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I LOATHE those "layering" shirts.  What a waste!

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Unfortunately the brands of clothing are hit and miss, but I suppose I've become a bit disenchanted with clothing quality as well. I don't think I'm hard on clothes but apparently I am, lol. It's so nice, however, to spend fifty cents on something and it doesn't last more than a year than to spend 20 dollars or more. Sure, there are a few things that don't work out but it really all evens out in the end for me.
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Last night at Goodwill we picked up a Fisher Price Little People Fun Sounds Garage for $2! It's going for about $20 on Ebay/CL so I feel like I got a major score. And Little Man is so into his cars and such right now - he's super excited about it too! I'm raising another thrifter over here. :-) 

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Some more good deals at the Goodwill yesterday. My husband stopped at one during the day yesterday and found a bulldozer toy for fifty cents. Then we stopped at another one on our way to grocery shopping last night and picked up a few things - 


- 5 books for Little Man for a few dollars - some Golden Books, a Richard Scarry Golden book (double score) and a few board books (Curious George and an Elmo book). 

- A clear plastic letter/desk organizer for $2 - I've been wanting one of these for the bookcase in the kitchen to corral bills and mail and such. And since it's clear, I'm going to do something crafty with scrapbook paper to spiff it up. 

- Richard Scarry airplane board game for $2 - still brand new in the box! Little Man is a bit young for it, but at that price it can sit in the closet for a year or two no problem. 

- A black bag big enough to fit my work laptop - $5. And it doesn't look ugly! No more giant messenger bag of back pain for me. 

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My husband found two of the Little People mini trucks that match the mining/construction play set we have for $1.00. Goodwill is really working out lately! 

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Got some awesome deals while on vacation. Of course I had to hit the thrift stores and antique shops while we were out of town!


At a Goodwill in Madison - 

- A grey Lufthansa flight bag $3

- A blue Green Toys tugboat $1

- Sandra Boynton song book with CD $1

- Two Golden Books and a Dr. Suess book $3


At antique shops - 

- Blue calico fabric $2

- Green calico fabric $3

- 1961 Betty Crocker Outdoor Cookbook $3

- Pair of electric hobnail milk glass lamps $25


And not thrift, but Target's One Spot stuff is 70% off right now, so I loaded up on some stuff - 

- Hello Kitty - 2 bowls, 2 tupperware boxes, 2 notepads, coloring book $1.80

- Dr. Suess - 1 learning clock, 2 diecut packs, 4 sticker packs, 1 paper hat pack, 1 package of pencils, 6 plastic plates $15 (not technically on clearance but at a buck a piece they're for Little Man's birthday part in September)

- 6 melamine "solo cups" (3 red, 3 blue) $1.80

- 2 beer cozies $0.60

- 3 ice cube trays (beer bottles, hotdogs and bacon $0.90

- 3 red gingham and 1 red, white, blue striped mini tin pails $1.20

- 2 sets of red and white plasic berry baskets $1.80

- 3 pack of American flags $0.30

- 4 packages of glow stick necklace/bracelet sets $4

- 4 packages of glow sticks $4

- dinosaur sand toys $0.30

- plastic horse shoe game set $0.30


I do love me some deals. 

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Can someone give me pricing help for selling used clothing on ebay? I haven't had a lot of luck.


What should the following items sell for?


lot of 5 gymboree baby sleepers, like new condition

new janie and jack/gymboree/baby gap clothes, washed but not worn

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I got a few good deals at Goodwill today - 


- 3 Golden Books for $1.75

- A grey Ann Taylor Loft top for myself for $4.00

- Dr. Suess matching game for $2.00 (which will be perfect for Little Man's birthday in September)

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Adorable toddler ladybug converse shoes (like http://www.ebay.com/itm/390369738403?hlp=false&var=660047032516) for $3.00. Ok, maybe not such a fabulous deal - they're not in perfect shape and DD really doesn't need more shoes... but CUTE!

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Got a Barbie thermos for my youngest daughter at Savers for $1.99 in perfect condition.  Gonna be great for starting kindergarten in the fall.  She doesn't particularly care for Barbie but she loved the pink lid.

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JudiAU: Clothing pricing is difficult to figure out on eBay. I honestly wouldn't even go through the hassle to sell clothing on eBay unless it was new with the tags on and from a desirable brand, vintage and in good condition, or highly desirable for some other reason. When I've tried selling clothing that doesn't fit those categories, I've usually been disappointed. Even clothing that is nearly new and from a great brand doesn't seem to sell very well on eBay, especially once you figure in the hassle of listing an item, taking photos, mailing it, etc. I've had better luck selling it on local classifieds or taking it to a children's consignment store.
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Scored this week at our Texas Thrift store - they had all shoes 50% off. Got a pair of Stride Rite saddle shoes for DD that look like have only been worn a handful of times at most - there serious is no wear on the bottoms! And they were only $2!

