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Kewpie, that's awesome!   And yeah, what timing!  Hmmm... what's for dinner?

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Kewpie, I can't imagine how hard it is for you to be on bed rest so long and not have a lot of people to keep you company.  You are truly doing an amazing job growing those little ones.  I was actually talking about you to my DH this afternoon.  He has some connections in northern S. Carolina and they were talking about different jobs back east today.  I told him I had a friend in N. Carolina I could visit if we moved back there :)  He knew right away it was one of my "IVF" friends, it was really funny!!   Sounds like your DH got the hints afterall!!  I know with my DH, I have to say exactly what I need/want, he can't read between the lines at ALL!   I have 1 friend IRL that has twins and she found a great mom/multiples group and made a lot of friends that way.  When we go to their birthday parties there are always tons of mulitiples!  I can definitely see how it would be something to easily bond over :)  Kind of like IF, we all share a common experience.   About your friend, I am super non-confrontational, so it would be almost impossible for me to tell her not to come over...I would probably just make excuses, but from what you described I wouldn't want to spend too much time with her or her kids.  Ugh, about saying your DH should go back so he's not underfoot!!  I also don't like the sound of that book at all. 


Keira, beautiful names!


Bungalow, it sounds like everything is going great so far!  That's awesome that your ob has so much experience with multiple births!  A list is the perfect place to start :)  My u/s is Nov 23rd, so a little less than 2 weeks.  I have another beta next week and I think that will help put my mind at ease a little (at least until the u/s).


Renavoo, I am glad you mentioned the "slickness"...I was wondering what the heck was going on with that!!!


AFM, not much here.  I made my first appointment with my ob for Dec.14.  It was just a receptionist I was speaking with, but I wanted to come in sooner so I brought up my past ectopic and possible twins to see if they could get me in sooner :)  In reality it's probably a good date because I think I'll have 2 u/s with the RE, so maybe both of those and then this one would be last.  I just like seeing the baby a lot to make sure everything is still ok in there.



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Kewpie that book sucks. Now I'm glad I have not read anything on twins I was feeling a little guilty. Our business is keeping us super busy and I  have not found a lot of time for reading even though a friend gave me a few books. Bedrest must be hard and crazy making, I was going crazy after my first embryo transfer and it was only a couple of days.  I'm glad your DH is taking a week off work it sounds like it's the perfect time.


Bungalow my OB is a peri but I'm on regular visits like if it were a singleton pregnancy. He says if something changes he'll see me more often. Sounds like your pregnancy is going well. So what do you think you are having? I'm going with TWO BOYS for you.


Belly nov 23 will be here before you know it. My betas gave me peace for about 24 hours. I  don't know how people that get pregnant normally do it   without betas and early ultrasounds. we had weekly  u/s from 6w to 9w and that gave a lot of peace of mind.

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Hi ladies! Im typing on my ipad so i am going to make it short today but i wanted to respond.

Kewpie, i have always thought that you are an incredibly strong person for being ale to stand the amount of bedrest you have required. I know it is a possibility for all of us and more so for those carrying multiples but still. I think that it isnt selfish at all to want some attention and conversation so you defnitely shouldnt feel guilty. I am so happy that your dh is taking off some time for you! Hopefully, you get to spend some quality time together too. as for your friend, wow, what a story. I always think that it is emotionally draning to be near someone who is so negative. I tend to be non confrontational aswell but i find that this just causes me to end up bursting out in frustration which is not good for anyone. I hope you get the time to have that discussion soon. I am so with ou about not haing help too and not wanting this to be too mercenary. I was thinking of not even having a baby shower mostly becausei dont accept gifts well and i hate being the centerof attention. Hey, this is why dh and i eloped! But wewill see as we get closer.

