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Positive encounters with strangers!

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I recall a thread about the negative things that people say to you when your pregnant but I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we share the positive encounters that we have during our pregnancies.  I find that these days, being in my last month or so of pregnancy, I am having a lot of them.


One was this morning with the nurse who was giving us our flu shots.  We were talking about the pregnancy and out of the blue she said "so are you going to have the baby at home or with a midwife?".  I was floored.  I said - why yes, we hope to!  I've had the opposite question "so are you having a C-section?" or "what hospital will you go to" but never in a million years would I have expected someone to ask about home birth as the first question.  Anyhow, it was such a nice change that I'd thought I'd share it.  


I've also had a couple of really heartwarming exchanges with men in elevators who told me that they were also expecting a baby or one that said "I really miss my wife being pregnant".


Hope these brighten your days and I can't wait to hear more happy pregnancy stories.

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That's so cool! Especially about the guy saying he missed his wife being pregnant! That's sweet! I had a little girl come up to me in Walmart the other day when we were looking at a pair of girl pajamas and ask me if I was having a baby. When I told her yes, she said "oh that is SOOO CUTE!" It was adorable! lol A couple weeks ago, another man asked how far along I was and said I was absolutely glowing. Made my day. biggrinbounce.gif

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I've had two standouts.  One was at a gas station where an old man who worked at the little mart inside ran to open the door for me and exclaimed "that's so wonderful.  What a wonderful thing!"  It was just adorable.  The other happened at a nail salon.  There was a four-ish year old there too.  She whispered something to me, and I couldn't hear her.  She whispered again, and I felt terrible because I still couldn't hear her.  I leaned down and got really close to her and she pointed at my abdomen and whispered "is there a baby in there?"  When I responded that there was, she giggled and said "good."  It was just so adorable.

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This wasn't an interaction with a stranger, but I was talking to a friend of a friend who is also a mom.  I mentioned what a hard time I was having the last month of pregnancy, and braced myself for the usual "You think THIS is tough, just wait till baby's born" nonsense.  I was so pleasantly surprised and happy when she said "Yeah, labor is nothing compared to the last month.  This is the hard part; labor is like hard work, but it's way better than the last month of pregnancy.  You're gonna do awesome."  I was floored!  Then she went on to say how the newborn/baby stage was the best, how she was happier than she'd ever been in her life, how all-around great life is with a baby.  It was one of the most positive, refreshing conversations I've ever had!

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A very old lady was my cashier today at the thrift store.  She pointed to my belly and asked me "So what are you gettin'?" 

It took me a minute to understand that she meant, am I having a boy or a girl? 

When I answered "Oh!  I don't know yet", she was just tickled pink.  She said "You're just like we were back in our day!" 


It was such a refreshing change from all of the people that A. can't believe I don't ever find out, because it would drive them crazy not to know!!!!,

or B. assume that I must be desperate for a girl, because they mostly see me out with my two boys and think that's all I have.

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I was walking along downtown and this lady was looking at me and when I passed she smiled and said "You look just wonderful". She was so sincere and it seemed like it made her really happy to see a pregnant woman.  It made me feel pretty good love.gif

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Oooh, I've had a bunch of "older" (old enough that they had their kids in the 80s, or earlier.. not necessarily elderly! hehe) get excited that we're having a surprise. Refreshing change from my sil who is convinced that "something is up" that we're not telling! lol. Lately though, I've been getting lots of shocked/sympathetic looks/comments from people in public. Like "Oh you poor thing, you look so uncomfortable" "Nope, actually I feel great" 

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