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What a fun thread! I love to thrift. We live in the city so there are a few thrift stores close to us. My style is to go frequently but just for a half hour or so. My most recent score was 4 copper mule/julep cups. Still haven't had a drink out of them but they look so lovely in my glass kitchen cabinet. We also live close to two Goodwill outlets. Those places are crazy but fun and way cheap. Anyway, subbing to read some posts...

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Few more scores today. 


At Goodwill I was so excited to find brand new, still in the package Dr. Suess birthday party invitations for $1.00! Also picked up a Golden Book and a Fisher Price See & Say toy for another $1.00. 


And I spent $15.00 at the Target One Spot to get some more Dr. Suess stuff for Little Man's party - reusable bags (for the goodie bags), erasers, decorative wall strips (the kind you use on bulletin boards), crayons and flash card games. I have nearly everything I need for the party and I've spent less than $30.00. I just need to pick up some plain red paper plates, napkins and cups at the dollar store and then we'll be all set. I'd like to find a Dr. Suess tshirt for him to wear at his party, but if I can't find one I think I'll just make one with an iron on transfer. Though I'm still hoping I hit the jackpot at the thrift store on that one in the next month or so. 

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Errands took me in the vicinity of two different Goodwills today, so of course I popped in and found some excellent deals - 


- 3 pack of wall outlets and 1 wall light switch $3

- 3 red, white and blue striped mini tin pails $1 (originally Target One Spot, brand new)

- 2 Golden Books, 1 Richard Scarry Golden Book, Berenstein Bears book, two Dr. Seuss books $3

- Spiderman long-sleeved t-shirt (brand new with store tags) $1.50 in kid's bargain bin

- Batman long-sleeved t-shirt with removable cape (brand new with store tags) $1.50 in kid's bargain bin

- Lego Batman minifig t-shirt (brand new with store tags) $1.50 in kid's bargain bin

- Red cable knit sweater $1.50 in women's bargain bin

- Grey Banana Republic cardigan $1.50 in women's bargain bin

- Blue Banana Republic cashmere sweater $1.50 in women's bargain bin


I got what was probably close to a $100 cashmere sweater for $1.50!!! I love the Goodwill. Most of my wardrobe comes from the bargain bin these days, and I couldn't be happier. 

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Anyone else finding some good deals? I'm disappointed that there haven't been any good yard sales in our area, but I did have a banner run at Goodwill again today - 


- Brand new in package Disney Cars wipe off board with marker $1.00

- Norpro Apple Mate 2 in box (pares, cores and slices) $3.00

- Brand new red fleece throw blanket $3.00

- 2 Garden Story Flowers plantable seed page packets $2.00 (Christmas gift for nieces)

- Brand new in package cedar grilling planks $3.00 (Christmas gift for FIL)

- Black fall/spring hooded jacket for me $8.00

- Charlotte Russe black/white polka dot tank top with ruffles $3.00

- 11 children's books (mostly Golden Books and a few Berenstein Bears) $6.50

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Another successful stop at Goodwill today - 


- 6 children's books $3.50 (one of which Little Man didn't notice I grabbed and have put away for his Easter basket next year)

- Orange cable knit cardigan from the Gap $1.50 in the discount bin. I really think most of my wardrobe comes from the Goodwill discount bin! 

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The local thrift store down the street sometimes has dollar days where everything is a dollar.  I got so many shirts and 2 scarves for $12

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Originally Posted by NewDirections View Post

The local thrift store down the street sometimes has dollar days where everything is a dollar.  I got so many shirts and 2 scarves for $12


That is awesome! I wish we had that here!


We got an amazing score off of Craigslist today. For $40 we got a giant bin of Hot Wheels wall-mount race tracks and cars. The stuff would've cost over $200 new, and it's still in like-new condition. We're going to give it to Little Man for his big birthday present. Killer good deal. 

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I went to Goodwill yesterday and I found a few good deals....



L L Bean jacket in brand new condition for L(5) for $1.99

A Circo shirt that L fell in love with because it was purple and had unicorns and sparkles on it for $1


The best find was 2 pks of brandnew Cherokee socks for L for $2 a piece..She really needed these :)



Kind of took away some of the dissapointment of not finding any Ramona Quimby books for L...She loves the series and we just finished Ramona and Beezus...

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