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I just thought I'd share this - I've been doing it for the past four years, and I have a great time every year. Basically, you sign up, make 10 ornaments, send them out, get 10 back. It was initially started by a design blog and had some AMAZING ornaments, but it's a little questionable since being hosted on swap-bot - some people just find it who aren't necessarily crafters and send out stuff that's less than awesome (I got a clothespin reindeer like the one I made in Kindergarten last year), but at the same time, there's still some amazing artists and crafters doing it. But the fun is in making your ornament (I think), so I just thought I'd share with anyone else interested!


(I hope I can attach the link - if not, you can find it by searching for the freshlyblended ornament swap on swap-bot)