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Medela Pump In Style Advanced

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Hello mamas!  I need some information quickly...


The Medela PISA....good?  Any reviews on it?  


What would you think about buying it from someone who only used it one time and it didn't work for her?  The lady that has it for sale said that she only used it one time and her milk supply just really didn't come in so it hasn't really even been "used".  It runs for $300 right now and she is willing to sell it to me for $100...only because I told her I would need to buy new tubing and shields because she has opened the package.


Also, it's not hands-free, but if you use the Medela Bustier will it work the same as hands free?


Thanks for the input!  

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Technically it's not a closed system, so it could be contaminated. But to be honest, I think it's probably fine, especially if you get new tubing. If you plan on using it heavily or for a long time, I might just get new for the warranty.
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I haven't used the bustiers but I have good success doing hands-free with hair ties. http://kellymom.com/bf/pumping/hands-free-pumping.html


I opted against buying a used PISA just because of potential cross-contamination issues, though I know the risk is low, but I also had the $ to spend on a new pump without it being an issue. Everyone has to find their own comfort level, I think. I bought an Ameda Purely Yours and haven't used the PISA so I can't comment further.

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I used this machine for 9 months of pumping, with the bustier. I could sit at my desk & work completely hands free. Honestly, if she has just used it once, I would have no hesitation in buying it used--I think you are getting a total bargain. You can probably sterilize the hard plastic parts in boiling water, so you might only need to buy new membranes and tubes. (If they melt, I was wrong. :) ).

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I know you're not supposed to do this but I used my PIS sporadically with my DD and then often for about 2 mos when I went back to work when she was 10 mos.  I gave it to my BF and she used it for twins for 10 mos.  Then I used it again for DD2 for 5 months before it gave out.  Great product.  All of our kids are healthy!



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