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auraleigh, your little ones are so cute.  I am glad they are getting bigger and bigger. 


AFM, my tummy is just itching like crazy. I put oil on my belly trying to keep the itching at bay but it doesn't always work. Just a few more weeks of ultrastretched tummy.

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lilac - This may not happen to you but... My postpartum bleeding and the first couple of periods after were SOOOO heavy, I had to use diapers (just one of my kid's diapers) because my pads couldn't keep up.  I was pretty much gushing with every step.  My OB said it was because there was much more "stuff" in there for the twins.  No idea if that's the case for everyone, but just a heads up.  She put me on provera to bring the bleeding under control.


aura - They get along well and play together nicely except when Maisie wants to play trains with Liam.  He likes to play trains alone and she likes to dance dinosaurs on the tracks which drives him nuts.  Fights usually break out at that point.  Your 2 are so cute! It makes me miss those younger months.

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kewpie, that is definitely something to consider. Before I got pregnant I always had terribly heavy first couple of days of my period, but then hardly anything after that.  Someone had suggested getting some depends undergarments or those flat disposable pads to put under me especially when breastfeeding since that can bring on a fresh gush of blood too.

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Hi all:


I love all the updates and pics.


Happy - DH is almost 6, I honestly don't even remember what brand of bottles we used. Glad you are doing so well with the protein and water. Keep it up!


Lilac - I had a lot of itching with DS. I haven't had it yet this time. It is annoying though.


Aura - Love the pics. Yes, M will be there for the birth. He has even invited all of his friends at school and most of their parents :rotflmao. I keep telling him that a birth isn't something that lots of people usually come to, but he isn't really getting it. DH is doing a practice set-up of the pool today while he is off school, so he will get to go swimming in it.


Kewpie - I can't believe how big they are. I haven't seen you on the other thread at all - Are you still planning a FET?


Guppy - Your trio is so adorable and growing so fast. You are amazing.


Blue - Caden is so adorable! I have been able to control the GB with diet, but I am pretty much on a zero fat diet now, which is soooo hard to do. I can't even eat beans and tofu because zero fat is both good fat and bad fat. I am planning to get the GB out asap after the baby is born. Hopefully a few weeks afterward. Did you have your surgery done laproscopically? It seems pretty easy and fast - just three little holes. I had my lap/hystroscopy done a few years ago and it was two little holes, and I recovered in a day or two. So hopefully this will be east too.


AFM - 37 weeks and a few days. The MW came for her home visit yesterday, and brought the pool and an emergency kit for in case she doesn't make it in time. So it really feels so real now. We are cleared to do a homebirth now, so if I went into labor any time I would be fine. baby has grown a lot in the last few weeks, and I have been eating sooo much. I normally eat two lunches - one around 10 and then around 1. I am getting all my classes settled for next semester so I don't have to worry about those over xmas break.

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rcr - we are still planning, but it's on hold for a bit.  I've been getting a lot of weird daily vestibular migraines that I want to get under control first.  

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Aura- Oh my gosh- insane cuteness!!! I can't believe that they're 6 months! The crawling must be so delightful to watch!! Makes up a lil' for the not so delightful teething!


Lilac- sorry to read about your tummy!! Cocoa butter? Vaseline? Diaper Rash Ointment? I would try it all! We are probably both due on the same date- 12/20, but I know you're waaaay more likely to go sooner- you must be just so over the moon that you're only a few weeks away from meeting the boys!! I'm just all types of giddy knowing that I'm less than 6 weeks from the due date! I am also just so relieved to be beyond 34 weeks, because I know that's a serious milestone in terms of health of the baby!! Yippee!! :energy


RCR- WOWWWW, you could literally be in labor, right now, while I'm typing this!!! How exciting! I am so looking forward to reading about your home birthing experience and to seeing pics of the baby!!


AFM- Full blown nesting and growing... a lot! I hope that it's not just me growing, and that my little girl is too! I'm actually quite surprised at what a change I've felt in the last week- the pressure and the weight in front is just so pronounced that it's quite hard to rush anywhere and picking up anything I drop, is a challenge! I'm also not getting much sleep- between getting up to pee every other hour and having to change positions and pillows from pain from the hip down on whatever side I'm laying on, I'd say I'm pretty much conditioning myself for the varied sleep cycle of a breast fed newborn!! Despite all that nonsense, I actually feel really good emotionally and spiritually, and I think it's the adrenaline from the excitement of our lil girl arriving soon!

