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New to the May group!

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Hello ladies!  I'm due May 28th, with baby #4!  It was a huge surprise to us, as we thought we were done with our 3, but sometimes God has other plans!  I'm just now getting over my shock and I will admit grief--I really didn't want to do this again, for so many reasons.  But I'm slowly starting to become at peace with the idea, and happy about the new little one.  I'm still scared out of my mind that I won't be able to handle 4 though!  I'll need to ask advice from the other moms here who have larg(er) families.


We're planning another home birth, possibly a water birth.  I just need to figure out the logistics of how that all works (set-up & drain, etc.).


Looking forward to hanging out with you all on this journey!

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Welcome Amy!

I've had all three of mine at a HWB, and it was a pretty positive experience for the most part. :) I wouldn't birth without water if I could help it, it gives so much pain relief for me.

I am due with #4 also, and yes it was a HUGE SHOCK but one I am so thankful and grateful for. You'll get there. I think after 3 kids, we can handle any number cause we're so use to being overwhelmed LOL


Welcome to the DDC!

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Welcome!  :)

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Welcome and Congratulations :)

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Welcome! This is also #4 for me and I am scared out of my mind!

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This is #4 for us too, also a surprise. Don't feel bad about it taking a bit to be excited, we felt that way too. God sure has a sense of humor sometimes!

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