Bungalow, yah for bengso close to being done!! That is really exciting!
Belly, how are you feeling? I hope that the next few days pass quickly for you. Haha i have an appointment set up with an obstetrician already even though i havent been released by my RE. I hope it is ok but i also dont care that much either...i did it for the same reason you did...i wanted more visits to make sure everything is ok!
Tenzin, ah, isnt the nausea and exhaustion fun? It is also the busy time at work for me so literally com h ome and crash these days.
So i am reading this Luke book aout having multples and i have to say that i am not sure i agree with some of the things being said. Seriously...who can afford taking off of work from week 24? I mean, if medically necessary, sure, but it seems like they advocate taking off early, regardless. Also, they say that women having twins should cut down their work day to 6 hours or less. Ummm? That would get me fired. Do i ideally want to havea shorter work day? Yes. Wll i try to cut it down? Yes. But their levels are just insanity. At least for someone who works in NYC. Also, their suggestions about certain foods go against things that i have read and frankly, my own knowledge. For instance they suggest we eat liver....uh liver is extremely high in vitamin a and also, hghi in potential toxins, considering its function in life. Most places seem to advocate not eating liver during pregnancy. Yes it is great for iron but the risks outweigh the benefits, in my mind, especially if too much is consumed. i think the obstetrician i am going to specializes in multiples so hopefully i will get a better idea of what to do from her too. This is all so confusing...and, not just a little scary.
Ok, i think it is sleepy time again. I really want to get up tomorrow and do some house chores! It is so unlike me!

Hope everyone is doing well!
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Originally Posted by Kewpie80 View Post

Thanks for the comisery.  I have to keep this short cause DH will be home with food in a moment, but just wanted to share that when he called to say he was on his way early tonight (hooray!) he told me that he is taking off a week from work not this coming week, but the week after and he plans to egt all the house stuff done and spend time with me.  How's that for timing?

Yay!!!!joy.gif  I just hope he follows through with it all.  I know sometimes I feel a certain way and if I don't actually spell it out for DH he just doesn't get it.  There was one time where I just felt like I was going to get too emotional to vocally share my feelings about a certain issues with him, so I wrote them out. I was afraid that if I just told him my emotions would get in the way and I'd forget some of my main points, so by writing it out it really helped me.   I was amazed at his response and I really think that he just didn't understand until I spelled it out in writing.  So I'd say if you feel like you can't express your feelings to DH about how you are feeling lonely and how hard the bedrest really is for you I'd try writing it out and see if you get any better response.  Just my two cents.  You are so strong and doing the right thing for these babes!  I wish I lived closer to you b/c I'd love to come and clean your house for you and come hang out with you (abby would love to give you kisses too).  Don't you have a tv in your bedroom?  Can't DH just hang out in there with you and watch his tv shows after he gets home? 

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Tenzins - Yay for a singleton with your spirited little boy. I'm sure he's a handful, but kids like him are so much fun! I taught a pre-k program through AmeriCorps when I was in college and there was the most spirited little boy in my class named Malik. Yes, he required about 4 times more attention than other kids, but man did I get attached to that little guy. It was just constant exhaustion and laughter, alternating one after the next! I still miss him and that was 10 years ago.


Kewpie - YAY for your DH taking some time off! That will be wonderful on so many levels. My DH spent all day Saturday putting together basement shelving while watching college football. Seemed like a fair enough compromise to me.


Belly - I'm excited for your US next week! You're smart to get in to the OB sooner. I was with my RE until 10 weeks and didn't see my OB until 14 weeks and he ended up being kinda irritated about it even though it was his receptionist's doing. I know what you mean about wanting as many ultrasounds as possible. I still am not convinced I can feel kicking so they're the only thing that make me 100% calm. But I won't buy a doppler since I'd likely drive myself nuts with it.


Renavoo - I had the same reaction to the work section in the Luke book. I just had blocked it out and forgotten. Wasn't there a suggestion to find a place to nap at work? LOL! I will admit that I have to have a nap everyday when I get home or I feel like a zombie, but I'm still working full time. I have to! And I hope to work up until the very last minute if possible. I want to save all the leave I can for when they're born. I feel the same way about liver - no fricking way. It's a filter for toxins for goodness sake! I'm normally anemic but the prenatals I'm on (Rainbow Light Prenatal One) have raised my levels a lot. I'll move to Floradix if needed, but liver seems too risky.