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happyhopeful, today I tried icing my tummy to get rid of the itchy scratchy feeling. That seems to help a bit. I might have to try the diaper rash ointment. I tell you I am desperate right now and I don't want to rub my tummy raw. Last night I hardly slept because I had an ear ache. I went out and got a heating pad that had a piece inside to make "moist heat" and my ear feels a bit better, not perfect, but better. The pain goes from my ear down my neck and it is almost like I have gotten a sore throat so I have been gargling with warm salt water too.

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Lilac- so sorry to read about the earache! Earaches are just so awfully uncomfortable! The only thing that helps me is a washcloth that is soaked with hot water and I lay on it on the side that's hurting. I really hope that you're better by now though!!

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For the most part the ear ache is gone. I still have some jaw pain and mouth pain (like I burned myself with too hot pizza but I haven't had pizza since I was diagnosed with GD). I have been downing lots of water and using the heating pad and that seems to be helping.


I am feeling quite productive today - I emptied out the cribs so we could put the mattresses in them, sorted the last of the hand me down clothes, and have all the newborn and 0-3 clothes in the basement to wash along with the blankets and sleep sacks and mattress protectors.  It will take awhile to get them all washed. It reminds me that I should not get behind on baby laundry!

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I woke up with contractions last night. Nothing that I couldn't sleep through. They are off and on today too, sometimes hurt quite a bit, but nothing worse than bad AF pains. they aren't regular - sometime they are 5 minutes apart and sometimes they are hours apart.

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OOOooooo RCR! I am so excited for you! Praying for easy labor and a great homebirth! Can't wait to hear about your mystery baby. :-)



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RCR, how exciting!  I hope the random contractions lead to delivery soon for you.

AFM, I am so ready to have these babies.  I am super uncomfortable and if I sit up for too long, I get this terrible cervical pain which I was attributing to the Group B Strep swab and cervical exam on Friday (that left me with such terrible pains I hardly got out of bed for the rest of Friday, Saturday and sunday) but now I am thinking it just may be one of the babies pushing on a nerve down there.  I haven't had any bleeding at all.  I have been working on washing baby laundry to get ready for the babies to come. Everything is sorted, now I just have to get it through the washing machine and dryer, folded and put away.

Friday the doctors also me a bag of pamphlets and freebies. Most of the pamphlets were about birth control options. If I was to get pregnant again without ivf, that would be great. Doubtful given the circumstances with dear husband. When I mentioned it to him, he said he wished we did have to worry about it. I had not expected that response but I know my dh wishes we didn't have to use ivf to have babies but he is glad ivf made it possible.
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Rcr and Lilac - it's cool that you guys are so close to meeting your babies!

Dandelion - are you still around? We haven't heard from you in a while!

AFM - I'm 15 weeks pregnant now, I'm so excited to have made it this far! I'm not sick or nauseated as long as I remember to take my anti-nausea meds... But when I forget I still feel horrible. I'm starting to have a small bump and I'm so proud of it! I managed to successfully wean off my progesterone... I gradually decreased my dose starting at 12w and stopped completely at 14w. I haven't seen a single drop of blood since I started weaning which is such a relief.

My biggest thing these days is lower back pain - I'm sooooo uncomfortable! I thought back pain was supposed to come from having a big belly but I hardly have a belly and I've only gained 3lbs so far this pregnancy. I'm worried it will only get worse when my belly grows. Anyone have advice for dealing with this?
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Lilac.. I know exactly what you're saying! We won't be using any birth control ever again, given how long we tried with no baby. But it would be so nice for a miracle, maybe not straight away though lol.

Sourire.. I had back aches from early on too. Not much fun and makes doing dishes a pain in the... back smile.gif you must be stoked to be off progesterone now! Well done smile.gif

RCR.. I'm on egg shells waiting to hear where you're at!

