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Ugh yesterday I got a milk blister on one nipple. Talk about excruciating pain! Each time a baby latched on I would nearly scream out in pain. Emailed my lll leader and she called me and talked me through what to do. Basically I had to pop the blister like it was a milk filled zit. Finally this morning after the baby nursed the blister was poppable and the backup oozed out. Pain is gone now. It was terrible.
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Lilac: That happened to me twice when Aria was new. So painful! Glad it's cleared!



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lilac - oh ouch!  That sounds awful!  I had a plugged duct once and that was bad enough.  I can't imagine a blister!  I'm glad you've gotten some relief.

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Hi ladies. Some of you may remember me. I posted here frequently several months back and then kind of disappeared. I had some issues after having my son with breastfeeding that made it really hard to be around any forums. I've been reading some of these updates and am SO happy and excited for all of you! Seeing the pictures of the babes I remember you talking about through your pregnancies has been wonderful. I hope it's ok if I start posting again. My son is now almost 6 months old. I'm looking forward to reading more updates.

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Nice to hear from you, shesaidboom smile.gif
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shesaidboom - I'm glad to see you back!  I had a super hard time with breastfeeding too and ended up having to quit.  You're not alone in having struggles in that area.  Welcome back!

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Welcome back!
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Thank you! Kewpie, I'm sorry you struggled in that area too. It can be so hard.


Here's a pic of my now six month old..


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Shesaidboom - SO. CUTE!!!!!
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shesaidboom - I'm so sorry you had difficulties, but am glad that you're back! He's a CUTIE!!!

Hi to everyone else!

AAM - Baby boy turned a year old a couple of weeks ago, he has 6 teeth (I think working on some more) and has been walking for over 2 months. He's growing so fast. I have NO IDEA where the time went. I swear it went so much faster with him than my DD's first year. We are doing well, DH got a new job and has had more home time recently, but I know that's about to change. DD is 3 1/2 and talking a LOT more (we got her these pre-reading books ~ pre level 1 and level 1)... I knew I didn't expect her to start reading, but I was hoping it would help with her speech and amazingly it has! She still isn't super clear, but even daycare said she's talking SO MUCH MORE now. It's frustrating for her (and us) though as it's still so unclear, but we're getting there. She loves to 'read along' with me, so we do those books every day. It's awesome. Today we are starting to look at houses as we are planning on buying a new home. I'm scared **itless to do it, but we are SO done paying rent for a house we hate, and paying way to much for it. We still own our first home back in our hometown, but it's been consistently rented for years now, so we feel OK about taking the leap.

And just because it's so my girl, daycare also told us that she 'is the most stubborn girl I've EVER met.' *sigh* gotta love my girl!

Hope everyone is good! I still follow along but don't have lots of opportunities to post.
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shesaidboom - SO CUTE!


hopeforlight - wow!  a year already?!?  Happy belated birthday little boy!

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Thank you for the sweet comments!


hope4light - Time goes by so fast, I cannot believe your baby boy is already a year old! Happy birthday to him and to you.

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Time for some Easter pictures.  It is hard to believe a year ago I was getting ready to start my IVF cycle - now I have babies!


William on the left is 11 pounds 8 oz and 24 inches tall and Edward on the right is 11 pounds 11 oz and 24 inches tall. Amazing how much they have grown since birth.


Some pictures my sister took for Easter.






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Hi All!! Sorry, I haven't posted but my lil' girl's digestive issues were a real uphill battle and I just didn't have the time, head, or energy for the computer.However, I'm just so happy to see the updates and ADORABLE pics!!!! McCool- she's soo beautiful and soo happy!! LOVE that pic!! SheSaid- That pic is SOOO SWEET, what a cutie!!! Lilac- they are so freakin cute and I can't believe how much they've grown!!! Hope4lIght- what a great post! so happy so many areas of your life are filled with positive motion forward!! Sourire- You're so close to meeting your lil one! How exciting!! Kewpie- hope you are feeling and doing well! AFM- my lil ones tummy is getting better which gives her more opportunities to bless us with her incredible smile, her sweet baby talk, and her infectious laugh!! She also started to roll over now- just from tummy to back, but it's very exciting to watch. She'll be 4 months on the 28th and we are all just so in love with her!

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@lilacvioletiris  - awwww I so love the double yawn picture.  So cute!


@happyhopeful  - SHe is stunning!  Such beautiful hair and eyes!  So cute!

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It is so hard to believe that a year ago this week I was PUPO.
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ladies i love the photos!!! it blows my mind that everyone is growing up so fast.  my two will be a year old in six short weeks.  at 10.5 months julia is already walking and is too smart for her own good, and ben walks with a walker, has a smile that lights up a room, and is a total momma's boy.  

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Auraleigh- They are soooo beautiful!! How exciting that they're almost one!!! I can't believe that Julia's already walking and that Ben is close behind- that's amazing!! LOVE this pic and the update!

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@auraleigh  - Wow, a year already!  They are so cute!

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Love all the updates & pics!!!!! Can't believe how fast our little ones are growing. I know that I used to hear that all the time, but you don't realize the true meaning of them growing up fast until you have a child!!! It's crazy!!! Our little guy will be ONE next Tues the 8th. I can't even believe it. We are actually in the car now coming home from our first family vacation. We've survived a 12 hr car ride home so far. Can't wait to be there though. Here's a pic I took on vacation before we went out to dinner w/ the little guy. Hope you all are well & can't wait to see pics of LO's (fresh & older, lol) & updates!!!!! Hope you ladies are all well!!!

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