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8 week old babies restless sleepers from 2 am on???

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My 8 week old twin girls usually sleep a good stretch (3-5 hrs) in the beginning of the night but seem to be restless the rest of the night.  They don't seem to go back into a deep sleep??  Should I be burping them in the night?  It seems to wake them and then we are back to square one.  I swaddle them and they sleep together.  I am not sure what I can do to help them sleep another stretch in the middle of the night.  Any ideas or btdt??  I am just soooo tired!  One seems to sleep better then the other and wants to be on the boob most of the night.  Please tell me I am not alone:)

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So am I alone on this then? :)

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Not alone! My twin girls are 6 months and we have the same issue! As soon as I find a solution they move on to another stage and switch it up again. I know it sounds super weird but right now we try to keep them awake until we all go to bed together so the hubby and I can sleep during that short 4-5 hours (if we are luck to get that!). I tried having them sleep next to each other but they kept waking the sleeping sister all night. Right now one of my girls wakes around 3 or 4 and wants to play! I never talk to her and I just keep offering her a binky, snack or cuddle until she gives up and goes to sleep. I never burp them during the night, it wakes them up. Instead feed on their side and pat their back like that after eating.

It is a constant battle :) Right now our system is one sleeps with me on my side and the other sleeps in a co-sleeper on my husband's side. For now that works!

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I still have that problem with my girls sometimes at four and a half months. Sometimes I find that promptly grabbing a restless twin and feeding her before she can wake up too much helps. Not changing diapers seems to help. But other times (like last night) they just won't go fully back to sleep.

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My dd slept for only 2-3 hours a night and 2-3 hours a day until she was 4 months old. It was horrible, we were so exhausted. Oh, and she would ONLY sleep if one of us was dancing with her and listening to lady gaga. Seriously. We tried all different kinds of music, but without lady gaga and dancing she just couldn't sleep. Actually she needed to be danced to lady gaga for most of the night when she was awake, too, or she would cry. I sort of felt like I was in some kind of lady gaga nightmare. But now she just cuddles up to us and goes right to sleep for most of the night. I think the first 3-4 months are always hard, as far as sleep goes, although for some people more than others. And you have 2 babies, so I'm sure that makes it so much harder. It almost always gets easier. It's only been 3 months that dd's been sleeping well, and I've almost forgotten what it was like before.

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