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Keria - Love it!!!!  That story totally reminds me of my DH.  When he is sleeping he is so totally out of it so I understand. One time we were sleeping and I felt like there was something laying on top of our legs while we were in bed.  At first I thought that i was dreaming and then I was like "no what the heck is that".  So i woke DH up and said "what is on top of our legs"  he reached down and was like "it feels like a picture" and then just went back to sleep.  I was like "DH wake up and why would there be a picture on top of our legs at 3 o'clock in the morning!!!"  So then we turned the lights on and there was this big picture (maybe 24x36) that had been hanging above our heads on the wall, laying on top of our legs.  He blames me and I blame him.  I'm such a light sleeper I really think he must have done it b/c I just can't imagine that I would be able to take that picture off the wall.  We will never know, but now it is hanging above our heads w/ an earthquake proof hanger.  ps.  love the new pics!!  So cute.


Renavoo - I used to snore like crazy when i was pregnant.  DH spent most night sleeping in the other bedroom b/c he could get any sleep w/ me snoring beside him.  When i get pregnant my nose gets so bad especially at night.  Good luck.  I agree you are just getting him ready for being awake at night when the babes come!!  Can't believe how fast it's going. (at least for me).  LOL


Praying - glad things are still going good.  Hope that you can get some of your $ back.  That doesn't seem right!!!


Kewpie - your babes are too cute.


Belly - glad that you are getting things ready in the house and getting more excited w/ each purchase!!!  So fun!!


Tenzi - how are you?


Bungalow - you around at all????  Hope all is well.


Hi to everyone else... sorry if I missed you.

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Blue, I LOVE little Abby's face! Oh my gosh, she is just a hoot. Happy birthday to her! Your day is coming so fast! I can't wait to follow you through this!


I feel so much better that you snored a lot too. haha poor DH is taking it really well and he's not upset at all but I feel bad about it! But there's nothing to be done. It's not like i can stop myself. Of course, he'll once in a while take an audio recording of me snoring and play it for me when he wants to make fun of me but I guess that's ok since I make him play pillow for me daily. hehe.


by the way, your "mystery of the fallen picture" as I have now dubbed it is hilarious! Keria, your story about what your DH says when he is half asleep made me laugh out loud too! I've been known to do things like that. In fact, DH says i'll often wake up and start talking to him in chinese, which is why he has decided to learn chinese so he can understand me. Not that I make sense those times anyway! 


I have a doctor's visit today. It's a growth scan so we'll be seeing the little ones today. I'm excited about that! I hope they are growing on schedule although my stomach is pretty large so I think everything should be fine. I'm starting to also play more classical music because I know that they can hear and I hear it's good for relaxing them. :o) Hope everyone is doing well! 

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Hi Ladies!


Ok, so I'm not really ready to make the full jump to grads yet, but after quite a few positives on HPT I got my beta today and it came back at 488.2.  My RE does the second beta a week later, so I'm going to go in next Thursday for that one, then I think I'll be closer to jumping this way!


What I did want to ask though, is if any of you dealt with hyperstim?  They diagnosed me today with a moderate case, and actually did some IV Albumin because my Albumin is low, and they are thinking it may help my comfort level some as well as help my body to rid of some of the fluid in my belly.  I look 6 months pregnant (OK, for me with pregnancy it's probably more like 4 or 5 months because I get huge, but either way).  If you've dealt with it, when did the bloating go down?  When did the discomfort get better?  I'm trying to keep people from asking too many questions, and not let anyone know I'm pregnant yet, but it's hard when you look like this! 


Rena - for what it's worth, I pulled a muscle on the side of my stomach (if I remember correctly) during my pregnancy with DD.  It sounds like the pain you are explaining, and I did have to deal with it off and on for probably the last few months, so maybe it's something like that too (caused by the growth?). 


praying - I've wondered how pregnancy with my toddler around is going to be, so I'm ready to commiserate.  She's almost 2, and last night I sent her and hubs out for a walk just so that I could relax on the couch.  I don't know if this is the pregnancy or the hyperstim though, or maybe a mix of the 2.


I am laughing about the husband sleep stories by the way.  Cracking me up!!!

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Keira, totally sounds like my DH!  He will say crazy stuff at night sometimes and it's so fun to laugh about it the next day :)  And once in a blue moon, it's me doing the talking :)  Love the new pictures!


Blue, I can't believe you had a giant picture fall on you guys!  That is just crazy!  So excited for your next cycle, I am sending every positive/sticky vibe your way!


