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Caregiver recs - Mine never really has any for me. I obsess about things to her and she tells me not to worry and gives me explanations for why different things happen.

Sleeping - I have had the same problem on and off throughout my pregnancy. I don't know what makes it come and go. Right now I seem to be doing ok.

DH's Expectations for labor - Hmm, maybe we should discuss it, but I don't think he really has any. He's not like me, trying to analzye everything to death and figure it out ahead of time, he just goes with the flow and says we'll worry about things when it comes that time. I guess I thought I was preparing him ahead of time by telling him how bad I might be and then if I'm not that bad it will be a relief. I hope he doesn't end up being traumatized.


In other news, I was all excited yesterday when I asked the mw what I was measuring at 31 wks and she said 31.
Then she added that she but thought that was off bc the baby was breech this time.
She said they don't get concerned about that until 34-36 wks, but I'm concerned about it. I kept swearing there wasn't room anymore for baby to turn around and DH kept saying he thought s/he could. Guess I have to believe there's still room for him/her to turn *back* around now. Funny thing is, the little bugger was already head down at 19 wks at our u/s. Not that I can tell if s/he stayed that way the whole time until recently, but I took it as a good sign.
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I've been having a hard time getting back to sleep for a while. My bladder wakes me up around 3:30 or 4:00 and I usually have to move to the sofa to get back to sleep.

I've been having that "princess and the pea" feeling since the beginning. We have a futon mattress and I've always loved it, but during the first couple of months I had to pile things on top of it to get even close to being comfortable. We have a new pillowtop king sized bed coming soon, and I can't wait.
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My mom was supposed to go with me to my midwife's appointment today but she cancelled. I was ready to tell the midwife not to announce my weight gain because my mom *loves* to give me a hard time about it. Last time (3wks ago) it was 20lbs so at this point I give up. I was hoping only to gain 15 but it was not to be!

My midwives don't give many recommendations either. I figured I was going to be read the riot act when they read my diet sheet I had to turn in but she said overall I was doing okay but I should try to eat out less, too much grease. Lately for some reason DH & I haven't felt like cooking at all. I might occasionally surpass the recommended level of caffeine per day but I don't sweat it.
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sleep and stuff

Wow, I slept for 6 straight hours last night - 2 a.m. to 8 a.m.! I must be dehydrated.

I took my 6 y.o. cousin to my mw appt yesterday - she was a preemie (31 weeks!) and so were her brothers, so she thinks restricted activity for Mom and a stay in the NICU are normal parts of the birthing process. I'm hoping we can change that perception, although if I get transferred and sectioned it will probably convince her 100% that birth is scary and awful. Honestly, the only thing that makes me feel performance anxiety is this child.

In other news, I weighed 145.5, which puts my weight gain at over 20 lbs. I just wish so much of it wasn't in my face, arms and booty - James is a pretty compact package and I'm measuring two weeks behind. But should there be a famine in the next year, I am all set.

Papaya tablets seem to help with my heartburn. I also added another pillow to the bed last night - which was being embraced by dh when I woke up.
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I see you all talking about 20 pounds of weight gain, thats fantastic, but it doesnt seem like enough to me, because I always gain a lot in pregnancy. With DD I gained 60 pounds- lost 35 in 6 weeks, then with DS I gained 40 and lost it all but 5 pounds within 6 weeks. At my last appt I was up 35 pounds at 30 weeks. Im not worried about it, except that its really tough to find extra large maternity pants that dont have the full frontal belly panel (which I HATE), and Im growing out of my favorites. I know the weight will come off rather quickly after the baby is born, and the last few pounds will wait until a year or so after like before.

Sleep sucked so bad last night... DS went to bed really early and so woke up at 330 AM to toss and turn until about 5. Im glad he stays in bed when its bedtime and doesnt want to go play, but there was no sleeping for me... Right about the time he went to sleep, the baby woke up and started tossing and turning and hitting and kicking, so that kept me up. I dozed off a few minutes and had an awful nightmare, and then I was up until 630 or so. At 930 when I woke, DH said I could go back to bed for a while, but I still couldnt go back to sleep, so I just got up.

<<<THIS IS JUST CREEPY>>>About the nightmare I had... It was so awful, and so weird. I dreamt someone was in our bedroom, standing over the bed rustling a shopping bag, making noise. He was walking around the room watching us sleep and taking things. I was trying to wake DH but I couldnt move, couldnt talk... Then I woke up, just terrified. Noone. Noone could get in my house without waking up our dogs and setting them off anyway... So I calm myself down, try to relax. I have to pee, so I start to get out of bed. When I get to the bottom of the bed, I put my had on the footboard to help me get out, and I touch something that doesnt belong there, and it MAKES THE NOISE I HEARD IN MY DREAM... I grabbed it and it was a yellow post-it note, blank, stuck tot he footboard of my bed.
It was not there three hours before when I got up to pee. I know that, cause I get out of bed the same way every time, and I always think about how its not good for the footboard to do that. Kimber was sleeping peacefully next to the bed, DH might as well have been unconsious. I went pee, but it was a LONG time before I went to sleep.
There were other post it notes on our blanket chest at the foot of the bed that I saw in the morning. Dh says he has no idea where they came from. I dont either. The kids werent playing in the room last night before bed, Zack fell asleep early and when we went in, Kimber went to sleep next to him... So Im befuddled. :

