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hi all-

I am a FTM with a 5 week old girl. Looking forward to sharing and learning from others. I am currently exclusively breastfeeding and am particularly curious and open to an attachment parenting style. One thing I am struggling with is all of the opinions from others on feeding and sleeping! One good thing about being sleep deprived is that I am not so afraid to speak my mind! It is still frustrating how everyone and their mother (including my own! Lol) has something to say about everything related to my baby!

Ok, vent over!

Other than that, mothering is pretty cool redface.gif
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Welcome to the wonderful, scary, heartwarming, crazy world of being  Mom :)


As for others an'd the opinions, you would get it no matter what parenting philosophy you would subscribe to!  People do mean well but I have found the "Thanks!" and going about your own thing the easiest response to them.  Really, you do what you have to for your kid and what others think doesn't matter.


My sister used the Ferber "Cy it out" method with her kids.  Swears by it!  "They sleep through the night at 4 months!"  she would say.  My kids were in our room till over two.  They haven't been back since (we do stay with them when they on occasion wake in the night).  Hers are in bed with here most nights now according to her.  Who came out better?  I think the AP sister wins here ;) lol

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LOL You sound like me!!  I've learned to tell the ones I don't mind offending to shove it, and everyone else I smile nicely and just say thanks.  Here's my philosophy on the sleep thing, no 12 year old is going to come climb into your bed, or let you rock them, or nurse them or anything else, so enjoy it while you can because it goes fast!  My 3 year old will sleep in his own bed, but he's scared to fall asleep on his own there, so my husband lays with him until he falls asleep, and sometimes he has to go back in during the night.  The other day I asked him why he's still doing it when I told him ways he can wean DS off of that.  He told me there was a bonding factor there that he's enjoying while he can. 

So the way I see it, do what feels right to you, for as long as you can, because they grow up fast and before you know it you can't cradle them anymore, and you send them off to school and relinquish control to someone else, that's hard.  If you raise a "mommy's boy or girl" in the process big deal, at least they'll come and talk to you when they're 16 and have they're first broken heart or have those tough questions that you don't want them asking their friends about. 

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My 2 year old already wipes off my kisses.  When I ask her why she tells me "Because I a snot!" and smiles at me.

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