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Our daughter will be nine months next week, but this has been going on for a couple weeks now: she wakes up AT LEAST every 2 hours, and won't nap during the day for more than 45 minutes. Even on days when she's played really hard, gone to daycare, etc, and I'm SURE she must be exhausted, she still wakes up about 4 times per night. She starts off in her crib and then moves to our bed around 2am. The sleep that she DOES get seems really restless, and she wakes up crying and fussing.

She was never a great sleeper before, but she would at least go about 4 hours at a time without nursing.... Now I'm nursing pretty much constantly, all night long....

Now, I know she is teething, growing, and getting anxious about being away from me.

What I really want to know are your experiences with this - tell me it will stop sometime soon!