Hope/Praying, being pregnant with a toddler has been a completely different experience.  It was much easier the first time around when I could relax and rest when I wanted to, without having to tend to the constant needs of a small child.  I think it's probably harder for everyone, but in my case it might be a little extra hard due to the twin pregnancy.


Hope, I had a mild case of OHSS and was very bloated right after getting my positive beta (with my fresh cycle in 2009).  I had to buy pregnancy pants just to go back to work after transfer.  Unfortunately, I don't think it went down very much, it was more like I eventually grew into the bloating.


Renavoo, yay for a growth scan!  Can't wait to hear more details...please keep us posted!  I have no idea how you work so much.  I could barely get through my 6 hour day today without collapsing from exhaustion.  Luckily DD naps when I get home so now I am just resting on the couch :)


Kewpie, how is the new conformer going?  Is Liam okay with it?  Love all the new pictures!


AFM, just exhausted and trying to keep working through my checklist of to dos, but just to tired to really do anything.  Got my latest scan results and both babies are growing well, and I am now measuring a little more than 7 weeks ahead!  We are all 3 running out of space and it seems like both babies want to take up residence under my ribs. 

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LoL blue I bet it was him since you dais you woke him up he felt the picture and went back to sleep. Happy birthday to abby I love her pic she looks so guilty.


Rena Let us know how the scan went. Do you plan to raise your kids bilingual? We are doing that with our babies.


Belly are your babes head down? I had one baby under my ribs pressing my lungs and it sucked.


Hope Welcome!

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privateeyes.gif Keria, we're raising DD bilingual German/English. It's fun to try to figure out if she's saying "Da" for Das or Dat (That). Or if she's saying "Up" or "Ab!" (away).

I'm loving the funny stories! I read daily but rarely have a free hand and time to post. Sending lots of happy thoughts to you all! goodvibes.gif
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Hi ladies! 


Belly, totally get what you mean about being exhausted. I'm still more amazed at you taking care of a toddler (as that is a 24 hour job) than me working longer hours! Yah for a great scan! I'm so happy the little ones are growing well!


Hope, I'm so excited for you. I didn't get OHSS so I can't help but I was told after the procedure to drink a lot of vitamin water or gatorade. That's about it. They just kept an eye on me after the procedure to make sure that I was ok but otherwise I didn't get any other instructions, should i have developed OHSS. Anyway congrats on a great number! Twins? hmm... ;o)


Keria, ideally, we would love to raise our kids bilingual. I don't actually speak chinese completely fluently. In fact, I have the vocabulary of a kid. But we're looking for a nanny who is chinese who can teach our kids to speak chinese. It's important to us that they are bilingual. And chinese seems a good fit since dh is learning as well and the babies can speak with my mom well.


Tear, haha about not knowing what it is your little one is referring to! 


Hi everyone else!!


So scan went well yesterday. The babies are both estimating around 4 pounds and are heads down. Didn't get any great photos of them though...the little boy was hiding again and the little girl was too close to the placenta. Sigh. Oh well! DH loves to feel them move and he's admitted he's a little jealous that i get to feel that much more than he does. haha i told him he has to take the bad with the good anyway and he looked at my swollen legs and hands and no longer feels jealous any more. haha.


In the last 2 weeks, I've only gained 1 pound so I'm on a "eat more protein" kick. Of course, that was before I ate two little angel food cakes this morning... ;o) Child birthing class all day today. UGH. But I'm happy to say that while I expected work to be insane this last week, it was manageable considering we were preparing for a presentation! I think everyone was just tired. I typically had to work until only 8pm! I know, 11 hours is still a lot but considering I was expecting 14 hours a day, I was very pleasantly surprised!


Ok going to shower and get ready for child birthing class. I hope it's worth 2 lost weekends!

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Just popping in to say "hi" to everyone! :-) I have my anatomy scan this Friday. I'll be 19 weeks on Thursday. Hoping to have them write down the gender and seal it up - then I'll open the envelope on Mother's Day, when my mom is here. :-) 



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 Belly - I am about to dig out my pregnancy pants from my first, right now I can't button ANYTHING up.  I'm thinking this may cause us to tell people sooner than we planned, especially if like you it doesn't go away.  Yeah for the babies growing well!  7 weeks ahead??  That's crazy!!


keria - Oh I'm so jealous.  I wish I felt comfortable enough in another language to raise my kids bilingual.  I think that's awesome.


rena - My husband thinks it's twins.  I really don't have a feeling one way or another.  We'll see in a few weeks!  I'm laughing at your DH, I bet he got rid of that jealousy nice and fast ha ha ha.  I can't believe how much you are working, you are an amazing woman.


