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FIN #16, TX

Please contact HappyHappyMommy if you have things for this family.

What is your family situation?
We are living off of financial aid, which barely pays our bills and whatever money I can make babysitting for other students (we live in student housing). My husband is in his last year of school, we have 4 children and we are caring for my father who had cancer, arthritis and is bi-polar and we are really struggling right now. Life is hard and we all try to enjoy what we have, but we would love to provide our children with some of the things that they need this holiday season!

Any allergies or sensitivities in the family? (e.g. cat, dog, smoke) Food allregies, but nothing else.

Which holiday(s) does your family celebrate? Christmas

Please list up to 2 items per person in your family and up to 2 items for your family as a whole below. (If you are requesting gift cards, please specify local or online stores that, if money is available, gift cards can be provided that you can conveniently use.)

Of the items requested below, please prioritize the top 3 overall needs of your family (this can not include direct financial help such as bills paid):


Child #1: DD1
Age and gender: 10, Female
Items requested:

1. Book(s) (priority 3)
Apollo 11 book

2. Pants, size 12-14

Child #2: DD2
Age and gender: 7, Female
Items requested:

1. Art supplies (priority 2)
Sticker book
2. Sweatshirt, size 7-8

Child #3: DD3
Age and gender: 3, Female
Items requested:

1. Book(s)
Tool Builders Book
2. Sweatshirt, size 5-6

Child #4: DS1
Age and gender: 2 months, Male
Items requested:

1. Anything warm (clothes, blankets)
3-6 month:
sweatshirt/ sweat pant outfit w/ bulldozer
zipper hoodie
mickey long sleeve outfit <- Nw/T

6-12m stripped zipper jacket fleece
2 Baby Einstein DVDS

2. Cloth diapers
2 Elite pocket diapers from tiny tush
15 MotherEase one-size dipes with inserts plus 2 small Air Flow snap covers and 2 Med/L size Air Flow snap covers
one small Motherease AIO
Adult #1 (YOU! ): Me!
Gender: Female
Items requested:

1. Body care (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, et cetera)
organic soap and a lip balm

couple baby blankets and a Taggies blanket

Needs for Your Family As A Whole:

Items requested:

1. Giftcard for groceries (Whole foods, HEB, randals/safeway) (priority 1)
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