AFM - I had my 18w visit with the OB today. Well he was at the hospital delivering but I saw the nurse practitioner who was amazing. I got lots of comforting answers to my questions and feel great about birthing with my doctor. My blood pressure was 94/56 which is super low for me - I'm normally in the 120/75 range. That would explain why I've been feeling so faint! The NP said the babies take the blood they need and I get the leftovers - little stinkers ;-) DH said he's going to put a salt lick on my bedside table. Their US machine is a little laptop one that gives crappy images, but she thinks baby A (the calm one) is a boy and baby B (the super active one) is a girl! She wasn't 100% sure, so we'll have to wait until Monday for the anatomy scan at the hospital with the perinatologist. She did say that baby A's placenta has moved up my uterus and is no longer a concern in terms of placement. And both babies have LOTS of fluid and are looking great. I'm just so thankful and can't wait for Monday to make sure their organs, cords, etc. are all looking good on the nicer US machine - and to confirm genders of course!

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Just stalking here: hide.gif

Bungalowmama - Yay for maybe a boy and a girl!!!! joy.gif  Sure wish they would have been for sure and not a maybe!!!  Can't wait to hear after Monday.  Glad things seem to be going so well for you so far and that you are still able to be working and taking your nap everyday!!!  Aren't naps great when you are pregnant!!!  Keep us posted!!!

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Bungalow, YAH to possibly having a boy and a girl!!! That's so exciting and i can't wait for the confirmation. You have to let us know! haha and yes about the Luke book!! A NAP?! My gosh, who the heck can do that?! I do have to tell my boss soon though...the guy has put me on multiple new projects which means that i'll be working really long hours and I'm really not in the mood to jeopardize my babies for work. Sigh. the problem is that there aren't many people in my position at the company so I can see why he's doing it. I just wish it wasn't the busy time at our office. But enough whining! I took the day off and I'm feeling very happy about it :o) By the way, I was giggling as you called your babies the stinkers. I do affectionately call my babies names too, especially those days i'm feeling especially nauseated or exhausted. Like today!


Blue, I'm so sorry about your lousy news but I'm glad that you're looking ahead. hug2.gif I'm really hoping for you during the FET. Did you speak with your doctor yet?


DH came with me to my early morning appointment today :o) haha he is NOT a morning person. anyway, we heard the heartbeats and the doctor said that they were strong so that's good news. Now I'm just waiting for my visit with the obstetrician on Friday. I am still really nervous and looking up miscarriage rates is probably not the best idea but I can't seem to help myself. haha.


Anyway, I want to try to go to the gym today just for some light elliptical work. That's my big activity of the day aside for my US :o)


Hope everyone is doing well!



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bungalow - YAY! So glad things are looking so good and YAY for possibly having one of each!  I can't wait to hear about your anatomy scan on monday.


renavoo - Woot for HBs!  That is always such a relief to hear each time.  DO you know if you will try to find out their genders when the time comes?


blue - Thanks for the idea about writing it out.  I may just do that.  I feel sort of selfish when he is so busy already and then asking him for more, but I guess a sad mood all the time isn't good for anyone. 


AFM - We had the 3D u/s today.  In a nutshell - Both babies are measuring a week ahead of schedule and are 3.5 pounds each already. bigeyes.gif  My belly has now reached full term size and I guess that explains why half my maternity clothes don't cover my bump anymore.  Maisie would not cooperate (again) during the scan and all we could get of her was the back of her head, so all the images are of Liam that I'm about to upload.  We have an appt to try again on Friday.  They have gone to transverse (were head down) and Maisie has her head on Liam's shoulder and halfway through the scan he rested his head on the top of her head.  It melted my heart.  I also have a video of him making kissy faces and swallowing, but I'm not sure if I can upload those here.  The circle in all of the images to the left of his face is Maisie's head.  The ball that he has his chin on in the last one is also her head.









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Kewpie, OH MY GOSH!!! These are amazing!! i'm so excited that you get such amazing images!!! I'm sad we don't get to see Maisie but it's such an amazing sight to see Liam. And your description of Liam putting his head on Maisie's head made me tear up. What a wonderful experience!



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Bungalow, hehe I totally pictured a salt lick on a night stand!  Glad the baby's placenta moved.  Not sure if it was like me, but I had a partial previa (or however it is spelled) with my DD, but it was completely gone by 28 weeks!