Anyway, Im glad the windows were all closed last night. If they hadnt been, and I hadnt KNOWN the doors were all locked, I never would have gotten back to sleep.
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man, I am behind you guys (29 wks) and my weight gain is 31 lbs.! The last 5-8 have definitely been in my thighs and behind, but everything else is going to baby. I think gaining a little fat all over is pretty normal for pregnancy, God knows I used it quickly in the early days of bfing last time. I am trying to make a renewed effort to not eat "empty" food, though. But if I keep up this trend, I wil gain just as much as I did with Tain. Surprising, considering I ate horribly with him. Guess this is just how my body works...
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I'm 37 lbs in 33 weeks. I see women who are due any day now who are smaller than me. I also outgrew all panel pants, and with dd I was able to wear non-maternity shirts up until 7 months. No chance of that with this one!

Sometimes I wonder where all the weight goes, since it's not very obvious how much I've gained until I weigh myself.
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Well, I've got a new symptom since the weekend, my feet are swelling I was hoping to avoid it this time (was put on bedrest by my stupid OB last time because of it) guess I really haven't been taking good enough care of myself. Gotta up the water intake and get me some watermelon! I hate having little sausage toes!

I can't remember who asked about talk with DH about labor. Last time was awful, Dan was a mess seeing me in so much pain and being steamrolled by the hospital. He was not exactly what I'd call good birth support : We did have lots of long talks about it about a year after and got past the blame and guilt and all and we're going into this time a lot more prepared. He's very excited about it all and happy that we have such an awesome team of midwives that we both trust, so he's feeling like he'll be able to be much more present to it all and not just numb with fear. I'm also not relying on him in the same way this time, I'll have others to support me and he can just have his own experience without being in charge of being my advocate.
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My dh was wonderful birth support last time. He worked almost as hard as I did! He was always there (except when he left for 10 minutes to get food, but the doula was there then), he brought me stuff to throw up in, he never complained about blood or being tired, he didn't watch TV...
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I think I had a different definition of birth support. Dan was there the whole time (except when I sent him to get some food after I'd gotten the epi) He was on his feet, shirt soaked with sweat, and didn't complain at all and he was very present during the pushing, birthing part for that last hour. But, during the first few wretched hours when they were sticking things in me and doing all their hospital-ly stuff he was a deer in the headlights, beyond freaked out and no help to me whatsoever. It wasn't pretty.
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Brooke-that is CREEPY! I wanted to tell my dh, but I know if I do, he'll dream something similar tonight. : Glad to know you all are safe and sound.

Robin, Matt was similar only without the yucky hospital stuff (we had a hb). It isn't so much about how supportive he is capable of being as it is about what he takes away from the experience. I want him to remember our dc's births with joy and wonder, not tension and fear and stress. So I am not making him my main support person. If he needs a break, I want him to have one. I think it will help with the bonding, too. Tain bonded so tightly to me from the moment he was born that it is only as he has gotten to be 2 yo or so that he loves daddy as much. that was really hard for Matt, too. It is convenient for him that Tain will need him during my labor. They can be labor buddies and have some special together time when things get to be too much. At least that is the plan.
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So, we've had an eventful day - we went and started the process for applying for a mortgage! I really, really like the mortgage broker we're working with, and he did a great job of easing my worries. We were pre-qualified today, and should have final pre-approval within a week. And its for the price-range we were planning on! Now, the only complication is that we'll be moving right about the time the baby is born! But that's okay... At least we'll have lots of family visiting to help us move! I'm going to go hardcore nesting for the next six weeks so all we'll have to do is put stuff in boxes and walk out the door when its time.

I'm feeling really good physically, actually. My weight gain seems to have slowed a bit - I'm 32.5 weeks and I've gained about 26 pounds - but none of that in the last couple of weeks. I'd be happy to stay right at 26 for the rest of the ride - doesn't weight gain often slow/stop in the last month? I have terrible heartburn occasionally, but it hasn't been constant lately. I get tired more easily, but overall I feel great! The Braxton Hicks surges are pretty minor and the leg cramps aren't too bad and my hypnosis que-words take care of the discomfort immediately in both cases!

I'm sorry to hear that so many of you are having a tough time - I really don't mean to gloat! My mom had TERRIBLE pregnancies, she originally planned to have 5-6 kids, but had her tubes tied after two. But she had it about 10x better than her mother did, so I'm hoping this trend just continues!!

DH was VERY hesitant/uncomfortable about being a birthing coach at first, and was VERY skeptical about the Hypnobabies program. But after seeing how amazing it works whenever I'm in any kind of pain he's jumped on the bandwagon. He was explaining the whole fear-tension-pain cycle to the nurse when we did the hospital tour last weekend. By the way, the hospital seemed great - they said they only take the baby to the nursery if you specifically ask them to (rooming in is the norm), husbands are welcome to also room in, and they love to pamper new mamas... it actually sounds pretty nice! The rooms are lovely, too, very spacious and nicely decorated with lots of cabinets to hide all the equipment in.

