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is it ever possible to adopt a baby?

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Is there even such thing as adoption anymore? It seems like most people foster to adopt. 


Is it possible to adopt a baby?


Where can you find this type of information? I mean all the possible ways of adopting?



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Yes!  Call your local Catholic Social Services.  Even if you don't meet their requirements they can help you find local domestic agencies.  If you are thinking about international start researching the big ones:  http://www.holtinternational.org/ ,   http://wacap.org/  ,  http://www.adoptionadvocates.org/about/home.php  .  For domestic I know people that have used http://www.americanadoptions.com/ .  We personally adopted through a local agency and we were placed with our son 9 months from the time our profile went "active."  It was not through foster care but that is always an option.  There are lots of babies and kids out there especially if you are open to all races.  Good luck!

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Of course, non-foster adoption is possible. There are many moms on his board who've done it, some pretty recently.


I really like Adoptive Families magazine. I'd start with their website, which has lots of information about all kinds of adoption possibilities. http://adoptivefamilies.com/

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Thank you!


Anyone have a ball park amount of how much it costs to adopt?

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It was $16,000 for us to adopt through an agency locally.  There is a adoption credit rebate this year of $13,000 so it can be affordable.  You have to really research.  Average adoption is $30,000. 

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Absolutely possible.  We just adopted our son this summer.  Our cost was around $24K.  We will get the adoption tax credit next year, and that will really help obviously.  Good luck in your research.  We used a large agency and had a relatively short wait.  Our son born less than three months after we went active with our agency.

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We did a private domestic adoption. I started nursing our daughter at 6 hours of age. We opted to network to find our own match. So, we were certified through an agency, I networked for match and found our daughter, the lawyer took it from there with a little assistance from our agency worker. Cost about $8,000.


More folks doing newborn adoptions at www.adoptions.com forums, but be wary they aren't always receptive to crunchy ideas.

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It should be mentioned that only adoptions finalized before December 31st qualify for the REFUNDABLE adoption tax credit. On January 1st, it reverts back to being a NONREFUNDABLE tax credit. Still helpful for many families but not for families with little or no tax liability.

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Thank you Polliwog-that is very important!

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My daughter's baby brothers' foster parents are hoping to finalize their adoption before the year's end. There was a mix up but are still hoping they can.

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What is the difference between refundable and non-refundable?

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Originally Posted by dogretro View Post

What is the difference between refundable and non-refundable?

Someone else might have a better explanation, but as i understand it, refundable means you get the whole amount regardless of the amount of taxes you actually owe.  This was especially good news for those doing foster care adoptions, because generally those adoption do not cost anything (or have minimal costs), and often those adopting foster kids have a lower income and dont owe alot of taxes anyway, so many people couldnt use the tax credit. But because the tax was refundable, it was alot like the earned income credit...families are getting a check from the govt not to offset taxes owed but more as a bonus. When it goes back to being nonrefundable, you can only get back as much as you owe in taxes.

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Good explanation Katherine!  That is how I understand it as well. 


If you are Christian this site might help:  http://thespiritofadoption.wordpress.com/



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OH, okay.  Thank you :)

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Have you checked out friends in adoption? http://www.friendsinadoption.org/index.php They seem to have a lot of more 'alternative' type parents.

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