Everyone else that I've missed.. Big hellos all round. I've been horribly slack at getting online. Little Beth has been a dream baby, she has figured out day and night and sleeps from 10 til 5 or 6 so I'm incredibly lucky!! But during the day she stays awake so much more, so my time is no longer my own. And getting dinner cooked or the the house cleaned is just not happening. Poor DH is surviving on toast most nights lol. Not that much different to when we first met and my cooking was awful hahaha! Hope everyone is well and happy x
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Sourire, I had back pain about then too and although I hadn't really gained much weight by then I wasn't comfortable in my pre-pregnancy pants.

I bought a Loving Comfort maternity support from Macy's and they are available at Destination Maternity. Totally worth it because now I wear it often just to be able to walk.
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RCR - Thinking of you and hoping & praying all goes smooth and easy for your delivery!!!!  Can't wait to hear!  Now I will really be stalking you on here waiting to hear the good news!!!! Sorry, yes I had my G.B. taken by a lap procedure!!  It was yrs ago so i bet now it is even more advanced and easier on the patient.


Sourire - ugh.... i don't miss that back pain or the hip pain!!!  Those pains are the worst.  Have you tried the chiropractor?  I went to one that specialized in pregnancy.  It helped some!!!  Good luck to you and I love seeing your ticker move!!!


Suzie - Glad to hear that little Beth is doing well!!!!!  Enjoy the sleep for now!!!!!


Lilac - Glad you are getting everything in order and things seem to be coming along for you.  Just a waiting game now.  How far along will they let you go?  Are you having a vag birth as far as you know or scheduled c-section??


Happy  - good to hear you are feeling well and in a good place!!!!!  How many weeks are you now???



Hi to everyone else!!!!  I'm off to bed!!!

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rcr - Sending you all the best birthing vibes! Hoping this is really it for you!!

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Eep! Thinking of RCR and lilac with excitement! Sourire, hooray for a bump!
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blue, as long as my boys stay head down, or at least the first baby out is head down (which he has been for most of my pregnancy), a vaginal birth is planned. Depending on the doctor at the practice the second scenario is iffy because a couple of doctors worry that the second baby won't rotate head down once the first baby is out. Right now from the kicks I am feeling, both babies feel head down and they were at my last ultrasound at 32 weeks. I go for another ultrasound this Friday.  The doctor's goal for me is at least 38 weeks.  I am good with 36 weeks which is this Thursday for me.

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RCR- YAY!! It sounds like any day/hour/minute you will be in full blown labor!! So excited to hear about it and to see pics! Wishing you a speedy delivery!!


Lilac- So happy you're earache is better and you're able to get things done. I think you're right about the nerve pain- I can't imagine they have much room left in there! It sounds like you are headed to full term with these twins!! What a fantastic feat!


Sourire- Super exciting getting that bump and headed to the anatomy scan in just a few weeks!! As for the back pain- I have a heating pad at home and at my job that I use and it really helps!!


McCool- What a rockstar you're little girl is!! Wow already sleeping through the night?! That's incredible- definitely worth the toast for dinner for sure! :) 


Blue- Hi!! Thanks for the well wishes!! As far as weeks, I'm 35 weeks, 4 days but.....


AFM- So, I am on bed rest now. I was sent back to the high risk obgyn yesterday for the BPP and Growth scan since I had conflicting reports last week from two different techs at the regular OBGYN. This scan which was super accurate and with all the doppler bells and whistles informed us that our lil girl is in fact lil. She's 4 lbs 11 0z (11th %), her head and arms are in the 5th%, femur in the 7th%, and abdomen in the 11th%. Also, my placenta was showing signs of weakening- there were holes in it. The positives were that my fluid was great, as were her movements, and even though she's tiny she's proportionate. However, it did take her just under 30 minutes to practice her breathing- we had 34 seconds left when she finally did it.  All of this led the doc to put me on immediate bed rest, even more protein, and I'm to be monitored on twice week- Thursday being my next appointment. The doc's goal now is to get her to 6 lbs- but this will all depend on the placenta continuing to provide the necessary nutrients. I was told that I will definitely be induced between 37 and 39 weeks depending on the progress. I'm a bit overwhelmed right now, just digesting everything.

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