PS - my latest belly pic is at http://www.photogrove.com/gallery/album05/PICT1839
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Queenie ~ I always your belly pics!!

Is anyone else starting to feel like the days are flying by. I have SO much to do and I just don't know when I'm going to get it done.

I used to get all annoyed when I heard pregnant women talk about all the stuff they had to do before the baby was born. I would think to myself....babies don't NEED a nursery, or a crib, or whatever else people tend to think they need.

But now that it's me...I'm really feeling the pressure. It's not so much that I'm trying to get things done for the baby....but that I'm using the baby as a deadline to ahem....encourage my DH to get some things done in the house that we have been talking about doing for years. :

And then at work...I'd like to stop working at the beginning of June...so all of the sudden I'm feeling like WOW....that's SIX WEEKS from now.

Anyway...sorry to I'm having trouble sleeping at night so I have WAY too much time to think.

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Erin- I know what you mean about time flying! We have the shelves built in the hallway, the head board to Lauren's bed is just waiting for the second coat of paint and the baby's room has the base coat and jsut needs to have the stripes painted. Now we just need to do the shelves in our room, paint our room, buy the dresser for Lauren(the baby is getting her dresser/changing table combo and clean the carpets. The carpets are getting done this weekend because it will be nice enough to open all the windows!

About dh being the support person. I know my dh loves me and tries his best but the first time was so long and he was so tired(I wouldn't let him sleep because I didn't want to be "alone"). He did a great job but he was clueless. Thanks god for our awesome nurses! The second time, well we had the midwife that is very forceful and he was imtimidated by her. HE has a hard time standing up to authority so to speak. He was also coming down with a nasty cold(I just bought vitamin C last night to hopefully prevent that from happening this time). So this time we have hired a doula! She is wonderful and I'm getting to know her pretty well! We are actually on a breastfeeding board together, although I didn't know that when we hired her. This is our last baby and I want dh & I to remember it in a positive light. It took a long time to work through my last birth(#$*$& midwife) and things were pretty shaky between us for a while.

Alright I need to run!

HAve a great day everyone!
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My DH was a *rock* in labor. I didn't really need a whole lot, mainly a hand to hold during the contractions, or someone to lean on (until I got into the tub, I could only stand during contractions). He encouraged me to relax my mouth a lot, probably too much but he did great.

My MW appointment went well. She said the head was down and she let my DS help with the doppler. It was so cute!

I have a very important question I need advice on. My co-workers have asked me to give them a list of things I need for this baby. Well I don't really need much but one thing I really do need is a stroller, with the air filled wheels. I would like either a jog stroller or one of those new 3-wheeled strollers with the front tire that turns. The prices on these average about $90-180. All my co-workers (4, 2 of them highly paid) will be pitching in for my gift. I don't want to seem greedy and ask for something so expensive. On the other hand, with my DS they gave me 3 months of diaper service which ran about $150! What do you think?

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Tamara ~ Ya know...since they asked...I'd present it like...

Well...the only thing we are really needing at this point is a stroller...but those are pretty expensive.

Pause for reaction.

If the person is like...that's ok, we're chipping in...then by all means...tell them which stroller you want.

If not you could say, I would love a gift certificate to XYZ store where they sell strollers. That would be SO helpful.

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Good morning everyone! My dh is very excited about my labor and birth. Last time, the only stressful part for him was when my body started pushing WITH FORCE 20 minutes before we got to the hospital. When we finally made it there without the baby being born, he was fine. There was nothing hospital-y about it for him to get freaked about. Our mw told me to go ahead and do whatever I needed to do. She sat next to dh and instructed him on what to do. He caught dd and placed her up on my belly. He thought it was the greatest thing ever. He knows I'm planning a waterbirth this time and he may not get to catch this one, but he's fine with that. The whole thing is just very amazing and cool to him.

I hear you guys on not getting any sleep. Dd hasn't been sleeping well the last few nights. That, along with my need to pee 3-4 times a night has been hard.

Tamara, I would take Erin's advice on your co-workers' gift situation.
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I just submitted my request for maternity leave!!!

June 7 - Sept. 7 (although I'm not actually planning to return in Sept. )
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OK, I started having this weird vagina thing! When I walk, I get this sore feeling in my outer vulvar area. It doesn't hurt when I press on it, just when I walk.:

Other than that, I'm having second thoughts about having dd at the birth. Since this is supposed to be our last baby I wonder if I'll regret not having her there, but I can't pretend she won't be demanding attention all the time, even if we do get someone to be with her. So I don't know...sometimes I think that giving her attention would be a welcome distraction from the pain, but then if this labor is going to be as painful as #1, I'll be completely out of my mind.
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Greaseball- I'm having that same weird feeling when I walk too!

I also KWYM about having your child at the birth. I definately want him there but am still worrying about him demanding attention. I, personally, would probably hate having to worry about that while in labor. We're going to have both his grandmas there and, hopefully, his uncle but still I worry. DH says I just worry too much. Someone has to, I guess.
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