Vegan - yeah for the anatomy scan!!


Thanks for the warm welcome ladies!  I'm still uncomfortable, so I think it's just a waiting game to see if it goes away anytime soon.  I'll take it though!!

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Renavoo, how was class?  I wish I would have taken a more formal birht class with DD.  I am not really thinking about it yet, especially since we have one babe breach right now (although sometimes I feel like they are both breach or transverse).  I hope you have an easier week at work this week!


Keira/Renavoo/Tear, love that your children will be bilingual.  So jealous.  I lived abroad for a while and dated someone and always thought how great it would be to have children that could speak both languages.  It's such a huge benefit to children!  And to have customs/traditions from each family is great too!


Hope, the babies are closer to the 90th precentile each, but since there are 2 in there, I am measuring 7 weeks ahead (fundal height) as compared with just carrying one.  I think I am about the same size now at 30 weeks as I was when my DD was born....which makes sense since I am only a couple pounds off.  Can't wait for your u/s!!!!!!


Vegan, WOW!  I can't believe it has already been 19 weeks!  That's amazing!  And what a wonderful idea to share the gender! 


Blue/rcr, thinking about both of you ladies!!


AFM, got quite a few things done this weekend, but geez the to do list never ends.  Now that I am 30 weeks, it really feels like the home stretch.  I am starting to wake up tired, so it's hard to imagine getting everything done in time.  I have 3 friends that are due with girls right before me, the first just had her baby this weekend, I am still a little worried about taking care of 2 newborns (and my DD) at once :)

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Vegan, awww I love that idea of getting the tech to write down the sex and then opening it up during mother's day! What a fantastic idea! Yah to 19 weeks! My, how time flies!


Belly, I'm jealous because you look fantastic!! I am feeling bigger and bigger. my friends comment that I look like I get bigger by the hour. haha Everything will get done in time! And, if not, my friends always remind me that the babies just really need a place to sleep, food, and your love. Oooh how great that you have so many friends who are going to have little ones around the time the twins get there! Ready made play dates! I bet you'll do great taking care of all your babies although I know that it'll always be a worry until they are here and you figure out the routine.


Hope, I can't wait to find out if you're having twins!! How is your DH feeling about the idea of twins? Also, i know you have a lot of frozen embies so I'm curious what you're going to do with them...do you want more children? I have one frozen embie left and i'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. I think i'm done after these two but I also feel sad about that last embie. 


funny story...My presentation is over! But during the presentation (to potential clients!) i had to present. And literally, COULD NOT CATCH MY BREATH. It was embarrassing. I felt like a rookie at presenting and it ended up that everyone was laughing at (with?) me. People said that they were worried that I was going to give birth right there. sigh. I was so mortified. I told them I'm not doing any more presentations. Apparently, standing prone for 10 minutes while trying to project my voice (I have a soft voice as it is) is not conducive to me being able to breathe. Oh well, here's hoping that my days are much shortened with the end of this presentation!


Off to get ready for work. Hope everyone is doing well!!


Big hugs

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Belly - that's crazy.  The joys of twins, right?  I can't wait either!!  I don't have it scheduled yet, but should today after they call back with my second beta numbers.  That's so exciting that there are so many of you having babies so close together!!  I bet it'll turn out perfect, that you'll catch on real quick to taking care of all 3 :-)


rena - he is oddly OK with twins!  I was surprised when he admitted it, but I think it's just that they're our babies, and he doesn't want to lose any of them, you know?  I have no idea what we are going to do with the frozen embies.  We have 10.  We are going to keep them for a while, just in case.  I'd love to donate them to another couple, but DH and I agree that we just don't know if we could do that, so we might end up donating to science... a long time from now.  It breaks my heart though.  Those are my babies!  We never planned on more than 2, so if this does end up as twins I don't see us having more since we'll have 3.  Although I (semi-jokingly) asked if he would consider one more if it was twins.  I worry that those two will end up so close because they're twins, and our DD will feel left out.  So if it IS twins, I may wait until they're a year and then try to see if I can convince him to at least try an FET or two.  I can't believe that I'm even considering it, I mean, I really only wanted 2, and now I'm talking about the possibility of 4?  Yikes!   I think part of my feeling also has to do with giving our babies a chance though.  After our failed IVF (with none to freeze) 4 years ago I never expected that we'd have such an amazing cycle this time around!  Awe, at least everyone knows that you're pregnant!  Oh mean, I remember the difficulties breathing, I bet it's crazy considering!!


