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I have a few diapering questions!!!

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I'm going to try to keep this simple. We're having these issues with diapering:


1) DS always has a diaper rash! He always wants to scratch at it which makes it worse (which I try to keep him from doing). I've tried all kinds of creams including ones for yeast. He has several food allergies but I don't feed him those things. He does breastfeed and I do eat some of what he's allergic to, but this constant rash is a "newer" problem so I don't know if its me or not. My last resort is giving him probiotics that the nurse & dr suggested. Will this help? When should I see improvements?


2) DS is a heavy wetter. We've been using the prefolds from gerber for a while but he can soak those (with a leak) in 45 minutes. Forget napping in them. We use thirsties covers. Is there a better prefold (and perhaps softer?).


3) I need a new night time solution, we are currently using disposables (7th generation) and I change him before going to bed and in the middle of the night to keep from leaking (I'm a night owl so I'm up anyways).


4) I've considered EC because I have noticed some specific times that he always messes/wets his diaper, but I don't even know where to begin with a 12 month old!


Thanks for any help! I hope this all make sense! I'm trying to type it out quickly!

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I may not be the best person to speak to the diapering issues as we do EC DS.  I did use prefolds until DS was 7 mos old when we switched to trainers.  And I do still use disposibles over night as we don't usually EC DS at night (it was too disruptive for him, but does work for others).


That said I just wanted to suggest that ECing may be helpful with helping to clear up the rash, as air on the bottom can really help with this.  To start with a 12 mos old, just try offering the potty when you think he may need to go.  It seems like you've already identified some key times.  Other times to try would be right after waking, after meals and before baths.  You can cue with a psssss sound and also try running water as the sound will help him relax his bladder.  Also, he is old enough to be curious about what others are doing so bring him along and cue yourself when you use the bathroom.  Diaper free time also helps.  Just spend it somewhere that clean up is easy and if DS pees and when you catch him mid-pee, try to get him over a sink or potty (keep one handy) and then tell him "Wes went pee pee". 


Try checking out the EC forum and you may get better/more answers there as well.


Good luck!

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Oh, I just thought to add...have you tried disinfecting your dipes lately?  That might help with the rash too.

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Gerber prefolds are filled with polyester batting so they don't really absorb much.  Definitely try a different prefold!  Our preference is for GMD (Green Mountain Diaper) prefolds.  As for the rash give CJ's BUTTer a shot.  We were in a similar situation constantly battling a rash and it kicks butt!  I don't know much about EC but there is a forum for it - maybe they'd be more help?

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I second trying another diaper.  We got ours from Nikkie's diapers and they have such better absorbancy than the gerber ones (someone got them for the shower... they're great burp rags, just not really good as diapers).



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