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Chat Thread 10/30-11/5

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Here is our new chat thread for the week!



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My water broke this morning!  I went in to make sure everything looked good (no prolapsed cord and alla that), and baby and I both were fine . . . but I'm not exactly speeding through labor.  Some contractions, as close as every 10 minutes, but not very severe - like I can hardly tell when I'm having them.


So now I'm playing with my nipples, which isn't nearly as fun as it could be . . . and I'm going back to the hospital in a couple of hours.  I like and trust my doctor, and I'm happy that I'll be meeting my baby soon one way or another.  Feeling a little bit anxious, but not too much.  I'm sure it will all be good in the end!

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Yeah Hykue :)


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Go Hykue! 


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Yay Hykue!!!


Nothing going on here. Still just waiting around......looks like I will be going to work tomorrow.



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ack Chelsea, would be nice not to have to go to work!

And go Hykue- can't wait to hear the news soon.

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Hooray, Hykue! Can't wait to hear your update!


CB, sorry you are still waiting, but I hope you have a good day at work.


Katico, sorry you are still waiting, too. (I wondered, but then saw your post in the still pregnant thread.) If you do end up with an induction, I hope you have an easier time of it this time.


Rosemary, thinking of you and hoping all is going well!


AFM, I've had a few too many rough nights in a row here. Last night I had to babysit my blood sugar until quite late, which really annoyed me. I don't need more things keeping me up right now! But I got a good nap this afternoon so am feeling more like myself again. Good thing, as Hallowe'en is quite the event in our neighbourhood, so I will need to have lots of energy tomorrow. We're in a densely populated, mixed income, urban area, and some of my neighbours apply to shut down part of the street to traffic every year, other neighbours hire a flame thrower, and everyone gets into it as much as they can. It's my favourite time of year -- it's such a great way to bring a community together in a big city.

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Pi, sounds really fun! We're in a new neighborhood this year so I'm curious to see what kind of traffic we'll get. My son, aka Mr. Halloween-All-Year -Round, is going to be a vampire. He is sooooo excited!
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Hykue! You're going to meet your baby soon!

Chelsea & Beth, hang in there, you are too!

AFM, in laws arrived from nyc this afternoon. Palesa is being so spoiled by two very thrilled grandparents bad slept in their arms while I took a nearly 2 hour nap. Total bliss. Dh and FIL any to legal seafoods and bought live lobster. Dh just cooked a feast.of lobster, homemade naan, wild rice, some delicious seafood salsa, sauteed veggies. In laws brought a pie from the Littlest Pie Company in new York. It is a very special evening.

I forgot tomorrow is Halloween. I have spent the last week in a bubble and it is wonderful. Speaking of, I can not believe exactly a week ago I was in early labor.
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Go Hykue!


Sorry things still haven't gotten going Katico.


AFM: This baby STTN last night. Seriously. EIGHT HOURS.  bigeyes.gif And then we woke up, nursed for an hour, and slept another 2.5 hours (thank you DH for keeping DD1 quiet).  It was insane.  Really crap for my milk supply and her weight gain, but freaking amazing otherwise.  So I guess I'll be setting an alarm tonight on the off chance it happens again. I'm still in shock.


We went to a neighborhood Halloween party today.  First non-Dr-appt outing with the baby was a success - she slept in the pouch the whole time smile.gif

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pi - that sounds really great. We've skipped Halloween again this year. Ds gets so crazy overstimulated in big groups so we decided not to bring him to the party last night (plus he in no way would consent to dressing up) & now that we're in the country trick or treating won't be happening. Oh well, maybe next year - luckily he is still young enough he doesn't know what he's missing.


dollyanna - that's quite amazing!


I have been crocheting! With ds I crafted away while pregnant but this time I was just not feeling it for some reason but all of a sudden I feel it. I made dd a warm hat last night & tonight I did one for ds. Dh has made a request now.