Vegan - that's a really cute idea to find out on mothers day the sex!

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OK, I had to pop back in.  Got my results from my second beta - they are at 5105!  I'm at a doubling time of about 42 1/2 hours, so I'm nice and happy.  First ultrasound is next Thursday, and I'm hoping to 'officially' join you ladies quickly after that!!!  Sorry - I just had to share my good news!!!

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Hope, that is FANTASTIC news!!  I am so so so excited for you ultrasound!


Renavoo, I get winded while just laying down :) so I can imagine how hard that last presentation was!!  I sure hope it means a little less work in your future!!!!  How did your birthing class go? 


Keria/Kewpie/Lyndi, hope all is going well with you and the babes!


Tenzi, how are you doing?


Bungalow, thinking about you...


AFM, not much new with me.  I got all ready to go on an outing with DD and my mom, but I started having lots of cramping and contractions and by the time we got out to the car, we both decided I really needed to stay home and rest :(  Ironically, DH called me today from work and asked how much longer I planned on working...I hadn't really thought about it, and had kind of thought until I went into labor (like with DD), since I only work part time anyway...but now I am starting to wonder how long I'll really make it.

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Hope: Yay!!! 


Belly: Wow, can't believe how close you and Renavoo are getting to holding your babies! 


Renavoo: Your story reminded me of when I was pregnant w/DD. I worked in investment banking. I was listening in on one of our daily meetings via phone from my desk towards the end of my pregnancy. Last minute they decided they needed me to come in and present to the group. So I had to run across the office while everyone waited. And when I got there I was all out of breath and some of the guys commented to me after that they shouldn't have made the prego lady run. Embarassing! :-)


I'm 19 weeks today. I weighed myself this morning. I'm not very pleased w/my weight gain! I so need more activity in my life! I just seem to be so much more worn out this time. Not sure if it's bc I'm home all day and doing cleaning and cooking and attending to my 3 yr old, instead of sitting at a desk 10 hrs a day. But I at least went to the gym after work last time. I think that counted for more than my cleaning does. LOL. Plus we lived in the city then and I walked around to get my lunch, etc. Anyway, I'm trying to remind myself that I wanted this pregnancy and everything that comes with it more than anything - and that having a healthy baby is really all that matters! 



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Hi ladies!


Hope, yah for a fantastic number! What DPO is it? Those are nice high numbers so i'm waiting for you to tell us that it's twins. Come on Thursday! :o) So exciting!


Belly, I hope you're getting a lot of rest! I know it's normal to have contractions but we want the little ones to cook a little longer so definitely get some rest. I was talking about when I was going to stop work with some of my colleagues too and I think that at the end of the month, I'll start working from home, just in case. Right now, the babies seem to be in no a rush to leave my (i.e. no contractions and cramps so far! knock on wood). So I'm hoping they stay like that until the end of the month, since i actually have a lot to get done between now and then :o) Are you feeling better? Question...are you feeling less movement? i hear it is normal to feel less movement but sometimes it worries me because i can go hours without feeling something. Typically, right now, they would be kicking me but they seem to be quite quiet. humph. 


Vegan, I stopped weighing myself at home for that exact reason. haha i didn't want to know how much I was gaining anymore. I mean, it's one thing to be forced to know it when I go see the doctor...it's another to torture myself! :o) Don't worry about the weight gain though. It just means your baby is growing nicely. :o) How are you feeling? Are you in the throes of the second trimester glow?



Thank you ladies, for validating my "out of breath" incidence during my presentation! I feel much better now. haha I actually had to take another coworker through a presentation (sitting down, really informally) and also found myself out of breath after talking for about 30 minutes. Geez!


