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NE snowstorm

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Anyone else sitting at home watching inches (easily 8 plus by now) of wet snow fall on their lawn? Some Halloween weekend.

Most houses in North Jersey are without power. We currently have a little power, but because we also have well and septic, we need to have full power to use our bathroom and sinks. And, of course, there is the issue of no heat.


Wicked winter has come way too early.

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Oh my, hope you guys are holding up OK!  No snow here -- beautiful sunny fall day in eastern Ontario.

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My husbands parents got hit by the storm and haven't had power for over 24 hours. Here, the whole weekend has been clear and sunny. We haven't even turned on the heat yet.
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Thankfully, our power was out only for 12 hours. DH made a fire, which got the thermostat up to 61 degrees in the living room and then the power kicked on at 11am. My friend in North Jersey is still without power and many schools districts are closed tomorrow due to no power. Falling limbs are to blame. Luckily, we didn't have an downed trees here, as we did with Irene. I told my husband that it felt like we were in the midst of the Christmas holidays, rather than gearing up for Halloween. Speaking of, I hope trick or treating is not affected. I have a delightful hamburger costume that my son looks absolutely, friggin adorable in and I want to show him off, bun and all.

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I'm crossing my fingers for you ladies out there. My MIL works for FEMA and warned us that we were going to have another El Niño season. Looks like LOTS of rain here, snow over on the other coast, and dry in between. Hopefully it isn't too bad by the time we all give birth!
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