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Hi Mamas! Definitely happy to be joining this group - I personally loved being pregnant the first time around (even with being 13 days overdue) and we're hoping to have a huge family (so congrats to you mamas having #1-#5)! DS is 10 m/o and is still nursing, so I'm really focused on really positive nutrition, water, and supplements this time around. Currently reading up on Weston Price/Sally Fallon stuff - we shall see how dedicated I can be! 


I'm TIRED though - luckily he's a good napper, appetite comes and goes with the nausea everyday, peeing constantly, sore bb's from time to time (8 teeth and nursing probably doesn't help that)! I had 2 PPAF and we were TTC for 2 months (basically once AF came back). My EDD is July 10. We told my mother & father in law (since I see them everyday and they love to drink wine - and always offer a glass) and we'll tell my family around Thanksgiving. Really looking forward to it! DS is such a wonderfully happy and active baby (running already) and so people have been on our case for a while to wean and have another one - thankfully we have a sticky bean without weaning!


I have an awesome midwife that we used with our first homebirth - we told her too. She's so excited for us - and I'm really excited to be seeing her again on a regular basis! My first labor and delivery was amazing - peaceful and empowering. Hoping for the a very similar experience!


Really looking forward to getting to know all of you mama's and Avasmama, you know I have big hugs for you in our other group!

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Hey ladies!


I'm really hoping to join this group, too and so glad to have found you all :) This is my first pregnancy, and has had a bit of a rough start with ambiguous home tests (but at least a couple of faint positives) low and not quite doubling HCG (11 at 15dpo and 16 almost two days later). So, at the moment I'm waiting to go have a scan next Friday to see what's up, and hopefully see a heartbeat! If so, our EDD will be July 2nd :)


Because I have long cycles and ovulate about 3 weeks into it (I don't actually chart, but I'm pretty sure this is the case due to implantation bleeding this time around) the dr and I are hoping that the testing was just done much earlier in my pregnancy than normal, especially as I haven't bled or had any signs on miscarriage yet. 


We're not telling anyone apart from a few close friends so it will be so nice to have some other mamas to share this with, especially the wait for the scan which is making me a little crazy!


Hope you're all well!

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Okay, I decided to proverbially shout it from the rooftops on facebook via a someecards I created:


My facebook announcement


because no one else is a big enough fan of Jack Johnson to know the line in "Banana Pancakes" that goes, "Halaka ukulele, mama made a baby." :/ bummer.

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Congrats to all of you!


I am due July 10th with my 2nd.  I am still very nervous since it's still so early (I've had an early miscarriage before)... but I'm trying to think lots of positive thoughts!  Come on baby- grow grow grow!

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me too! due July 7th with my FIFTH! Can't quite believe it yet.orngtongue.gif

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Ok so during a chocolate run this evening I noticed some cheapie pregnancy tests and couldn't help myself! Unfortunately the test came back negative :( Still no sign of a miscarriage, and the past couple of days I've been feeling a little nausea or a slightly sore stomach like I've been laughing or doing sit ups. Do you think the negative definitely means I've miscarried? I know I should wait for the scan, but a week is a long time!

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JoyFamMama I'm waiting to hear from you about setting the group as open or closed and who will be your co-leader. Please check your PM box and once we get those things clarified I will open the group for everyone. smile.gif

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I've never been an admin before, but I'd be definitely willing to help and be co-leader with you! smile.gif

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3Sorry everyone, I had a super busy day yesterday that ended with a huge fight with a friend...needless to. Say, I was upset, came home and watched Fringe with dh, and then crashed into bed without checking my email.

It should be up soon! smile.gif
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I took a test this morning and it was negative, so it looks like I had an early miscarriage.  Happy pregnancies to you all!

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So, so sorry, Ava's Mama :-(
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So Sorry Ava's Mom..sending you a Big Hug :)

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Last night (5w and 2 days preg) I found some pink mucoud discharge...of course since having a M/C is July I freaked out and was up crying all night...Midwife says it is probable implantation spotting..I havent had any more and its been 14 hours since then...Has anyone else had this happen? This baby will be my 3rd..


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So sorry Ava's Mama. Sending you lots of hugs. 

JoyFam...sorry about the fight with your friend. No fun!


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WendyJo...I am still nursing my little one...well 18 mo old so not so little anymore. I didn't have any problems last time so I am hoping for the same this time. My first did wean while I was pg so I am actually hoping that my 2nd decides to wean too. :( I am thinking of doing a homebirth this time around so it's great to see that some mama's here will be doing that too. I have much to learn!


Congrats to all the newcomers!


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So sorry Ava's Mama....thinking of you....

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So sorry to hear that Ava's Mama xo

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Originally Posted by SamsMuffin View Post

So sorry Ava's Mama....thinking of you....

me, too. ((hugs))

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I am sorry to hear you won't be in our group, Avas Mama.  :hug  I have been there, and I hate that you are there now.  But with both of mine, they ended up being blessings in retrospect as I was blessed with healthy happy babies (that I wouldn't have had otherwise) soon after.  I hope you join a ddc soon!


blissedmama, i had that too.  just like one streak of blood when I wiped; it was several days ago now and I haven't seen anymore.  I am pretty sure that was implantation bleeding, which according to the internet, lol, seems to be pretty common, although it has never happened to me before.


doularebekah, my fingers are crossed for you; good luck.


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Hello all, and congrats to everyone.  Ava's Mama, I am so sorry.


I'm pregnant with my second and due on July 10th.  I have a daughter who just turned 3.  We'd been trying for 18 months when I got pregnant this last May (with progesterone supplements), but miscarried at 12 weeks due to an infection in my uterus.  I had finally come to a place of acceptance that we might just have one child and had stopped stressing about each month that went by.  And wouldn't you know it, here I am.


I've noticed some very distinct food cravings and aversions that I don't think I would have noticed if I hadn't experienced them so recently with my previous pregnancy.  One thing is: I'm normally a HUGE fan of chocolate--seriously, breakfast? sure! dinner? sure! but I can't stand even the thought of it now.  And I've been craving onion soup like crazy.


So glad to be here and looking forward to going on this journey with you all!




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