Ok, is anyone else having a hard time feeling they will ever be attractive again? I didn't have these worries after ds but I think because dh has recently lost so much weight & is looking so good it's different this time. My boobs are so saggy, my belly is worse, my perineum is healing oddly & I have hemorrhoids. Sigh. btw - do hemorrhoids go away or is this now a permanent concern?

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Hyuke, excited for you! 


Halloween:  Kids are very excited!  We had a fun Halloween-themed dinner with my IL's today.  Tomorrow my 2 oldest get to go on a costume parade with their WHOLE school (550-ish kids!) down main street of our town, just a few blocks away, where merchants will hand out candy (provided by the city).  I guess it's a 44-year-old tradition!  Then they get their classroom parties, and we're doing Trick-or-Treating in the evening, which we haven't done in a few years, actually.  Malcolm was given a bunch of used clothing, and in it was a NB sized fuzzy hooded romper - with antlers on top.  So he'll get to tag along as a snuggly warm reindeer.  :)


Sleeping at night:  Malcolm's been mostly kind to us, too!  Last night he slept somewhere around 6 hours for his first stretch, then another 3.  Nights like that make me feel perfectly human the next day.  ;)  I've never had a kid sleep so long at night like this, it's amazing.  Hoping it means he'll always sleep so nicely?  I can hope, right??


DH ended up being sick today, some sort of stomach bug.  Not cool.  I had already decided that today, just over 1month PP, would be my first time going back to church.  Wasn't looking forward to tackling it with all 4 kids and no DH, but it went pretty darn smoothly, thank goodness!  I even got there on time.  :)  It was fun to have massive amounts of people come to ooh and ahh over baby.  And I had him tucked in his carrier the whole time, so we avoided any unwanted touching (so afraid of germs in crowded indoor situations!).  DH spent all day in bed, but he's starting to feel better now... hopefully 1) he won't get the rest of us sick, and 2) he's well enough for Halloween fun tomorrow.

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Back home again for the night, going back in when labor picks up or in the morning for some prostaglandins . . . doo de doo de doo . . .


Leiahs - I think I incorporated your son into a dream I had the other night.  My son was about 10 and wanted to play with another 10-year-old boy at a party that we were at.  I encouraged him to go and ask and not be shy, and he did, and they played.  The boy's name was Malcolm.  When I woke up I couldn't remember who in the DDC had a son named Malcolm, but I knew where the name had come from anyway.  And you know, your baby could very well grow up to look like the boy in my dream.


Katico - assuming you're still reading along (unless, maybe, you're in labor - we can hope) I felt a bit bad even posting that things were happening on my due date, thinking of you going nuts over there a week past due.  I hope you get your baby into the world at large pronto!

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Hi all,


My baby, Willa Blythe, arrived on October 27 and DH and I are totally in love.   You might remember that I was planning a homebirth but timed out, and went into the hospital for induction.   A lot of what I was worried about happened-- and cascaded into a c-section and then my postpartum stay in the hospital wasn't much better.  I'm sad, but very glad to be home, away from all of it and know that in time, I'll deal and having my baby safe in my arms makes it all worth it.


Take care all!

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puente- Congrats!! Sorry you didn't have the birth you wanted, but so happy you have a sweet baby now!


Halloween- No plans for me. I have candy I will give out if I get any trick or treaters. I live in an apartment complex, so not sure if I will get any. I can't wait to spend halloween with my little guy next year.


I have a lot more to write, but need to get ready for work, considering I have to be there by 7.........




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Willa Blythe is SUCH a sweet name - congrats!!!


Don't feel guilty about me, girls - I've just been feeling sorry for myself!  I have my appt today and I am hoping I have dilated enough that they can skip the extra day or so the gel will take and skip right to the induction.  Fingers crossed.  If this is the way it's gonna be I just want to get it done with!


