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Congratulations lilac! They are beautiful!
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Congrats lilac!!! So precious smile.gif

Happy New Years ladies!
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Lilac - congratulations! Wow, those are big healthy twins! And 40 weeks. You are a rockstar.


I guess I should start posting over here instead of annoying everyone in the infertility ONE thread with my betas and such. I am still nervous about something going wrong, although I know that donor eggs should make the chance of genetic problems very very low. The donor is 24 years old, so these should be some strong embryos, right?


I'm wondering if it could be twins, my beta numbers are slightly above average for a singleton and slightly below average for twins, so probably it's just one? I think?


I've also been thinking about whether I want to use a midwife or an OB. With donor eggs I have a higher risk of pre eclampsia (18% vs. 5%) and then I'm 39 years old. I'll be days away from 40 at my due date. And then if there are two? I know, it's too early to think about all of this yet... but these are the thoughts that wake me up at 4 am. I was dead set on a midwife before, but now I'm not so sure.

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I know I wanted a midwife and a home birth, then we found out it was twins and that all changed. Dh was worried there would be complications. part of me wonders if a midwife could have helped with positioning of my presenting baby fora vaginal delivery but that ship has sailed.

DH really doesn't like the newborn period where he gets no sleep. I wish we would have taken a class to help him understand what the first 6 weeks of parenthood would be like.
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Laggie - welcome! So nice to see you here! I am with a midwife and her policy is that if you develop pre-eclampsia or any other risk factor she will transfer your care to a doctor, she has an agreement with a team of doctors who accept all her patients if necessary.

Lilac - yeah it's funny how some men are oblivious to how much their lives will change with a newborn. I'm sure it's twice as difficult for you guys with twins. Just try to remind DH that all this is temporary!
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Yeah it is especially bad when both start fussing and he thinks he can't soothe them both at once. I really wond r what other parents do.
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Laggie- nice to see you on this side. I had huge beta numbers - well in twin range- and I had one baby. I was a bit disappointed about it because I had my heart set on twins after all the speculation that it was twins. I bet it is strong though - whatever number you have in there.

Lilac - my dh was really in bad shape because of the lack of sleep too. I can't imagine what it is like with twins.

AFM - not much here. I am going back to work part time on Monday. But I am only working 20 hours a week until may. Just enjoying having a little baby in my life. I get told almost every day that baby looks like me or dh. We haven't told the world about the donor embryo issue, so we just smile at each other and laugh about it.
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Rcr, good luck going back yo work tomorrow. It is amazing how much your little girl looks like you even though she has no genetic connection to you. Environment plays a role I feel
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Hi Everyone and Happy New Year!!

It was great reading everyones updates today! I'll come back and write personals!! I haven't been on the computer at all in the last few weeks- my little girl has been suffering with terrible bouts of gas and reflux. It was so sad to see her change from such a peaceful baby with such long periods of being awake totally content, to a baby that was crying when not nursing and sleeping only 5-40 mins at a time. After trying everything under the sun at home (feeding upright, burping upright for 40 minutes after each feeding, elevating mattress, gripe water, sounds of all sorts, and so on) we took her to the pediatrician on Monday. After examining her and asking about 20 questions, he diagnosed her as having reflux and wrote us a scrip for Zantac. We also found out that in just three weeks (and despite the reflux) she had gained 2 lbs 7 ozs!! So, we were pleased with the weight gain, but ended up very unhappy with the Zantac- my poor lil baby had the worst diarrhea following taking it and burping non-stop for the following 36 hours on it- we stopped it at that point. My doc insisted that it wasn't the Zantac and we should continue it, but honestly not a single thing had changed (oddly not even my diet during those few days) except for the Zantac. So, I ended up giving her Tummy Calm yesterday- another homeopathic treatment- and within minutes she burped, had a bowel movement, and was so calm! She slept for 3.5 hours last night, woke up ate burped, had a bowel movement, and then back to sleep for 3 hours!! All day today (knock on wood) it's like I have my original baby back- it feels so wonderful and I'm just soooo happy that she's not screeching in pain anymore!! I've attached a pic from after the bath today :)

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My oldest boy seems to suck so much air in when he eats. He has been having major farts and crying fits. Going to try some baby gas relief tonight because he gets himself into a panic with crying. Gave him his first bath tonight. It actually seemed to calm him finally after I had his diaper on. He hates diaper changes.
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Hey everyone!  Apologies for being so absent, but during school holidays my days are fleeting! 


Lilac.. congrats on your boys!!  They are just adorable! And did I read you were tandem feeding straight away?? Amazing


Happyhopeful.. what a gorgeous pic - she is precious!


Laggie.. So awesome to see you here!  :joy


Rcr.. I'm looking at working a few days a week to help with finances - let me know how it goes.  Not sure whether I'd rather do 5 short shifts, or a couple of full days.Really, I'd rather stay home actually lol


Here's a pic of Beth from last week - she's 13 weeks now and a barrel of laughs.  Everyone says she looks like DH if they know him better, and all my family etc say she's a mini me... so funny.


I think she looks like herself though :)

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Oh suzie, Beth is precious. Yep I was tandem nursing the first day. Not every feed but most are in tandem. It allows meto sleepat night!
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rcr - I may have asked this before, but I'm wondering what meds you were on after transfer with your donor embie? The Greek clinic has me on prometrium, estrace, and a corticosteroid called prednisalone. I was expecting the prometrium but not the estrace or the steroid.

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Originally Posted by lilacvioletiris View Post

Yeah it is especially bad when both start fussing and he thinks he can't soothe them both at once. I really wond r what other parents do.

I usually would hold both and pace and rock just as I would have with one.  If I just can't hold both for whatever reason, I'd put one in a safe place and go to a quieter room and calm one down and then go back for the second when I could.  Sometimes the crying of one would keep the other one going, so separation had to happen.  Another thing I'd do is rock one and put the other in a bouncy seat or rocker and bounce that one with my foot while I snuggled the other.  You'll find your own groove and I promise, it goes by so quickly.  I look at my 2 year olds running and jumping and talking up a storm and wonder where my gassy and refluxy newborns went.  Congrats again to you!

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happyhopeful and suzie - SOOOOO CUTE!  I want to smoosh them both.

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Laggie - I only took progesterone after the transfer, but mine was an unmedicated cycle - so I only took progesterone before the cycle too (I didn't even take BCP)

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Laggie - I think FETs are pretty similar to donor embryo cycles. I took both estrogen and progesterone after I got my BFP, plus baby aspirin.
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Oh, I want to go outside but it is so cold and no safe sidewalks reliably cleared. Ugh.

Went to have baby pictures taken. It was nice and sunny, but the roads out where the photographer lives were snow drifted. It was near white out conditions from the blowing snow. Babies did pretty good but we definitely didn't get as many pictures of all 4 of us as I had hoped since I kept having to breast feed one baby or the other to calm them down. My husband says it will be a cold day in hell before he goes back. He finds picture taking "invasive". SMH. I will go back without him earlier in the day some day soon since the photographer wanted to do more shots and is giving them to us as a gift.
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Ah, yesterday my boys were one month old. Here is their "princes" picture.
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Adorable, Lilac!  Hard to believe it's been a month already

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