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Are you still concerned about it? I mean, perhaps you could accept that OB's offer to come on as his patient, presumably have a prenatal visit where you WOULD get an accurate ultrasound, and then choose to birth as you felt best? 


Are you monitoring your BP at home? I'd have a way to monitor it at home if it's fluctuating so much and is a concern. And, are you keeping a better log of fetal movement? Irregardless of what the hospital said, I'd keep a log of when you feel the baby/how often, and if lack of movement becomes a concern, I'd quite frankly lie and tell the doctors I'd not felt fetal movement in 24 hrs. 


Does the baby appear to still be flipping now that he's turned head down? I mean, he could have been flipping so much as a natural way of getting to head down from transverse, right? If he's still flipping at that approximated weight and this far down the road in the pregnancy, then that would concern me. 


And, if I was sure about the low waters, fluctuating BP, I would probably want to go with the OB (esp. if you have insurance) and just avoid going in for a C-section unless you agreed with the doctor about it's necessity. 



Another option I was thinking about is...traveling for your birth. What about visiting family or friends out of state in a more friendly birthing state? I recently had a miscarriage while UPing, dealt with it at home and finally ended up traveling out of state to visit family for a check-up because it was MUCH easier to find a midwife there. 

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Go to another hospital and tell them the baby isn't moving and hasn't been moving. That will get you an ultrasound. Keep going until you get care. Trust your intuition here--you are seeking medical care for a reason.
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You are putting these health care workers in a very difficult spot. You have a number of concerning factors: VBAC, history of pre-e, no prenatal care for 18 weeks, so no reliable record of measurements or anything else, potential IUGR, potential low fluid, and what may look to them like a lot of mistrust of them and the healthcare system.  Oh and a BP well in the hypertensive range.  They are scared that by giving you something like prenatal care in OB triage that later if, god forbid, you come in in with an emergency and have a bad outcome, you will sue everyone who's ever touched you, and use that semi- prenatal care as evidence that they have responsibility for that outcome.  Outside of being scared of being sued, doctors, nurses, and midwives don't generally like to give half-assed care.  They can't give you the best, HOLISTIC care without knowing the WHOLE you!  So I recommend you go to this OB with a truly open mind and lay your cards on the table.  Just by offering to see you, this guy sounds like he might be a really good doc.  Yes, you might have a c/section.  That might be what needs to happen in order for you and your baby to be healthy.

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I think the PP said that she would be welcome as a patient if she provided him with her prenatal records. Even still I would keep going to the hospital, call every ob/gyn your insurance accepts to find someone that will see you. I don't think at this point it is safe for you to no to be under the care of a doctor. Sorry you're going through all this.

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You are pretty close to 40 weeks...have you thought about inducing?  Trying some castor oil or acupuncture or the like?  If you are sure of your dates (are you? that might be why you measure small), and sure he's head down...maybe it's time to get that baby out of there. 


Then, if you induce and need to go in, at least things are happening and they can't turn you away.


But, I agree...it's time to find somebody or do something.  *hugs*

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Honestly, I've been induced for both my DDs for "possible IUGR," once with an OB, once with a midwife. I was measuring similarly to you. I had both girls vaginally and the second one without any interventions except for Cervidil to get me started. Neither baby was abnormal; I just happen to have small kids...so I'm a little sceptical (sp?) about the whole IUGR stuff. One thing my midwife told me with DD2, when US showed my fluids were low, was to drink TONS of water in the 24 hrs prior to the US; if the low fluid is pathological, then it won't make a difference to your fluid levels, however, if you happened to be a little dehydrated before your US, then drinking lots should help bring up your levels to within the normal range. Good luck, mamma!!!

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Any news?

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I ended up finding an OB who would take me on last minute and I had another US that showed my AFI at nearly seven, and then a NST and BPP a few days later where the baby looked beautiful in every way and fluid was up around 8, (after MUCH hydrating). They scheduled me for a c-section on Tues. the 22nd. 

So i knew I had the long weekend to go into labor on my own and I made SURE that it happened. Let's just say my oxytocin levels were kept very very high starting that sunday afternoon. I went into labor and had my waterbirth UBAC at 6:50 am Monday the 21st :) The birth was everything I wanted, although way more intense than I could ever have prepared myself for! I will post the whole story once it is written up :)


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Yay, I'm glad everything worked out so well!  Can't wait to read the birth story! <3

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WooHoo!! Way to go Dineapple!  I'll also be awaiting your story!



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