Yesterday was a nice day...busy at work but not too crazy and so I got to go home at 6:30! i was ecstatic. And even better, I'm working from home today so I'm excited to just get some rest. I'm actually going to go to babiesrus in the morning today (it's about a 15 block walk so it'll give me some exercise since I'm not walking to work today) but i'm basically stockpiling diapers now and they are having a sale (pampers megapack 2 for 32 dollars. I think that sounds like a good price) 


DH doesn't seem to understand why I insist on walking so much. He keeps trying to drive me to work and seems surprised that I always turn him down and say that I want to walk (it's about a 2.7 mile walk to work according to google maps). I don't think he understands that I enjoy walking and that I also feel like if I don't walk, I'll feel less healthy :o) 


Tomorrow is the 2nd half of the child birthing class. Honestly, I didn't find the first one too interesting. There were a couple of tidbits - when I'm in a lot of pain, DH has to make me laugh or entice me with hot or cold things. Also, we saw this cool video about how when a baby is put on the mother after birth for an hour, it naturally starts to search out for the breast. It reminded me of some animal videos where the babies search out the mother's teats. Apparently, the hospital i'm going to (NYU) is a huge fan of this and therefore, aims to let me have this time with the babies. I'm really excited about this prospect. 


Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well! I'm off to get some stuff done before my trek to BabiesRUs. :o) Talk to you ladies later!

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Belly - Thanks!!  It was a great idea to stay home and rest.  Make sure that you let your doc know!  I was on bedrest for 5 1/2 weeks with my DD due to threatened pre term labor, it's no fun but it's better than the alternative.


Vegan - Wow, 19 weeks already?  Like rena said - don't worry about the weight gain, it just means you're growing a health little one in there!!  I can see how it's harder with a toddler at home, I'm worried about that myself as well, wanting to make sure that I'm getting enough exercise, while still hanging with my DD.


rena - The 5105 was 24dpo, or 21dp3dt.  It was 488 at 18dpo or 15dp3dt.  I can't hardly wait for the next week to fly by!!  Yeah for working from home today and getting to rest a little!  It sounds like you're doing an amazing job at keeping yourself moving, should make the whole process easier!!

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Hope, I just can't decide if I think there are 1 or 2 beans in there!  It seems like it could go either way, but how exciting that it's less than a week away from finding out!!!!


Vegan, seriously 19 weeks!  wow, where has the time gone!  Sorry for the weight gain, but not only does it help baby get nice and plump, you'll also have a great "stock" for breastfeeding (if you plan to do so).  My girlfriend always has "whole" milk and just the cutest little round gerber baby faces :)  I only get weighed at the doctor like Renavoo, it seems to help my sanity!  I totally agree with the difference between my first pregnancy while working, and this one chasing/trying to keep up with DD.  I often feel guilty that I am not active enough with her anymore, but honestly, I really can't push myself any harder.


Renavoo, I'll have to check out the diaper sale :)  I have all my cloth diapers for the twins, but I plan on having a few emergency diapers, and use disposables for the first couple weeks while we get our feet under us with the new 3 on 1 situation :)  I can't imagine walking that far.  We have a 1 mile loop that we used to walk daily, but if I do I have really bad round ligament pain that night and will be crying in bed from the pain.  Good for you for being so active!!!! 


AFM, I strained or pulled my neck muscle in bed while trying to re-situate in the middle of the night.  It hurts so bad, I just hope it doesn't ruin all the "to do's" I want to get done this weekend.  Right now I can barely turn my head or lift my arm...I have been using most of my before work time to use a heating pad on it and took some tylenol so hopefully that helps...

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Hi all,


I'm not sure why, but I haven't been getting notifications for weeks now that there is anything new posted on the thread.  It just got more and more sporadic until there was nothing, and then suddenly this morning there was the most recent post from Renavoo... I admit, I haven't been on the computer that much anyway, because of various things going on.  It's been really crazily busy, and then I've been in so much discomfort the last couple of weeks, it makes it hard to sit in certain positions.  (Baby had part of him/her up under my ribs-- I'm thinking bum, because he/she has been head down now for weeks and it still feels that way.)


Belly, I hear you on the cramps/contractions.  I've had to do the same thing several times-- just stop what I'm doing and rest, and drink water, etc.  The Braxton Hicks are sooooo much stronger and frequent this second time around, and then when you have an active little one to take care of-- it can make everything so much harder.  I hope the pulled muscle or whatever it is that you have, gets better soon.  You certainly don't need to deal with that on top of everything else! 


Renavoo, wow about the walking... You don't get out of breath that easily while walking?  I remember when I was in school giving a presentation to my classmates, I was just starting my third trimester, and I ran out of breath... I was surprised that it happened.  Now I'm out of breath just getting off the couch, going downstairs to get the laundry, etc.  I have some new pregnant mom friends who I've met through a mutual friend that we all have, and they are mostly first-time moms and they are a lot younger than me... we are all due within a month or so of each other (but I'm the one to go next, sooner than my due date it's looking like)... Anyway, they are so active and they are planning all this stuff, and between the severe BH I've been having (they became really intense the last couple of weeks-- I've had BH since mid-pregnancy, but they were so mild back then that I just kind of marveled at them-- now I can't even walk through them)... I just have to pass on most of it.  Oh... one more thing... What you are talking about, the skin-to-skin right after birth-- advocate for that to happen as soon as possible, it's so good for you and the babies!  I was able to do that with DS, and I really think that made such a difference with the bonding, the breastfeeding, etc.


