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No babies yet, but hopefully not tonight, since there is a major snow storm coming through - 2 to 4 inches of snow coming. Had belly clenchers all day, but no increase in intensity and no regularity to them either. One day at a time.

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Hi Everyone!! Thank you for all the sweet words and the congratulations!! I hope everyone is continuing to do well!


Lilac- Like everyone else, I'm checking in to see how you're doing and if those babies are ready to enter the world yet :) Wow, you must have created such a lovely environment for them in there!! It looks like they took their due date a lot more serious than the rest of us!! Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed that they hold out till after the snow, and I hope you continue to feel good!! Such an exciting time!!


Guppy- That's great that they/you are getting help, advise, and activities for the trio- I can't even imagine the amount of work and energy it must take to give 3 babies all your love, attention, and energy.Their weight gain sounds great and seeing the smiles must be the best feeling in the world- I am sooo looking forward to that day! Whenever my lil one has a gassy or dream smile, I always get so excited and I love that it's a preview for the real deal! Loved the last pics of them, can't wait to see updated/smile ones!!


AFM- My lil girl literally eats around the clock and like clock work! She nurses every two hours and for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour! It's paid off though, we had her check up and she had gained 14 oz in just 1 week! Everything else in the check up went well too and she doesn't need to go back until January 31st. Despite the lack of sleep, I'm just so happy and am constantly just amazed that this dream of ours become a reality.

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Still waiting. The doctor on Friday was like "you are 39 weeks pregnant with twins and gestational diabetes. Why haven't you had those babies?" Like I can make them come out all by myself! I really want labor to start spontaneously but on Monday I will be having an ultrasound and depending on the outcome, I think the doctors are going to push for an induction date. I am hoping that the babies decide to come before Monday morning. I don't want to be pushed into having to be induced. But I want my babies to be safe too.

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Lilac - Tuesday the 17th is a great birthday - it is my DSs. I am putting my bet on those babies of your coming on Tuesday.

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Lilac - I just keep checking... checking... checking.... in on you :-) Hope you are doing well, i'm sure you can't wait to meet those babies!!!

Hi to everyone else!!
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Sitting at dr waiting for ultrasound.
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Good luck lilac! I hope you can meet your babies soon but still avoid induction.

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Sourire - I love to see that ticker moving along... can't believe you're almost 20 weeks already!!!
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Well, an induction is scheduled for 7:30 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 20 when I will be 40w1d. I was comfortable with that because I believe that I will go into labor before that. The Biophysical profile showed that the blood flow from the placentas was good, plenty of amniotic fluid, and the babies looked great. We did a non-stress test too and the heart beats were good - but I did not have any contractions during the 30 minutes I was on the monitor. On the way into the doctor I could hardly walk the baby's head was sitting in such a way to cause me serious pain and I was having strong contractions. Ultrasound estimate of the baby's weights was 6 pounds 14 oz for one and 6 pounds 12 oz for the other. The ultrasound tech said the babies are likely 7 pounds or so because the way the babies are laying it is hard to get a good picture of their bellies and heads which is a major part of the ultrasound estimate of their weights.


I need to call the chiropractor and see if I can get in and maybe loosen up the spot where the first head down baby is so he turns a little more, since he is facing to the right in my pelvis. I have done some stair climbing and ate some pineapple as well today.

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AFM, I went to the chiropractor today. It felt great to have my pelvis adjusted, then my back and neck adjusted. Then she flipped me over and massaged my belly for awhile and released the tension in the muscles surrounding my belly. I am hoping that this will put William, my presenting baby, into a good position to put pressure on my cervix and get labor going. Went shopping for an hour with my mom because I figured that walking will help jiggle the baby around. Now I am home sitting on my exercise ball. It does feel like the kicks are in different places than they were before so maybe this worked.

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Good luck for the next few days lilac! I hope those babies are ready to come out this week!
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I am hoping they are ready to come out.  I really thought last night that I was in early labor because all night long the contractions got stronger and stronger, but then I fell asleep and they didn't wake me up again.  Ugh. It does feel like the kicks are in a different place than before, so I think the chiropractor adjustments did allow my babies to reposition themselves.  Hopefully the first baby is in the best position possible to exit.

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Lilac - you amaze me :-) Pregnant with twins right up to your due date!!! I keep up hope that you won't need that induction on Friday!!!
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Truly amazing Lilac!! I know how uncomfortable I was with 7.5 lbs of baby at the end - I can't even fathom 14 lbs of baby!!

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Just checking in on everyone.... hope you're all ready for the,holidays!
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I just wanted to say hi. I haven't dropped by this thread in a while, and I see congrats are in order to Guppy, Suzie, rcr, and Happy. Congrats to all of you. All the IVF babies are beautiful.


My pregnancy is going well. MAT 21 and second trimester screen results are all negative. Baby does also does not have any Y chromosomes. The sick went away around 20 weeks and little girl has been moving up a storm since around 16 weeks (even though I have an anterior placenta AGAIN). I read that second babies move more because the uterus is bigger and cord is longer. She's definitely fulfilling that.


The strange thing about this pregnancy is that I am 39 yrs old and am not being treated as an "advanced maternal age" case in any way. I have only had an inititial appt u/s and a 20-week one since Ieft the RE. The midwife told me yesterday that they won't be doing any non-stress tests since I won't be 40 on my due date (my birthday is 5 days later), especially since the embryo is from when I was 36. Last time I had early bleeding so more early monitoring and then later monitoring for growth restriction. I was also with different midwives who had different policies. It's super awesome to finally be having a "normal" pregnancy. It's also ironic since last time I went with a super crunchy midwife practice and this time I'm with the practice that is supposed to be more medical which is not my experience thus far.

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I had my anatomy scan today and baby was in perfect health, and it's a girl!!!! I've been feeling lots of kicks lately, they've gotten a lot stronger. So everything is wonderful on my side!
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Congrats Sourire!!!

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Congrats RCR & Happy on your beautiful babes!!! I can't remember if I said it before so I figured I'd say it again!!!

Sourire - yay for a good scan & congrats on a little girl!!!

Mayari - glad this pregnancy is going well for you & more on the "normal" side!!!! Hope all continues to go well!!!

Hi to everyone else!!! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas & happy holiday to all! Who knows when I might get back on so figured I should say it now!!!
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Yay for a healthy little girl, Sourire!!

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