The birthday cake was delicious and I spent lots of money at the yarn shop.  DH took me out for supper and we went for a long drive and actually had a chance to talk - things have been so crazy and busy, it was nice to actually reconnect.  He's forgiven lol.gif


Going out for coffee this morning, then carving DD's pumpkin (she's very excited) and getting everything ready


Just think - in the next week or two we'll all have our babies!


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Katico, glad you got a nice bday celebration after all. My DH forgot my birthday this year and it felt so bad! I don't want presents or anything but just remembering would be nice at least. And I think my girl shares your bday after all- 28th?

Puente, congratulations on your little girl. So sorry that she and your uterus did not cooperate with the schedule. But I hope you are all doing well now!

We are doing okay here. DS is Tintin for Halloween. He looks just like him it's so cute. He wasn't supposed to wear a costume to school but we sanctioned him breaking therules b/c technically it's just clothes... A blue sweater with rolled up sleeves, brown pants rolled up, and gel in his hair. DD thinks the baby should be tintin too. She wants to be "a fancy girl in a skirt" or maybe a train driver. I am skipping it and letting DH take them to a small party at a little park then a few houses near us.

Today is DH's last day off. He is taking DD to see a bunch of cool Halloween pumpkins at this indoor market, and then a cool park. So, hopefully I can rear a little. I am really tired.

Lifeguard I totally relate. Unfortunately there is an oddly placed mirror where you can see yourself on the toilet. Perhaps one of the most unattractive views one can have. Sigh. Baby was just born Friday so I am trying to just set all this aside for now.

Herniated umbilical cord? Anyone have a kid with his before? MW says it normally goes away, trying not to worry about it...
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Congrats, Puente....and sorry homebirth was not in the cards for you this time.  Love the name!


Halloween - Going to DS's preschool in a little bit for their indoor parade.  DS is a strawberry.  My mom and her best friend made him an awesome costume (yet again).  Tonight he'll go trick or treating for the first time.  There's a huge neighborhood parade that we did last year but will skip this year.  You should see the kids swarming...I mean trick or treating...on the blocks that are on the parade route.  It's crazy.  Literally like a swarm of ants. 


Gonna go have coffee before we have to go...

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Congratulations, puente!!! joy.gif Sorry for the cascade, but it sounds like you are head over heels in love with your little girl. Love her name!


Katico, sounds like a lovely birthday celebration.


lifeguard, I am totally with you. I felt fantastic in the first couple of weeks, and then everything caught up with me, and now I am feeling overwhelmed with how much work I have to do to get back into shape. I am trying to remember that it takes time, and this is normal, but I have trouble being patient with these things. And it does not help that I have spent the past month eating everything I can see. I am so hungry this time! I was not like this when DS1 was a newborn.

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lifeguard - oh my gosh, I know exactly how you feel. I've never been in good shape, and I was way overweight going into this pregnancy. BUT I knew my husband thought I was sexy. Now... he woke up to me in tears last night, and got this volatile chunk of conversation: "I feel like you're never going to like my body again. You hate my chest cuz it's got milk coming out now, you won't want to have sex because everything looks and feels different down there. I've lost 25 lbs but the only thing that'll do for me is make my ass get smaller and then you won't like anything about me anymore." His response: "Oh crap." And then he tried to make me feel better. It's kinda funny, but it sucks so bad.


puente - Congratulations! I'm sorry things didn't work out well, but that baby's gonna make it all worth it.


Hykue - Have that baby already! I'm so excited for you! Ahh! Babies!!!


Katico - So glad you got a chance to talk with your DH. That connection is so important--especially with the way things were going before that!


AFM - Baby had his first bath today! He seemed to enjoy it when he was just laying in the water, but wasn't a big fan of having his head washed. We're dressing him up like a pumpkin and then we're out to run some errands. I need some new jeans. I have one pair that might fit (I'm not sure) but they're in the attic... I didn't realize how few clothes I had before getting pregnant.

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