Renavoo, yay for going to the gym and taking the day off.  Your job sounds pretty intense!  My job is fairly relaxed and I don't think I could get away with sneaking a nap in :)  But maybe I should try to build a George Castanza bed under my desk to try it out :)  Very cool your DH went to your u/s appointment! 


Kewpie, what darling pictures of Liam (btw one of my top 3 fav boy's names!), I hope we get to see Maise on Friday!!!  So is your DH taking off all of the Thanksgiving week?  I am looking forward to the 4 day weekend with my DH :)


Blue, everyone loves your company!!! 


AFM, I said it on the other thread too, but I am really worried about all the cramping.  Although, it isn't quite constant, it is very very frequent all day long.  Like period cramps.  I don't remember this at all with my DD's pregnancy.  I wonder if I should call the RE...maybe I will just to let them know, although I am sure they wont think it's a big deal since there isn't anything they can do anyway.  I also had to help my mom a lot today and she has no idea about any of this, so I felt obligated to help her carry stuff that was pretty heavy.  I mean it would be really weird for me not to help her without an "excuse".  I do notice when I lay down and don't do anything the cramping seems to go away...but that's really hard to do with DD (30lbs always wanting to be held), work, cooking, cleaning, ect...  Luckily my DH insists I relax with him around so for a couple hours at night I have a nice break to sit and not overdue it.



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Bungalow, thank you SO much for sharing your story about working with the spirited little guy, who touched your heart so much... It's really heartening to hear, because I find it can be so tiring with the challenging aspects-- but then most of the time it is so joyful and FUN.   Lots and lots of laughter,especially now as he is getting older and you can really tell how he soaks things in like a sponge and tries new things.  In the beginning, as a new parent, I often wondered if there was something I was doing 'wrong' (even though I knew temperament factored into it) because all the other mothers I knew seemed to have such 'easy' babies... now I know that's not true.  However, having said that, there are for sure some things I'm going to do differently, regardless of what kind of baby I have, ha ha (like, being more consistent in the beginning with naptimes and bedtime routines).  Ah, we can be so hard on ourselves, especially the first time around, can't we!  I'm really happy to hear that things are going well with you.  I can't wait hear your news when you have another scan!


Belly, darn that cramping.  It's so disconcerting, isn't it!  I had it on and off for a good while in the beginning, more so with this one than with my first.  I don't have it anymore, but I do have this achiness sometimes down in my lower abdominal area, around where the ovaries are.  Kind of like a mild, shooting pulse-like discomfort-- it goes away pretty quickly though.  But I really, really dislike the feeling it evokes in me-- it's not like, 'ah, these are normal pregnancy aches and pains', it's more like 'ack, what's happening, omg, omg'.  It helps if I distract myself, or lay down.


Kewpie, those images are just precious!  I really want to do 3D this time around, it's really quite something to see.  That's so awesome that they are doing so well.  I noticed your ticker and I was, like, YAY!  Are you super uncomfortable?  When does your bedrest let up a bit, are you getting close to when they said it was okay?


Renavoo, I'm happy to report that my nausea started to ease up yesterday-- my DH is teasing me and saying that it's more of a psychological thing because my dose of my meds was last night... but we both know that it takes awhile with half-lives and all that... but really and truly, yesterday wasn't  a bad day and today was great-- even had a lot of energy with just having had a 1/2 hour nap this afternoon.  And I'm not feeling sick tonight!  I'm still pretty picky about what what I want to eat at any given hour, but still, it's an improvement!  So, I hope this is encouraging for you.  Hey, that's so great about your u/s today!  Do you think you will want to find out the genders later on?

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Belly, I get cramping too. My nurse says that the only thing i should be looking for is bright red bleeding with or without cramps. The cramps, she says, are normal. So, I'm taking that at face value. The cramps are light now but generally, the more tired i get, the more i feel it so definitely try not to overdo it. i was watching a TV show, Bones (about a forensic scientist solving crimes) and the title character is currently pregnant. Her partner (and lover) wanted to carry a really heavy looking bag for her due to her pregnancy. She told him that since the beginning of time, women were carrying heavy things while pregnant. It's just the way of the world. I know that our REs want us not to carry anything too heavy and I definitely follow that rule. However, I'm thinking one day of heavier lifting will probably be ok! Don't worry! The little embie is snuggling in and the placenta is burying deeply.


