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Family In Need #2, MA

Please contact heatherdeg if you have anything for this family.

Family Situation:
We are a family of 5 my kids are 7 4 and 2.5. This is very hard for me to write because we have been helpers in the past. I am a sahm due to the nature of my husbands current work and ages of my children and not being able to afford childcare or before after school care. Becuase of this my husband is sole bread winner. In april 2011 my husband lost his job due to economy. Becuase of his pay that he was recieving we do not qualify for any help from state. he was denied unemployment. and lost our health insurance. we started attending soup kitchens and food pantrys just to put food on table for our children. We tried to maintain our home by selling alot of our belongs and canceling unnecessary things. In august we realized that we were not going to be able keep going like this. With all the bills piling up and being way behind on student loans that I have. We had to move out becuase rent is to high in our area. We had to get rid almost all our furniture and lots of clothes and most of my childrens toys becuase cost of storage in area is so high. My inlaws let us move in but the 5 of us are in 1 room which is 10x10. My husband and son sleep on floor on a mat and me and my girls sleep on a full size bed. there is not much room but at least we have a place to stay. My husband recently found a job but becuase of all the finicial hardships we have had in the last year we just cant afford to celebrate christmas and are still trying to just get the basics. We dont know how we are going to tell the kids there will be no christmas. Thank you for considering my family.
Any allergies or sensitivities in the family? (e.g. cat, dog, smoke) no

Which holiday(s) does your family celebrate? christmas

Of the items requested below, please prioritize the top 3 overall needs of your family (this can not include direct financial help such as bills paid):
* socks
* sneakers
* educational toys/books limited space.

Child #1:
Age and gender: Female 7.5
Items requested:
1. sneakers size 3.5 wide girls
2. uno attack

Child #2:
Age and gender: Female 4.75 years
Items requested:
1. girls velcro sneakers size 12.5 or 13
2. pots and pans and play food or cash register to play store
small wooden tea set

Child #3
Age and gender: Male 2.75 years
Items requested:
1. toddler boys velcro sneakers size 11 or 11.5
2. cars or rescue heroes. please no large cars limited space.
a small wooden train/station

(please add more child sections depending on the number of children in your family)

Adult #1 (YOU! ):
Gender: Female
Items requested:
1. xl short knee length terry cloth bathrobe or gift card so she can buy a robe
2. weight watchers magazine subscription.

Adult #2:
Gender: Male
Items requested:
1. hooded sweatshirts size 4x or short sleeve solid colored golf type shirts dark colors please. 4x.
2. Wal-Mart Gift Card

Needs for Your Family As A Whole:
Items requested:
1. socks toddler boys size 11 shoe size socks dark colors no white soles please. toddler girl size 12, girls size 3.5 all crew socks please. Mens Hanes Big and Tall size 12+ ankle socks. Womens crew socks size 10. Underwear Girls size 5, Underwear girls size 8.
2. Pillows

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