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Birth Announcements

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I thought I'd start a birth announcements thread so we can have them all in one place!  Be sure to subscribe to this thread so you don't miss any of our babes' births!  

Also, please share your birth stories in this thread: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1330432/the-birth-story-thread#post_16670422   You know, once things settle and you have some *free-time*  winky.gif



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9/19  LunaLady- Christina:


Hello girls smile.gif
Just wanted to update you all! It has been a crazy last few days but I am a mommy!

Our boy was born last night at 10:52pm at 33w2d.

He is doing great, though he is in the NICU and will be for a bit. He is breathing fully on his own and hasn't needed assistance in that area!
He is on IV nutrition for now until his gut can handle foods through mouth.
I am pumping every 2.5 hours and have collected up lots of yummy colostrum for my boy!

I will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, but I plan to visit baby three times a day.
I got to hold him skin to skin this morning and that was so nice.
I want to be able to do that at least once a day.

I will say i had about as opposite a birth experience as i was planing for,
But i pushed through and persevered and got a vaginal delivery!!!



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9/24  Bubbagirl- Becca:


Hi everyone. I had intended on being a bigger part of the ddc, but the new mothering platform didn't allow me to post via my blackberry - which is our main internet access. I haven't posted hardly at all but I have been reading!


Anyway - I was feeding my 18 month old all evening if felt like (nursing) because he is teething and after about 3 hours of that I felt a pop and pressure and thought I better go to the bathroom and had some leaking/gush. Contractions started coming every 3 - 5 minutes and we decided we better get to the hospital. I arrived at a 10 and pushed for about 7 minutes and she was born at 34 weeks and some days. She is in NICU to make sure her lungs are doing ok but she is progressing nicely and we might be able to take her home tomorrow evening or tuesday I hope.


We can't believe it - it is so surreal.


I attribute the fast (just over 2 hours from beg to end) and pain free birth to hypnobabies and her cooperation.


I will still be lurking on my phone to see how you all are doing.





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10/26  Gemini529:


just wanted to update and let you know that it WAS the real deal!!! had my lil man in the middle of the night. i will add more details later smile.gif

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10/27  Ajbaby:


She is here!! Emily Paige was born at 9:04 pm, three minutes before my midwife got here lol. She is 6 lbs 4 oz and 19 inches. I went straight from having contractions 3 to 4 minutes apart 30 seconds long to pushing. We didn't even get the pool filled, oh well.




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10/27  Meb2- Morgan:


:) Ezra Ryan was born last night at 6:46 PM after 2 hours and 46 minutes of labor from first contraction to baby in my arms. :) :) It was SO fast, but he is SO SO SO SO SO perfect and I am so happy. We had to stay at the BC last night because I was bleeding so heavily. :( I will post photos and a longer birth story later but it's snuggle time right now! :)

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10/30 Berry987 - Lindsey


After 36+ hours of on and off again contractions my baby girl, Stella Beatrix, was born on 10/30 at 4:16am! I am over the moon that she is here and healthy and everything went so well (once labor fully kicked in, that is!) It only took three contractions to push her out, which is a record for me because all my other births required about an hour of pushing. 


Now my DH and I are just trying to figure out how exactly one cares for a newborn and three small children at the same time without any help.! nut.gif


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11/1 Seraf- Sara


It's a boy. He hasn't been weighed or measured yet. Born in the car.

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10/31/2011. 8lbs2oz. 20'' long. 6:14pm. Conner Dean entered the world. He's perfect.


I went in for a regular check-up on Friday morning and had high blood pressure. I was diagnosed with mild pre-eclampsia and was induced on Monday morning at 7:30 after receiving two rounds of Cervadil.


9 hours of active, drug-free labor, 7 of it at 3cm, 70% effaced turned into a c-section. It's okay. I will say though, having experienced it drug-free AND with en epidural, I would choose drug-free any day. I HATED how the epidural made me feel.





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Congrats!!!! He's beautiful!!!

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Congratulations on your precious baby boy!joy.gif

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Congrats Nicole!  He's so cute!!  joy.gif

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joy.gifCongrats!! joy.gif

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Congratulations, Nicole! What a cutie pie!! joy.gif

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Oh my he is beautiful!  Congrats, and thanks for sharing photos of your Halloween baby with us!  So precious!  joy.gif

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Congrats! What a cutie! I highly encourage you to seek out your local ICAN chapter when you're ready for tips on healing and general support. :)

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Yay!  Congrats!

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Congrats! My DH was born on Halloween, and he has always LOVED IT!! :D

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I woke up at 1AM on 11-1-11 with irregular and uncomfortable contractions. I knew it was labor but it didn't seem intense to start. I got up, swept the sawdust from last night's headboard project, went back to bed for a while. After a bit I got up and folded some baby laundry. I took a shower and assured Sara there was nothing to do yet. I set up our supplies and went back to bed again. Sara and I both got up around 4. I went back and forth between showers and the bath and the birth ball and the toilet. I got some bloody show and we watched some Netflix and I was disappointed that my contractions were still irregular, tho they were surely more intense. We walked up and down the sidewalk a couple of times. Around 6 I told Sara I needed to go to the hospital for drugs. They were not nice contractions and I felt like they weren't doing anything. While Sara packed up a hospital bag I started feeling pushy, and I said, we can't leave now, we will have the baby in the car or they won't give me drugs anyway. Sara went back to bed (she was fighting morning sickness the whole time) while I lay in the shower drifting in and out of sleep. Finally the contractions were awful and I was convinced he wasn't coming out. So I told Sara I wanted to go to the hospital and get everything checked out. He was still moving. More than any of my babies during labor, so I knew he was somewhat ok, but I was bleeding and worried. So I couldn't even dress myself and I lay on the floor while Sara put my socks, pants and shoes on while I had a couple of contractions on the floor. I'm telling you, it felt like crap. It felt like really hard contractions, not like the relief of pushing. We walked down the stairs, got in the car, I was sitting on 2 towels and off we went. Sara told me it was 7:20 when left the house and I was cursing not leaving at 6 for drugs. Well, we got right out of town and I told Sara to find a pull off. She pulled over immediately and I told her there was a head coming out of me. She asked if I wanted her to go back home and I said, "no time! There is a head!" Well, it wasn't a head, I was simply exploding but the wrinkly soft head came out about the same time Sara got to my side of the car. There were several gushes of water as his different head parts and shoulders and body were delivered. Sara said, "it's a boy! What do I do?" I asked if she could pick him up. She put him on my chest, dried him and covered him with one of the towels for the very brief drive home. She got my mom so they could both help me inside. They took lots of pictures while I delivered the placenta and we nursed, ate and did vitals.


We have seen the family doc for his newborn checkup and the OB for my checkup.  He is a big boy.  21.5 inches and 8# 14oz are the official measurements. His name is Shay Brock.


Tiny baby, post bath.



My boys



We made this sling for Ari months ago, she was in a hurry to use it.


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