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Please contact Thursday Girl if you have something for this family.

What is your family situation?

I am a single mom taking care of my disabled special needs son and raising my 4 year old granddaughter whom I recieved custody of when she was a baby when social services stepped in and wanted to take her away.I work 2 jobs to support us but it isn't enough.I now have daycare,family insurance pay and willingly gave up my house because I couldn't afford the payments anymore..My granddaugter also has severe food allergies so I can't just go buy food anywhere..It can get pretty $$ so our food budget is pretty bare and minimal.I don't have much left after I pay the rent,electric,car insurance,daycare,ect...I make too much to get help but don't bring home enough to buy the basics...I have tried to find a different job that works better but daycare is a problem also..Plus with the economy so bad I am scared to leave my job even though it isn't enough..There is really never enough left for extras and certainly not for Christmas...This year it makes me really sad and upset because my 4 year old is already talking about the tree,lights and what Santa is going to bring her..We didn't have a tree last year and she didn't really notice but she will this year..I am a hard worker.I hate asking for help..But for her I will..Thank you so much for even considering us.

Allergies? My granddaughter is allergic to Gluten,Dairy,Soy.

What Holiday to you celebrate? Christmas(with Santa).


Child 1
Age 4, Girl
1)She is in desperate need of warm winter clothing.She needs everything from shirts,jeans,leggings,underwear and socks.She wears a size 4 except in Leggings she wears a 5..Underwear she wears a 5/6. Her shoes are too tight, so a new pair would be great--- size 9.
2 pairs of socks
5 long sleeve shirts
1 fleece hoodie
2 pairs leggings
1 pair of fleece pants
1 pair of jeans

2)Music..She loves it..She doesn't have anything of her own when it comes to listening to music..She loves to listen to her cousins music thing that plugs in the ears..She loves Christian kid music,Dora,Laurie Berkner...She loves to dance while listening..She would be so happy to have her own music..
She also loves to read..We don't have many books..She loves big bright colorful books that she "pretends" to read. She would also love a Preschool Workbook (like the kind you can buy at Walmart). She looks at them all the time.
sending books for the little girl

KnowledgeUnltd will send workbooks for a 4 year old
Laurie Berkner music cd
Go Fish card game -
Uno card game

Child 2
22 yo male (mental age 10-12)
1) Old black and white horror movies
2) 80s horror movies

Adult 1..
1) socks, shoe size 8.5

Needs for the family.
1).Our biggest need as a family is groceries..There is never enough in our house..My grocery budget is 30$ a week and it buys the basics..My grandaugter doesn't ask for much but she loves Fruitabu Strawberry Fruit roll-ups,Annies Strawberry fruit snacks,Surf Sweets gummy worms and gummys(the fruitycreamy kind),Kinni vanilla cookies(gluten free kind)and Whole foods mini marhmellows in the deli..Our Whole foods if almost 2 hours away and I hardley get there because of gas and cost so these are truely a special treat for her.

2) Grocery gift cards to either or Whole Foods..I can get so many of my granndaugters special foods from amazon and whole foods..

Thank you so much for thinking of our family...

-- Melissa & Doug Farm puzzle (exactly like this: The item is slightly worn in a few places.

--The Movable Mother Goose pop-up book (

--Oh, the Places You’ll Go! hardcover book (

--Caps for Sale board book (

--Curious George’s Opposites book ( There are a few nicks on the edges.

--The Snow Bear paperback ( The edges are a bit worn.

--Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? board book ( binding is pretty worn, but totally intact, and there are few nicks in the edges, but the pages are in excellent shape.

--Ocean Waves (

--The Cranberries: no need to argue ( The CD is in excellent condition, but the case has a little wear and tear (no cracks or scratches on the case, though).

--Aliens (

--Mystery Science Theater 3000: Manos: Hands of Fate (

--Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection, Volume 2 (

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