By the way, does anyone else think that the whole process sounds just so alien? haha


Tenzin, THANK YOU for giving me some hope. I just cannot WAIT until  the nausea starts subsiding already. It really is exhausting to fight that and the general exhaustion. I'm also crazy hungry all the time. I wake up in the middle of the night twice because I'm nauseated from hunger. I think I drink a gallon of milk every four days now. It's just crazy!


I am not looking forward to work this week because it's going to be a majorly busy week. Thursday, I'm already slotted to work from 9 to 8pm although after 8, we will probably have a debrief so i will probably be working at least a 12 hour day. hey, i guess I should be happy because i could be working a 14 hour day. sigh.


I'm definitely going to find out the sex of our babies. DH says that I lack the patience gene. hehe. I don't care about being surprised. I would rather start preparing the room for our babies. oh and Tenzin, I'm thinking I'm going to buy the doppler. What about you?


Hi to everyone else! hope you ladies are doing well!

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renavoo, I'm really torn about the doppler.  Yesterday I was really wishing I had one, I just wanted to have some reassurance. But DH is worried that if I had one, and tried to locate the hb and couldn't find it simply because I wasn't looking in the right spot, that I would panic.  And that would happen each and everytime if I couldn't find it.  So he's wondering if the stress is worth it.  He's telling me to have trust in my body and the baby, and to have faith that things will work out.  I looked up the site that Kewpie mentioned, and it's pretty tempting... Have you looked at the site?  I wonder why it says that before you buy one, you should check with your health care provider.  I keep saying that I won't ask for the gender to be revealed to us, but my mom doesn't believe that will happen, she thinks curiousity will win out.  ha ha  The room that we have in our home that will be for the new baby is done in a colour that I think either a boy or girl would like when they are a little older (it's currently our home office).  And we've got enough clothes for a wee one and we don't care what colour they are, since in those early days it's such a tiring (but fantastic) 'commotion'.  ha ha, Days and nights are all mixed up and the days all blend together.  If it's a girl, we can always go to this really great second-hand clothing store that I know of in my parent's hometown-- you can buy brand name, good quality, stylish, awesome condition clothes for a buck a piece.  The clothes that are put out on the rack are for all seasons, too, so that will work out really well for getting clothes in a pinch.  I love getting deals like that, I'm rather frugal.  And, well, the money we save that way can be put towards stuff that we feel are 'must-have-new'.  I don't like painting too much, because I'm concerned about chemicals and all that stuff, even when I'm not pregnant (I'm especially paranoid about the chemicals they put in diapers, and the parabens they put in things like diaper rash cream and all that.)  Now that we are getting a new king bed and dresser and stuff, I'm really itching to change the colour of our own bedroom, since the whole effect isn't going to work that well.  Since I'm alittle bit of a perfectionist (ha ha) and DH isn't, I don't trust the finished job if he does it, so it looks like we'll have to hire someone to paint it in the late spring when the windows can ventilate, and DS and I will go to my parents place for a few days.  I'd rather do things myself though, to save money.  Oh well.

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Thanks everyone for sharing the gender excitement! I'm still not sure I believe it. I was really thinking two girls. But something was definitely poking out from baby A that wasn't the cord. Who knows?! I was supposedly a boy named Michael until I came out a girl. My mom has taught me to be skeptical. So ready for Monday's scan.


Kewpie - what a cutie Liam is!  I love that they interact with each other. I imagine mine keeping each other company. I hope Maisie cooperates next time!


Belly - I had cramping, too. I think the progesterone can actually make it worse. I had spotting in my 5th week, too that drove me crazy. Then lots of pain from my left ovary with late hyperstim issues that made me so worried about an ectopic. Then the stretching cramps started! It was a worrisome time overall. Just visualize the baby burrowing in and getting nice and snuggly. My acupuncturist suggested that and it really helped ease my mind about all of the uterine twinges.


Tenzins - Lucky you with the nausea ending! Mine is still going strong. I've just accepted that it might go the whole time for me. Luckily I just throw up in the mornings now instead of all day. So worth it, but goodness gracious! I told DH I will never drink again because it feels like I'm in for a 9 month hangover.

