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Hating Therapeutic Listening?

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DD's(6.5) OT recommended we start her on Therapeutic Listening for her auditory hypersensitivity last week, and she hates it. DD says she doesn't like the music, it makes her ears hurt, she'd rather play than listen to this..... and I am left begging her to give this a try because it might help. Anybody else have a similar experience?

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Our son didn't hate the music, but on the recommendation of a friend, we bought him a portable CD player and a little belt pack to hold it in. That way, he was free to play and listen to the music. She might be a lot less resistant if you can let her play. Here's ds with the beltpack CD player on.



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My son just started this and his OT is starting it very slowly since he doesn't like it right off the bat. He wears the pack and headphones and swings in OT at the same time. He wears it for a few minutes right now. There are special cds and maybe you could try different one or just start listening for a few minutes at first and building up.

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My daughter took a little while to adjust to it, and liked some CDs much better than others. She had a set of structured activities that she was supposed to do for each 30 min. session: proprioceptive, vestibular, fine motor, oral motor etc. that the OT gave us. This helped. She did not like sitting and listening to it. 

It has been like a miracle for us, it has made such a difference for her. Maybe ask your OT for a more regulating/soothing CD to begin with? Good luck! 

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My DS also hated it. We worked up to the full hour slowly, his had to be with headphones and has bone conduction (iLs) so has an uncomfortable vibrating bump on the top of the headphone band. We also did OT excercises and played while listening, with a backpack since DS was sensitive to it being around his waist. At first til he got used to it we used "motivators" I didn't like it but it worked -a sticker dog that moved to a finish line, but no actual reward - in retrospect I would be fine with motivators or even bribe/reward becauseit made a HUGE difference, and it is too far apart for the child to make the association and I have found with my lo, sometimes the outside motivation has to come first.   Good luck! You will know what works best.

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