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Supply Issues...nothing is working...

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I'm so desperate at this point.  


Here is a copy and paste of another post I posted last week:



I think I'm going crazy but hopefully I can get some responses that will take me down a notch or two.  I just came from my pediatrician with my 6.5 month old.  She isn't concerned about his weight but would like to see him gain more.  He is currently in the 10th percentile and was previously in the 50th back at birthweight.  So here's a brief rundown of his weight per month:


Birthweight -  7 lbs 2 oz.

1 week old - 7 lbs 4.5 oz.

1 month - 10lbs 4.5 oz.

2 months - 11lbs 140z.

4  months - 13 lbs 7.5oz.

4 1/2 months - 14 lbs. 3.5 oz.

5 1/2 months - 14 lbs 10 oz.

6 1/2 months - 15 lbs 0.5 oz.


So...he is gaining but not a ton.  We (my pedi and I) are both aware that babies stop gaining as steadily at this point but she said up to 6 months even - it wasn't a lot.  She said she is not alarmed but would like to see an increase and if he went below the 10th percentile, she would be concerned.  I cried to her as I have been so paranoid about my supply.  I wasn't always worried about my supply - it seems after the summer was over that I thought I was making less milk.  I started with the solids mid-September and he did great.  He was eating oatmeal and rice and I moved on to carrots.  Then, I started taking Fenugreek and I was feeding him oatmeal and he was pooping a ton one particular day - like 5 times in a day (his usual was once a day or every other day for poop).  So, I decided to go back to rice for a couple days.  I did just that and then he just stopped pooping for about 5 days.  I stimulated him with the thermometer and he went.  The he went another 5 days with no poop.  I gave him pear juice (reluctantly but I just wanted him to poop) and he went.  I have been giving him pear juice almost every day to no avail - no poop.  I KNOW breastfed babies can go up to 10 days with no poop but it still makes me slightly upset.  


So - today, I go to pediatrician for his 6 month well visit and he weighed in at 15 lbs and 0.5 oz.  A half pound increase in a month, which is good but just not at the percentile or weight we thought he could be.  She then asked about my supply when I pump, what do I get.  I told her that pumping can not be any indication of supply and she said this is true but if you at least get 2 oz, I would know that minimum he is getting about 4 oz or so....especially if I were to pump first thing in the morning.  I told her I'm lucky if I get an ounce sometimes.  I was sweating at this point...flustered and broke down into tears as this is totally feeding into my worst mothering fear...not having enough milk (I nursed my first son until 3 1/2 with no issues other than the occasional plugged duct).  I told her through tears that I just don't want to give him formula.  She said I'm not going to tell you that.  I said "ever?"  She said no, just increase your feeds and maybe go back to giving him solids.  Maybe not cereal but at least fruits and veggies as she is concerned he is just not getting enough from me and therefore that is why he is not pooping.  I do feed him almost every two hours or so it seems - even overnight.  


I'm now eating lactation cookies for the 4th day and went back to taking fenugreek (I stopped the fenugreek in a paranoia that it caused him not to poop).  I'm going to stop drinking the tea now that I'm back to taking fenugreek as to not overdo it on the fenugreek.  Increasing my water intake and trying to relax.  Also, I did start to give him "lunch" today and gave him some pears.  I know he doesn't NEED solids right now but just want to see him poop.  Hopefully, my milk will increase SOON with my regimen with the cookies and the fenugreek and water but until then...I'm just plain sad and feel like I am failing.





So...update is I took DS to the gastro and it turns out nothing is wrong with his pooping.  He actually pooped the morning of the appointment...which was this past Wednesday...and yesterday and this morning.  What changed?  I was told to up his solid intake to make up for the lack of the milk he is getting from me.  Do I like it?  Not in love with the idea since I KNOW BM is way more caloric and they want me to continue breastfeeding but just give him 2 meals a day in solids.  I want to DESPERATELY up my milk supply.  I'm taking fenugreek 3 pills 3 times a day and Blessed Thistle the same amount.  I'm eating 2 lactation cookies a day and increased my water.  I play relaxation music to calm down and not stress (I'm now convinced my stress level caused my milk to drop).  On day 3 of taking just fenugreek I felt full and had leaked a little...but that stopped...weird...I wonder if it's even working.  I just added the Blessed Thistle into the equation just yesterday...so I know i need more time but I really want Domperidone.  


I can't figure out who would prescribe it to me since I read it's not legal to prescribe it for any reason than what the med is intended for.  Also, DH isn't on board with dom...he doesn't like that its a medication and that the whole legal thing doesn't sit well with him thinking it could be harmful - even though I informed him it is an L1...even Tylenol is an L2.  Either way, who would prescribe it to me?  I can't get my OB to do it and I think my pedi won't since I am not the patient.  I try to pump...I try to do whatever I can.  I would slice my hand off if it meant I would have a full milk supply.  


The gastro called my pedi after I left since I got emotional with her too since she said his poop is fine...it's his poor weight gain that she is concerned about and in order for him to even stay on the growth chart...he would have to be 17lbs by next month.  Thats 2lbs. in one month...I DOUBT that will happen and I feel so much pressure...so since she called the pedi...my pedi wants to see me next week for a weight check on him.  I need more time, I don't want to hear anything negative...my pedi is all for breastfeeding, she is very sweet...but she would be concerned if his weight keeps dropping off the charts.  No, he's not loosing weight, he is gaining...just slowly (gastro said not slowly...poorly...nice huh?)