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Belly - Yep, he's taking off the whole week.  I'm so excited!


I had a lot of period cramping this pregnancy too.  It was nearly all the time.  When I talked to the RE and later my OB about it, they said that it was just my uterus being irritable from the growing.  I didn't have it in any other pregnancies either.  The laying down also helped me.  The RE said that laying down with knees bent helps relax the uterus.  Drinking even more water seemed to help too.  As long as there is no blood, I'm sure everything is fine, but do call your RE if it makes you feel better.


Tenzin - I really don't feel bad at all until late evening and into the night.  I feel really good during the day, but by about 8-9pm, my back and pelvic floor are killing me.  SOme nights it just takes a warm bath to feel better, but then others, nothing helps.  It's really not as bad as I was expecting, though.


Renavoo - I hear ya on the nausea and waking in the night to eat.  The nausea for me, slowed down when I got to about 18-19 weeks and then it mostly stayed away until about 2 weeks ago.  It's not as bad as in the beginning, but it's still annoying.  I find that I'm sicker after a growth spurt.  For the hunger, I really didn't have the hunger and waking in the middle of the night till about halfway through the 2nd trimester.  It scared me a little cause I was losing so much weight. (Thanks to the Luke book)  Now, I eat a peanut butter sandwich at 8 pm when I go to bed and then I keep walnuts or almonds by the bed for during the night.  Protein seems to stick with me longer.  Occasionally I have to get up and make something bigger, but usually the nuts are enough. If you find anything else that seems to work, let me know cause nuts do get a little old... orngtongue.gif I try to stay away from carbs so I don't spike my blood sugar.


I don't know how you handle your job while pregnant with twins.  I quit my job right after the miscarriage and was so glad I could be home during this pregnancy.  You amaze me!  


AFM - Absolutely no news from me... That's a good thing, I guess. :)










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Kewpie what a cutie do you see a resemblance? Hopefully Maisie will want to say hi to the camera on friday.

Bungalow Congrats on one of each I guess I was wrong. I was feeling 2 girls for me as well but nope. I was a little scared of boys because I grew up with my brother who was lets just say a "spirited child" . The other day I was cleaning an old bookcase with my mom and she had like 12 books on parenting the difficult child lol. I am super excited to have one of each though and something tells me that our little girl is going to be our little terror.


Rena you are my hero, during my first tri I was lucky to squeeze an hour or two of work. I guess if it has to be done it has to be done. I'm going to guess one of each for you so you can follow the trend.


Belly I don't remember if I had cramping or not but I do remember the worry I'm hoping the days till the u/s fly for you. You are getting another beta this week right?


Tenzin I'm glad you are feeling better. I love my doppler but I did wish I was able to realx and just trust my body like my other pregnant friends.


AFM no news as well working like crazy, poor DH has a mancold so I have to work extra hard.

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Renavoo, I agree, you working so much is amazing!  I am so tired and just working part time right now :)


Bungalow, I am on pins and needles waiting for the official gender anouncement next week!!! 


Kewpie, super excited for Maisie's photo shoot on Friday too! :)


Tenzi, I wish I could wait for the birth to find out the gender, but alas I am also missing the patience gene!  It sounds like you guys are pretty much set with everything.  I don't plan on buying much, maybe a couple blue sleepers if it was a boy, but we are set on basics and general "baby items".  I wish I could find clothes around here for $1 each!!!  What a steal!  Do you plan on cloth diapering to save money and stay away from all the chemicals?  It's hard for me to believe how much I love them!  If you would have asked me 5 years ago I probably would have just said "Ewwww", but I have seriously converted most my friends too!  Cloth diapers are probably my favorite baby item...and a good carrier! 


Keira, are your twins due in February or will you expect them earlier?


