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Hooooray rcr!!joy.gif So happy for you joy.gif
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Congrats rcr! I can't wait to see the pictures!
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Congratulations RCR! Soak in this special time that you waited SOOOOOO long for!



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Congrats rcr! can't wait to hear about it and see a pic! I'm so glad you got the birth you wanted!!
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Congratulations RCR!!!!!  :heartbeat that new baby! 


Thinking about you with your new little girl that you wanted for so long is making me teary.  It reminds of when I had my little girl I wanted for so long.   It really is an amazing feeling.


I always love it when one of us beats infertility.  

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Got awakened this morning by what felt like my belly being shrink wrapped.  Feeling lasted a couple minutes then came again about an hour later, but then nothing. I have worked so hard to keep the babies on the inside but I am so ready for them to be out now.

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rcr, i've said it already, but i am SO happy for you.  like wissa said, you beat it! you got your happy ending.


lilac, so soon!  at a certain point your uterus will just evict them.  hehe.  A good friend of mine is now almost 42 weeks pregnant with no real signs of impending labor.  I was glad my twins made their exit at 36 weeks.  I could not be pregnant one second longer!

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RCR- CONGRATULATIONS!! Soo happy for you and your family!! Looking forward to reading about the home birth!! Sending the best wishes to you and yours!
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Congrats, RCR!  Welcome, Baby L!

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Congratulations on your new baby girl, rcr! So happy for you!
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Congratulations rcr!!! I am so thrilled your miracle has finally arrived!joy.gif
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Well, the doctor I saw today just went up a notch higher on the "I wouldn't mind her being present for the birth." She didn't even suggest doing a cervical check today. She prefaced her comments with "I know you are trying to have these babies natural so we won't even worry about talking about induction, unless you want to." Yeah, no. I was afraid she would push it this week since I am 37 weeks tomorrow. She even said that my pregnancy has been for a former IVF client pregnant with twins, "boringly normal".  Yeah, that is a good thing! My mom and 2 of my 3 sisters and a brother in law should be here by tonight with more coming tomorrow and still more on Friday. I will have fun with my family. My mom is all pumped for me to start labor and tell the whole world.  I need to get her a little bit more calmed down since I don't intend to tell people until the babies are breathing air.  We will see what happens.

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Thanks all. It feels great. I waited so long, and she is amazing. Here is a photo. She is a sleepy little girl. 7 lbs 4 oz. She doesn't open her eyes much yet. BFing is going ok, but it was a rough start. It was easy with DS, but she had a hard time latching on and was really making my nipples hurt. I had some blisters because her latch was bad. We are working through it, and things are getting better every day.


The birth was about 7 hours. Overall it was WAY easier than DSs, which was 32. I think being at home helped a lot, since I was really stressed out about going to the hospital last time. I had a wonderful midwife. I spent lots of time in the birth pool, and gave birth in the pool. DH went to wake up DS right before the big moment, so he got to see it. He is totally in love with her and we haven't had any problems yet. I think it has helped that we have friends who have been keeping him busy so he hasn't noticed that I am spending so much time with baby and not him.


I don't want to post her name here, because it is unique and will totally identify me, but I don't mind you all knowing, so PM me and I will tell you.


despite the fact that she has no genetic link to me or DH, I think she looks a lot like me and a lot like DS when he was born.


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She's beautiful!  

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Oh, she is so adorable. Love the upclose pictures.

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Awwwwww so cute!
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Awww, RCR she is perfect! And wow that she looks like your family and you didn't even know if she was going to be the same race! It's funny - my friend recently adopted and I keep thinking her baby looks so much like her and her husband. Did you have her latch evaluated by a LC? Aria had posterior tongue tie and a lot of people missed it. It was the 4th person who saw her who figured it out (and the others should have). It made nursing so painful and she really had a hard time transfering milk. Hopefully your troubles are just from her being small and sleepy. I still can't believe your miracle is here - it seems like just yesterday you were going to Vegas!



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Soooooooooo beautiful, RCR! I'm so happy for you! Thank you for sharing the picture! I second the call for a LC evaluation. Nobody saw Freddy's posterior tie either.
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She is precious rcr!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
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Hi everyone!! So, we had an incredible Thanksgiving- Our little girl arrived!! Weighing in at 5lbs 3oz and just so beautiful!! I am still in the hospital-we had a necessary induction on Wednesday after nst monitor had shown dips that then (14 hours later) turned into an emergency c-section. Thankfully, our pure bundle of joy came through it all like a champion and despite the head of nicu in the operating room waiting to whisk her away- she didn't need to go anywhere except to recovery with me!! I have been trying to post a pic, but I'm using a cell phone to do it and it doesn't seem to be working greensad.gif I'll try from my kindle later or just post when we're back home on Monday.
Hope everyone is still doing lovely and RCR, your lil one is just precious!
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