Hope, nice to see you over here!


Vegan, the time has gone so fast!  I remember when you first ventured over here... wow.  How exciting to find out on Mother's Day about your baby's sex.  I don't think they do that at the u/s places here-- put the sex in an envelope to be looked at later-- I had a friend who asked if they would do that and they said no.  :(  Party poopers.


AFM, I had the complete placenta previa for the longest time, and then at the most recent u/s (about 3.5 weeks ago) it showed that it went to marginal.  It's measuring 0 cm from the internal os.  It needs to move a minimum of 1 cm in order for a trial of labor to be considered feasible, and even then it depends on the comfort level of the OB I guess.  I know they were concerned that the maternal vessels were looking deeply implanted right at the os, but now it's not looking so bad... We get another u/s on May 17.  It's been a roller coaster, because we started out with this one OB which was supposed to be more like a surgical consult for a c/s, but then she's had us come back for a second and then she wanted a third visit.  She was thinking that she giving us 'lots' of choices around a c/s (i.e. we had initially brought it forward to her that we wanted to have a gentle/natural c/s as much as possible, which is a movement that is occuring in the U.S. and England it seems-- but hasn't caught on here yet... she seemed pretty receptive, so we thought she was going to be a great fit for us)... Of course, a lot of would depend on how the situation is going, i.e. the amount of bleeding and if it stays within control.  Anyway, my DH and I have had a change of heart about this doc and even more so, about the hospital in which she practices-- at this hospital, they don't let up on their 'no partners staying with the woman and baby overnight' (even with their 5 private rooms, partners can't stay-- and wow, isn't that a lot... *sarcasm*).  So we decided to switch OBs last week, to get one who practices at one of the other hospitals-- but get this--the first OB said it was too late to switch, because she booked the c/s for May 21st (yeah, her initial statement of, "There's 4 dates within this particular week that I can get OR time, which one do you want" turned into a, "You have no choice; it's the 21st"-- Nice.)  So we had to go through my family doctor, and he got us a new OB.  At this particular hospital we'll be going to, they have between 15 and 20 private rooms, plus they have two 'deluxe' rooms.  And they have a much more relaxed policy of partners staying, because in that area of the city there is greater cultural diversity and they wizened up to the fact that they needed to be more patient and family-centred for a host of reasons.  So we have an appointment on the 14th (Monday) with the new OB.  It might not be this particular OB that we're seeing who does the c/s, because they have only certain days when they can schedule c/s-- but it doesn' matter.  We knew anyway that if I had started bleeding I'd have an emergency c/s, and we would have gotten whoever is on call.  Agggghhh... GRRRRR... it's been so frustrating, learning just how much the system can bowl you over... how much politics there can be... how a person can get caught in between two different systems when there isn't a formalized shared model of care (i.e. between midwifery and the purely medical model).  Makes me want to get back to finishing my masters and effecting some change in the maternal-child health area!!! 


Anyway, I'm really hoping that any plans for a c/s become a moot point after that u/s on Friday.  I would SOOOOOOO love to put all the stressful stuff behind me and go in to have a vaginal delivery.  I still have hope, even though the first OB didn't have any, and she was so gung-ho to get me to sign the consent form for the c/s and all that.  I kind of crashed after she talked with me about all that stuff, because she was telling me I'd need to have two really big IVs (one in each arm), and she wanted consent signed for blood transfusion... then she told me about the risks to me and baby, blah blah blah.  I think if she had delivered all the info in a much more compassionate way, it would have been better... I mean, give me the facts, but remember that I'm dealing with some pretty difficult emotions these last couple of months (she was aware of all that, so she shouldn't have any excuse).  I'm getting more used to the idea of a c/s, but I still have my days where I'm really struggling with it. 


One other thing... Does anybody have any ideas what I can do with all the IVF drugs that I haven't used at all?  Still in the original packaging, has been safely stored according to directions, etc.  I just want it out of my fridge and nightstand... Send me a PM...


Sorry if I've missed anybody...

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I will be catching up on this thread tonight, but first a picture from today:



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