Thanks for everyone's reassurance about the cramping.  I think I'll wait till they call with my beta results tomorrow to ask them...of course if my beta is normal then I am sure they will say everything is fine.  I am hoping my beta is around 3500 based on betabase and my betas with DD.  Then I could probably relax for a few hours :) 

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Belly, we do cloth diaper.  We love it; we have a few different kinds, but we have a favorite-- it's a pocket diaper, I can't remember which one it is.  Darn, I've got pregnancy brain!  We use a disposable at night, however... the other ones just got so soaked.  I heard that boys have different bladder habits than girls, as in, they don't hold their pee as well as them and so they have more issues with soaking diapers.  I wonder if this is true.  I guess we'd find out, if we have a girl!  Which diapers do you like?  What carrier do you have?  We couldn't use a carrier much with DS, because he seemed to really dislike it at different stages.  We tried soooooo many different kinds-- ring sling, BabyHawk, MobyWrap.  I hope the next one likes them.  Yeah, we are pretty much set, too.  One thing I wish I had was an ArmsReach Co-sleeper for those early months.  We have a regular bassinett, but I found it was a pain getting in and out of bed.   I loved night nursing, and so it would be great to just reach over and slide him/her over to me and then slide back afterward.  A friend of mine has one and she loves hers.  They are so expensive though!  I know someone else who has one of those hammock style sleeping things-- have you heard anything about those?  They are pricey as well-- probably out of our budget.  But I'm curious if they help the baby sleep better, especially if they are colicky.

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Hi ladies! haha you are all so funny. Thanks for all your comments about my working but I think that you are all the SMART ones and I'm just dumb. haha seriously, I came home yesterday in a horrible mood because I had to stay late again and my boss put me on yet another big project. I love my job, I do. I just think that the hours are getting ridiculous. Funny, however, how before i got pregnant, they were more of an annoyance. Now, they make me upset. darn mood swings. The end of the year tends to be the busiest because our clients are all trying to use up the year's budget so hopefully, it gets better soon. I will be having a discussion with my boss about my pregnancy in a few weeks anyway so he'd better let up a bit or I may have to leave!


Kewpie, you have convinced me to eat something substantial right before bed. Last night, i got up at 2,4,and I'm now up at 5am to eat something. It is fairly ridiculous. i actually just drink milk typically (2 and 4 am. 5 am is when I eat something) but I've decided that that plan isn't working and i need to eat something before bed and, if I wake up, something substantial at 2am so I don't wake up at 4am! peanut butter and jelly sounds divine. :o) i'm jealous that it didn't start for you until the second trimester although, yuck for the nausea. Ugh. Ooooh just a couple of more days and it's picture time for Maisie!!


Keria, hope DH gets over the man cold soon! It's been a really bad season for colds, I think. I know a lot of people who are sick here too. (In my office, if I see someone sick, I end up running the opposite way. it makes for some funny, if insulting, pictures. hehe)


Bungalow, that is so how i described the nausea to my DH too!! I told him I feel like I have been hungover for weeks now. it puts it in terms that he understands. haha hey, he's definitely been hungover a few times ;o) How are you feeling overall?


Tenzins, it's definitely a difficult choice. I'm going to get the doppler after 12 weeks because, well, I'm just that curious but yes, I'm worried that i won't be able to find the heart beats which will drive me batty. But I thought I might as well try and if I can't do it, I'll just give it up. I actually was thinking that I would get a couple of my friends (doctor and nurse practitioner) to show me how to use it first so I could just imitate them in hopes that it works that way :o) Cloth diapers sound interesting- environmentally better and definitely cheaper but are they as absorbent? And how about cleaning them? I can't imagine that that would be fun! I'm curious though because i was considering cloth diapers as well.


Belly, How are you feeling? I can't wait for your results today! It's so exciting because I know that everything will go fine but you'll also be one done with one more milestone. Sigh, then you'll be on to the next milestone but still :o) Since we're so close, we're going to take it one day at a time together!!


AFM, well, I've graduated from the RE clinic and I will see the OB on Friday. I heard the heartbeats on Monday (145 and 152) so that's good. The RE has also dropped my endometrin dose to twice a day instead of three times a day so I'm hoping that that cuts down on the nausea. I've decided, however, that that might not be the issue...apparently, my hunger is a huge nausea issue and since i'm always hungry, I'm almost always a little nauseated. Sigh. I've been eating like a pig but I haven't gained any weight yet. however, I am massively bloated so my pants don't fit as well anymore :o( I need to buy bigger pants!! SHOPPING! :o)


Hope everyone is doing well!! Big hugs!!








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