take 10mg  in the morning and 5mg at night.

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Deborah - are you on straight prednisone or is it another name.  Have you been on 15mg ever since your transfer?  The dr didn't up your dose after you got pregnant did he/she? So the only reason you are on it is b/c you have positive thyroid antibodies, is that why? I'm going to try and talk my RE on Monday morning about adding that.  We will see how it goes. 

Originally Posted by deborahbgkelly View Post

Blue- Forgot to answer the question. Sorry. I am on 15 mg/day (well under the 40 they say is okay) and will be on it until I am 12 weeks along. I take 10mg  in the morning and 5mg at night.


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It is straight prednisone and they didn't start it right away. They started me just before I hit 6 weeks and will stop it at 12 weeks. It is because of the antibodies, but they only do it if pregnancy is confirmed I guess. The reason they do it is because sometimes the antibodies get confused and attack the babies (essentially you have an allergic reaction to the babies) and it can cause miscarriage. So, the prednisone is to maintain pregnancy. I'm not entirely sure why they wait until pregnancy is confirmed, I'm thinking maybe it isn't safe before a certain time (don't quote me on that though).

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Blue- Not trying to scare you and, honestly, if your RE didn't put you on it, you probably don't need it. There is probably nothing to worry about.

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Deborah - thanks for the info.  Actually, some patients that have immune related issues will start prednisone up to 30 days before they even do a transfer so there doesn't look like there is any problem being on it before conception.  I'm wondering if this might be our issue.  I actually got pregnant with our twin boys while on it (for a sinus infection), so I know there isn't a problem so you aren't scaring me at all!

Originally Posted by deborahbgkelly View Post

Blue- Not trying to scare you and, honestly, if your RE didn't put you on it, you probably don't need it. There is probably nothing to worry about.


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Blue, I hope that you get some answers during your calls and especially, that your doctor addresses your concerns adequately. It is always nice to feel like your doctor is there for you and interested in being your partner, not just telling you what to do! Have you never replicated your cycle that helped you get pregnant with the twin boys? If so, can I ask why your doctor's didn't put you on the same protocol? It obviously worked well.  Regardless, I hope this is your month! I am hoping so badly for you. Little Abby needs playmates! How is she, by the way?


Kewpie, how are you doing? It's getting close! I hope you're feeling better.


Keria, you're close too! How are you feeling now? How is the swelling?


Belly, what's going on with you? How are you feeling with the twins now?


Big hugs to everyone!



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Bungalow- I forgot to ask you what week pregnancy you were in when you had your flu shot. I know I'm doing it ASAP, but I was curious. Blue- I seriously have no idea why they waited. When they called to confirm pregnancy, I asked about it and then it was another week and a half before they did. Very strange. Obviously, my body was able to support it naturally for that time (thank goodness!)

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Bungalow - congrats on your advanced degree graduation!!!  DH is working on his PhD (he's doing a straight to PhD program with master's awarded halfway) now and it's a whole different world from undergrad work.  Great job to you!


Keria - I LOVE when they get hiccups!  SO cute!  Can't wait to see your 3Ds!


Renavoo - How neat that you got to see them move!  The first time I saw mine move was on my birthday and I just cried!  It is such an amazing thing and I could have watched them all day as I'm sure you could too!  I'm really glad to hear you are grounded now!  Hopefully your boss will be really understanding.  What kind of work do you do?


Blue - yup, I'm still seeing the chiropractor, but I'm down to once a week now.  SHe sure is a miracle worker.  I always feel yucky the day of, but SOO much better the next few days afterward.


Deborah - I ended up getting a flu shot.  My OB and endo both said that the ones they give pregnant women are very safe (no mercury and stuff) but I would definitely get it through the OB and not a pharmacy.  I'm probably just being paranoid, but I think they'd be more careful about what they give you.  I had no side effects when I had mine, but I got mine sometime this past fall... I think october, so I was probably arouns 25 weeks or so.  No idea if that makes a difference....


AFM - Well, my crabbiness has subsided.  The night that I was really angry and vented here, DH came home, took one look at me and said, I'm taking you out for dinner.  Isn't he sweet?  So, I felt much better after getting out.  I've been feeling pretty good the last few days.  My pain has been better since I saw the chiro on friday morning and that certainly helps.  We got our bedroom completely deep cleaned as well as the big closet and my studio.  It feels SOOO nice to have that done.  We just need to wipe down the kitchen cabinets and I'll be satisfied with the condition of the apartment.  I think I may be nesting cause the mess had been just killing me the last few days and when DH said he had friday through sunday off, I said WE'RE ATTACKING THINGS!!! And I've had more energy than he has this weekend for getting the things done.  So, everything is all ready.  The babies could come tomorrow and other than the early-ness, I'd feel ok about it.  


My BHs are pretty much all day and night now.  I really only count them a few times a day just to make sure they're not getting too close.  I was a little concerned friday night cause I was having them every 7 minutes for 2.5 hours, but then they suddenly stopped.  I have a feeling I will have a few nights like that where I will wonder...  I've now passed the point where they will stop labor if it does come on and that has really hit us in the chest.  Before, we always felt a sense of safety knowing they could do something, but not anymore. haha  It's such a surreal feeling.


ETA - I just checked my DDC and there have already been about half a dozen babies born from our group.  This is feeling way close!



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