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What do you feel like you are having?

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I'm going to have a lot of fun trying to guess if this little bean is a boy or a girl.  I have one of each and my two pregnancies were very different.  Pretty much everything was opposite.  I'm starting to keep track of things and so far I have two marks in the boy column and zero in the girl column.  What tells me boy so far is that I'm absolutely freezing and I felt my first twinges of morning sickness today at exactly 5 weeks, same as with my son.  With my daughter it was at 8 weeks, less severe, and lasted for only a couple weeks.


We want 4 children, so I don't really have a preference either way for this baby.  I really want to have 2 of each when all is said and done.  And not just for my own sense of "complete", but because I really want all of my children to have at least one of each sex sibling.  Obviously, whatever happens happens, but I like to imagine. :)

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That's such a nice thought...a sibling of each sex! It almost makes me sad that this baby is **definitely** our last! Tie breaker baby!  I'm the oldest of four and there are three girls and one boy in our family, I tend to like to think that my brother is the awesome guy he is today because of the gang of sisters he ran with ;) but who knows!


This pregnancy so far from the spotting and the morning sickness down to major cravings and major aversions...is EXACTLY the same as my DDs pregnancy. I am kind of rooting for a girl because my son is an extremely high needs individual and we've come through SO much and I'll tell you, this kid has worn me OUT..but he's also worn a soft spot on my heart about the size of texas! He's my special boy and we have such an incredible attached relationship...I would love if he stayed my one and only boy. I don't know, Avery would absolutely LOVE a sister and I love little girls. I know it's silly, TOO silly, really...but yeah. There it is. I will be wildly in love with either, but a girl would just about tickle me pink.


So my guess is girl. Based on symptoms and my secret wish for another lady around here! (Not that we have a shortage...all of our chickens are girls (Jerry the rooster got aggressive...then he got tasty!), our lady rabbits out-number our dude rabbits three to one....three of our four dogs are girls and then there is DD and myself. Only boys are DH, Leroy the Buck(rabbit), Boy the dog and my son.) I like to keep the fellas outnumbered. Plus, I already have a list of favorite girl names....my list of boy names is one name long!!


Hahah, so I guess pretty much, fate is sufficiently tempted. Perhaps I should change my guess! ;)


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i don't have anything to go on, but so far, i feel "boy". i really don't have a preference. i already have a stepdaughter and we have a great relationship. i get to dress her up in cute outfits (pretty much the only thing that would make me want a girl over a boy haha) and do girly stuff with her so i think a boy would be wonderful and would change the dynamic in our household in a fun way. of course, if it's a girl i will go nuts with adorable handmade and vintage clothes and be happy as a clam as well :) DP says he has no preference and i know he wouldnt be disappointed with another girl, but he would probably love to balance things out a bit and have a little man in the house.

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I am feeling girl...But, hard to distinguish if that's because I want a girl... I am definitely more confident/accepting of either sex more so than I was when I found out DS was a boy.  I was grieving quite a bit and mostly angry because I knew that I would have been WAY more excited if we were having a girl.  But, I'm okay with either...I think...but, would like 1 of each.  This is our last...we are done at 2! 

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I'm feeling with quite certainty that it will be a girl... I know the time it happened and from what I've heard about dtd further from O, it puts the odds on girl.


By this time I was absoultely PUKING with DS. I feel some serious nausea this time around, but so far it's nothing compared to with DS (I used to walk around work with a yogurt container because I honestly puked that much...for 8 months straight).



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I feel like I'm having a girl. Or two. I think this because the embryos had genetic testing and I happen to know both embryos that we transferred are girls!

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Regarding DTD as related to ovulation.  For our first child we DTD about 600 times over the day before, during, and after ovulation.  We conceived a boy.   With our second we DTD 2 days before ovulation and we conceived a girl.  With this baby, we DTD 3 days before ovulation and the day of - which also makes me think boy.


With my first I told everyone it was a girl, but deep down thought it was a boy.  At the u/s we found out it was a boy.  With our second I felt like it was a girl, but I didn't tell anyone I thought that because I was afraid I was wrong.  We did not get an u/s and we found out at birth, super exciting.  With this one I feel like it's a boy and I am pretty sure I'm going to get an u/s.  If I do, I will for sure find out what we're having.

