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Yay, happy! Congrats,!! That sounds scary, and I'm glad all is well! She is just 6 oz less than dd was when she was born. Enjoy your baby moon!!! love.gif
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happyhopeful, congratulations on your little girl arriving on Thanksgiving!


AFM, I thought maybe today would be the day, woke up with serious belly squeezing at 6 a.m. but by 2 p.m. after a nice pelvic back massage from DH, all the squeezing/pain went away.  Now I am just enjoying a snack before trying to go back to sleep because heart burn was bothering me, ugh.

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Congrats Happy!
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Happy - congrats!!!! So glad everything turned out well!!!!

Liliac- thinking of you & sending lots of prayers & positive thoughts your way!!!
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Congrats on meeting your little girl happy!
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Congrats happy! can't wait to see a picture!

rcr she is so precious!
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Congrats, Happy!

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Happy .. That's awesome news!! Congrats joy.gif enjoy your little one
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So much to be thankful for here!! Congratulation RCR and Happy!!! What blessings smile.gif
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Hi All! So, I was able to figure out how to insert the pic, but I couldn't adjust the size. Oh well, here is our wonderful, beautiful, amazing little miracle! We were both able to be released from the hospital today! Thankfully, my milk came in and though she had lost weight the first few days, she gained an oz last night which made it possible for her to be discharged too. Even though she's tiny, she's nursing like a champion and I know she'll be able to bring her weight up!!

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Congrats Happy! What a beautiful baby! Enjoy!


AFM - baby has regained her birthweight plus some. she was born at 7 lbs 4 oz, and is not 7 lbs 8 oz. I know each baby is special and precious, but not having experienced IF with DS, it does feel especially good to have here here in the world.

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Oh, happyhopeful your little girl looks so alert.  Very cute!


RCR, it is so exciting to have your little girl be here in the world!

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Congrats Happy!!! So glad to see so many beautiful babies making their arrivals!

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Lilac - are those babies still inside you? :)


baby L is laying on my chest while I lay on the couch and read. It is the best feeling in the world :D . All the time spent worrying about the donor embryo issue seems silly now. I haven't given it much thought at all, and in fact I forgot to mention it when I took her to the doctor for the first time, and started to give him my medial history before I remembered and corrected myself.

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Yep, these boys seem to be more than happy to stay inside of me even though I ready for them to be out.   Woke up to contractions at 1:30 a.m. this morning and slept fitfully from 1:30 to 5:30 a.m., ate breakfast, contractions slowed, went back to sleep, ate second breakfast with DH at 11 a.m., went back to nap until 12:45 p.m., went for a walk around the block, contractions keep coming, but definable start and stop for most of them, except the really big ones. Hoping that one of the next few days or tonight it will be the "day".

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Lilac - I was wondering this myself. Can't wait to hear the good news!!

Thinking of everyone, and loving the pics of the newest babes to our group!
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Seems like every morning in will have belly crunching, shrink wrap feelings, now with "I have a bowling ball in my pelvis" feelings, but I get up moving around and everything just peters out. No contractions that are following a regular pattern and regularly spaced. Poor DH is beside himself. At first he didn't want to leave me alone this morning to go to work, but I told him a watched pot never boils! My mom, who is staying through Dec. 30, arrived today so at least that will probably set his mind at ease for a little about having me at home.


I just keep working on work stuff and sitting on my exercise ball as much as I can because that "bowling ball" feeling makes it hard to sit on the couch or chairs.

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lilac - Congrats on keeping your twins in there so long. I'll be checking back regularly to hear if your babies have been born yet, it sounds like it will be any day now!


rcr - Wow it sounds like you're really living the dream! I feel like I'm living my dream too, I'm just so happy to have the opportunity to experience pregnancy and to go through the holiday season with my wonderful little bump and none of the sadness I've felt in past holiday seasons.


AFM - Things are going great with me. Last week I had a couple of firsts: the first time a stranger asked me if I was pregnant (I guess that means I'm starting to look pregnant!), and the first time I felt my baby move! I just can't believe how lucky I am to be pregnant. I've been having some pretty intense ligament pain lately. I had one episode that was so painful that I went to the emergency room because the pain was so severe I couldn't stand up for about an hour so I was worried it was something other than ligament pain. After running all their tests the doctors ruled out all other possible causes of the pain (such as kidney stones) so I was left to assume it must just have been extreme ligament pain. I know I have a lot of endometriosis on my ligaments so that could explain the severity of it. On my midwife's recommendation I started seeing an osteopath to help with the ligament pain and it was while my osteopath was stretching out the muscles and ligaments around my uterus that I distinctly felt my baby fluttering around inside there! The osteopath said she could feel it moving too at the same time! It was magical. I have my anatomy scan on December 20th, less than 2 weeks away, and I'm planning to find out the gender of my baby. I'm counting the days until December 20!

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Sourire, that is so exciting.  I hope you continue to enjoy your pregnancy and all the fun firsts.  I will be excited to hear what your little one is - boy or girl.

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Lilac -- I keep checking in to see how you are! Can't wait to meet your duo smile.gif

Yay Sourire! I loved those first kicks. Looking forward to your gender reveal!

Happy-- sooooo precious smile.gif love love love!

RCR -- so glad it feels so natural. I find myself constantly forgetting about my donor when I look at my babes... It's nice to be able to be at peace with the process and even more so the results!! Love it!

SuzieMcCool-- what's new down under!?

AFM and my 3 -- we met with early intervention today. They're tracking like preemies about a month to six weeks behind in gross motor skills but its nice that they qualify for services to help them. I'm happy to have the help each week and learn more activities that will help them along. Otherwise they're growing like champs. One of my boys is already over 12lbs and in 3-6mo clothes (they're 12 weeks today) so no matching outfits for a while! The other two have topped 10lbs and while it doesn't seem like much it's a great leap from their 4lb entrance into this world, they're doing great and I love them to bits! And am enjoying their giant smiles -- smiling was new last week! -- even when it means they dribble a mouthful of milk all over their face! Off to pump (again!)...
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