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How did you come up with you business name?  I have thought of a couple and then googled them.  They are already in use.  Is that ok since I'm on the opposite side of the map?  I'm on the west coast and the ones I found were on the east coast.



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I'd think some more.  You never know what your outreach might led you to.  I came up with my name first by thinking of the message I wanted to communicate to women.  I had decided to start a blog with birth info etc... and then that evolved into my business name.  Luckily, it wasn't already in use.  Think of the message you want to convey, and a way to express your personal flare.

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Pretty much every name I wanted was taken, so I chose the name I wanted the most and felt OK with it because I am literally on the opposite side of the map as the other woman using it. Generally with business names, as long as you are far enough away that you won't harm the other persons business, it is ok. I chose Hello, Baby! 

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I wrote down words that describe birth, women, babies, and postpartum.  I just started playing around with them and came up with my name.  I chose Birth Roots which I googled and there was somthing else named this but it wasn't a doula business and it was very far from me.  So I went with it.


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choosing a name was tough, but like naming children when you find the right one you just know, and you can't let it go. if you feel that attached and the other business is far enough away i say go with it, but remember the world is getting smaller and smaller every day. make sure that if your potential clients are looking for you they won't be confused when searching on the web. i chose nature & nurture: it describes everything i feel about life and human behavior and the colon leaves room for me to add and change what services i provide. for now doula care, family support, and photography.

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the only thing i would suggest is look into stuff that would matter to me, such as .com availability or if there's any trademark/copyright associated with the name... because it would suck to get everything on the go with one name only to find out that the other doula with the same name can legally stop you from using it... i know this issue has come up on AllDoulas before and there have been cease and desist letters sent by one doula to another...

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