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I've only got the pregnancy with dd to compare to and I know that it can be really different even with the same gender, but I still think I am having a boy.  We won't be finding out so it will be a surprise.  But the things that I noticed last time are:


food cravings/aversions- with dd I practically went vegan.  No meat, no dairy, no eggs.  I didn't really crave sweets, but I didn't dislike them.  This time, I am craving dairy and handling protein a lot better.  But perhaps it is too early to really tell. Once the m/s subsides the true aversions and cravings will become more clear.


hair growth- with dd I hardly had to shave my hair grew so slow.  This time it seems to be growing faster.  For some reason I figured this is a boy/girl thing


carrying- I was round and my belly was not very "pointy out" with dd.  So, I'll be curious to see how I carry this one.  


Although we won't get an u/s, I am into using other techniques to figure it out.  I had two acupuncturists that tested my pulse last pregnancy and said it seemed it would be a girl.  They were right and I will give it a try again this time.   Also the old wedding ring on a string said girl.  So, we'll try that too when I'm further along.  


Overall, though, I am feeling like this will be a boy.  Not sure I will know what to do with a boy, but I'll be happy either way. 



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Well, considering DH's sperm survived 6 days to catch my egg, I guess the odds are on GIRL! Which is what we are hoping for. We do already have a girl, though, so if it is a boy we won't be sad or anything. I will just be MAJORLY surprised! We didn't find out our daughter's sex before she was born, but I think we will this time to help DD prepare for the birth of her sibling.

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I am thinking girl. I just feel it. I've been right 5/5 pregnancies that resulted in a live baby, so I'm feeling pretty confident. Also, when I showed my husband the positve HPT, he grinned and said, "A baby girl!" :) How sweet is that?? We are planning to find out the gender at the birth, so it'll be a long wait to see if we are right!

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I thought I'd give an update.  I'm definitely still thinking boy.  I will be shocked if it's a girl.  This pregnancy is sooooo similar to my son's pregnancy and not at all with my daughter's.  Which is a little unfortunate because I felt so much better during my daughter's pregnancy.  Which is opposite of what "they" tell you, right?  I've heard that girl pregnancies are worse, but mine was definitely better.

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I think I'm having a girl, although I'm (truly) fine with either smile.gif I am using the "my butt is getting bigger" theory (my butt only got bigger with my DD) & the fact that I've had three baby girl dreams as my reasoning. We had sex the day before O -- what does that usually mean?
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I am thinking boy, but not for any major reasons. I feel like my nausea was very different from when I carried my daughter.   I keep thinking of the baby as a him, though we had been considering waiting to find out the gender at birth, I am thinking I need to find out at the US because it would be very strange to think of this as a boy the whole pregnancy and then have a girl!

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becoming -  What I've heard is that the "boy" sperm swim fast, but the "girl" sperm live longer.  So if you DTD before ovulation, the "girls" have a better chance. 


kjourdan - We are finding out this time and I am looking forward to finding out if my suspicions are correct. I wouldn't be upset if I thought boy and it was girl when she came out, but definitely surprised!


I will say my one baby dream so far, it was a girl.  But I'm always forgetting where I left my baby in my baby dreams and I don't really take them as a sign of anything but random fears.

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Before my other three were born, I had baby dreams and they were each born the same sex as in my dreams.  But DC3 and this new baby will be just 22 months apart and I haven't had the time to have any baby dreams yet!  At least, not dreams where I know the sex of the baby.  We aren't finding out either, so it will be a great surprise!  I don't even have any sort of feeling about which it will be.  Crazy.

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-  What I've heard is that the "boy" sperm swim fast, but the "girl" sperm live longer.  So if you DTD before ovulation, the "girls" have a better chance. 


i have heard that is no longer true. they both swim the same and live the same. it has more to do with your ph and stuff. they have studies linked on ingender.com.

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i have heard that is no longer true. they both swim the same and live the same. it has more to do with your ph and stuff. they have studies linked on ingender.com.

Probably.  Whatever.  I still got pregnant with a boy doing it the sperm swimming way and with a girl doing it the sperm swimming way - so I'll be a believer ;)

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We have had a similar experience.  B was from DTD the day before O and the day of O, and he's a boy.  L was from DTD 4-5 days before O because we had company and she's a girl.  This time we DTD 2 days before, the day of and the day after O and based on the "NUB theory" we're having a boy.  I do believe in the swimmers theory too unless it's like 2 days before O and then it could really go either way .  YK?

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I'm freezing, but not very nauseous, so what might that mean...?  Actually, all of my pregnancy symptoms are just exaggerations of my previous flaws.  I've always had a strong stomach, but am also always cold, tired, and hungry.  Now, I'm extraordinarily cold, tired, and hungry, but without heartburn, nausea, etc.


My hunch on whether I'm having a boy or a girl tends to change depending on my preference at any given moment.  I tend to think I'm getting the opposite of whichever one I want.  Most of the time, I think I'm getting a girl, but lately, it's been boy.

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