The joy of breastfeeding that I felt with my first is now being sucked out of me and I feel so depressed now.  I don't know what else to do.  I'm not going to starve the baby if it comes down to being told I have to supplement...and I know thats 15 steps ahead of things but if that is the end result I will be devastated.  

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I know this is hearbreaking for you and you are doing everything you know how to do.  Is there a LaLecheLeague or Breastfeeding USA group near you?  Even if there isn't one near you, or it's a while before the next meeting, go online and find a phone number to call.  They will be more than happy to help you. 


The one thing to remember is that supply meets demand.  Starting him on solids, decreases his demand, which in turn decreases your supply.  Is there a way you could just take a day or two and stay in bed with him and just nurse as often and for as long as he wants?


Big hugs to you.  You must be frustrated, but you are doing a great job of trying to figure out how to fix this overwhelming problem.  Please keep us updated.

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Have you tried doing a babymoon? More frequent nursings work better for stimulating milk production than longer, more spaced-apart nursings. If you can get him to nurse for just a minute or two every 1-2 hours for 12- 24 hours you might be able to boost your supply quite a bit. Of course, if he wants to nurse longer than a couple of minutes, let him, but if you can get that minute or two every hour it can really stimulate milk production a lot.

Good luck!


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Have you seen an IBCLC?I


I'd suggest checking for a tongue-tie or any other reason that may decrease milk transfer.

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I don't think it's tongue tie but I have a friend who is an LC coming by tomorrow...I do nurse every 2 hours...so it's just a waiting game until I weigh the baby again at our weight-check on Friday...

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Well, those numbers are almost EXACTLY my dd's weight gain ( and she was 7lbs 2 oz at birth too) and no one batted an eye at her weight gain or lack of big weight gain once. She was 17 lbs by 9 months old and was only 18 lbs at a year. She is perfectly healthy AND I have no doubts that I have milk. So, I wouldn't be convinced that you have a milk supply problem either. 



Good luck!


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Originally Posted by Parker'smommy View Post

Well, those numbers are almost EXACTLY my dd's weight gain ( and she was 7lbs 2 oz at birth too) and no one batted an eye at her weight gain or lack of big weight gain once. She was 17 lbs by 9 months old and was only 18 lbs at a year. She is perfectly healthy AND I have no doubts that I have milk. So, I wouldn't be convinced that you have a milk supply problem either. 



Good luck!


As much as this makes me feel better (and believe me it does) I wonder about if that is also not a good comparison between boys and girls?  Not sure but I always thought girls were always "smaller" than boys to some degree regardless of BF or not.  Either way, it's a breath of fresh air to hear that!  Thanks!!



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This makes me so mad that they won't prescribe domperidone.  (I get mine online without a prescription - totally legit and I DID start out with a prescription from my doc getting it from a local compounding pharmacy so it CAN be done)  Google domperidone and Dr. Jack Newman - he has TONS of info and that might convince your doctor and husband.  It's ludicrous that they will prescribe Reglan but not domperidone.


BTW...those weights are very similar to my son's too.  I think he's healthy but his father was a skinny baby too.  He was 15 lbs 9 oz at 7 months.  Kellymom says 2-3 oz a week at this age so that's 1/2 lb - 3/4 lb a month.

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My OB just called in a script for Reglan.  She wasn't familiar with dom but will look into it.  I'm nervous about taking Reglan but I'm so desperate to keep BF that I'm close to taking it.  

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I did try Reglan because I wanted to say I tried everything to increase my supply.  It gave me a horrible case of depression that lasted a week but I wasn't able to take care of my son on my own so I had to have people stay with me at all times...it was horrible.  I can't say I wouldn't do it again but...it did suck big time.

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Domperidone, on the other hand, does not cross the blood/brain barrier so no risk of depression.

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Update...weighed in yesterday with an LC...16lbs and did a quick short feed and gained 2 oz.  So at minimum, he is getting at least 2 oz.  and that was a quick feed.


Went to pedi today and her scale read 15 lbs and 13 oz.   he was naked for this weigh in however and not with the LC's scale...shrug.gif  I'm going with 16lbs biggrinbounce.gif

Pedi was happy.  Thats umm...almost a POUND in 2 weeks orngbiggrin.gif  I guess something is working and of course adding the solids and doing 2 meals a day helped.  Also, could have been a growth spurt?  Who knows...maybe he was storing things and then just shot up a bit?  Not sure...


If I can keep this up for the next 5 months...I'll be happy.  Not that I'm stopping BF at 12 months but at least at that point, the threat or fear of being told I have to supplement will disappear and pedi will ask him to drink milk of some sort and eat some eggs etc.  I love BF past a year and however long after that - if my first DS was having a picky eating day, at least I knew he was getting BM to cover our butts.


I also gave her my WHO chart and asked her to make a copy for her to keep -  which the LC plotted for me - 15th percentile.  Much better than 10th...so I'll take it!


I'm not crazy about the Reglan.  I initially thought, what if I just took it for a week or so just to up the supply then stop but I'm reluctant to even do that.  I really really want the domperidone but either med, DH isn't crazy about me taking meds for that (even though I informed him it was safer than Tylenol).  He just thinks (especially after weigh in today) that everything is fine and keep doing what I'm doing...


Thanks for everyone's listening and suggestions/support.  It really means a lot when going through a rough time of stress.  


LC is sending the gastro doc a report on the baby just to sort of give her the information.  Hopefully that will inform her not to make moms panic if there isn't a huge issue.

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