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The "I Have Available..." Thread!!!

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Welcome to another year of Holiday Helpers!


This is the thread where Holiday Helper Donators can list items they have available, but don't know which FIN would like them.


We are running this thread a little bit differently than we have in the past.  This year, when something is posted on the "I Have Available..." thread, it will be temporarily held for 48 hours. That will give the HH Facilitators a chance to match it up with known needs on the FIN lists.


After that 48 hours, the remaining items are available to FINs who did *NOT* have that item on their needs list (but could still use the item).


FIN: If you want to request anything, please PM TiredX2 with your request (PLEASE remember to include post #, item description and your FIN #).


Please contact TiredX2 with any questions about "I Have Available...".


Thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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So happy to be back in HH season! I have a $40 Groupon to the Body Shop. Good for $40 worth of anything there, including sale items. NOT redeemable on black Friday. And expires Dec. 26th, so it needs to be for a MIN who is, say, going to buy gifts for her DD (or herself!) there. I will mail it.



Groupon Requested 11/1, edited by TiredX2

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I can make pouches for baby wearing. Tentatively I am putting 2 out, as well as pouches for kids to wear with their dolls.  They are not adjustable so I need measurements off the people.



1 adult pouch, 1 child pouch requested 11/2, Edited by TiredX2

Additional adult pouch requested, Edited by TiredX2

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I have a black moby wrap that was only used 1 time. I have all the instructions and everything.





Moby Wrap Requested, Edited by TiredX2 on 11/2

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MB Memory game. Disney Princess Edition

I have a Milton Bradley Memory game, Disney Princess Edition, for ages 3+. Unopened


Memory Game Requested 11/11, Edited by TiredX2

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I have half a dozen newborn boys onesies. They've had the tags removed, but they're new and never worn.


Boy's Onesies Requested 11/3, Edited by TiredX2

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I have a brand new Lilla Rose Flexi Clip hairclip.  The design style is the Mighty Celtic Knot.  It is a size small, which is the most common size for a ponytail with fine hair.  Might make a nice stocking stuffer for a teen girl.


Hairclip requested 11/4, Edited by TiredX2


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The children's book I have available are - 


Pet Babies by Charles Reasoner (board book)

Toy Story 2 Scrub Bubble Bath Book "Woody's Roundup"

Quack Says the Duck (fabric book with plastic handle)

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown (board book)

Five Silly Monkeys by Steve Haskamp

Sesame Street "Where is Elmo's Blanket?" (lift the flap book)

Winnie the Pooh "How Do You Hop So High?" (Thinking Spot Series - 1 Animal Talents)

Winnie the Pooh "Why Don't Things Fall Up?" (Thinking Spot Series - 3 Gravity)


I would say they're all good for newborns through age 3, with the Winnie the Pooh books going up to age 5-6 since they have learning activities in them. They're all brand new. 


I also have Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert for a teen/adult. It's like new; just a couple of pages have been dog-eared.  


All Children's Books Requested 11/3, Edited by TiredX2

Eat Pray Love requested 11/21, Edited by TiredX2

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A Holiday Helper has donated the following (new) from Sarah's Silks:




rainbow playsilk with rainbow crown (3-6 year old)

star skytail (for boy 3-6)

Fairy dress with rainbow wings (3-6 year old girl)


Fairy Dress w/Wings Requested 11/3, Edited by TiredX2

Rainbow Playsilk with Rainbow Crown Requested 11/3, Edited by TiredX2

Star Skytail Requested 11/5, Edited by TiredX2

Edited by TiredX2 - 11/5/11 at 10:45am
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Maternity clothes that are for a larger lady--possibly still working in an office.  The pants are mostly sized 14 (one is 16) and include 2-3 pairs of black, 1 tan and 2 jeans with a full panel.  I'm usually petite but I had a hard time finding petite maternity clothing.  But I don't remember this being the bane of my existence.  The shirts are all XL and are a mix of "obviously for the office", "obviously casual" and "in between".  I think there are maybe 8-10 shirts.  Oh--and an unopened pair of Motherhood pantyhose, firm support, "pale nude"

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i have a Tickle me Elmo nib...still has toys r us wraping paper on it. That will need to be replaced.

I have 16 bleached washed but never used chinese diaper service quality 4x8x4 newborn refolds (8-15lbs)

Tickle Me Elmo Requested 11/4, Edited by TiredX2
Diapers Requested 11/4, Edited by TiredX2
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I have available- newborn girl clothes. 7 full body outfits with feet, 1 pair pants with feet, 2 sets hand covers and 2 pairs socks. all very pink.


Newborn girl clothing requested 11/7, Edited by TiredX2

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I have available a Maya Wrap ring sling (olive green) and a black Moby wrap (stretchy).

Maya Wrap Ring Sling requested 11/6, Edited by TiredX2
Black Moby Wrap requested 12/12, Edited by TiredX2
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OP-- This is a work in progress. Let me finish and they you can direct me where to ship.


I have two wooden puzzles from Imagiplay (tree, dinosaur) and one handcrafted one from Isreal (camel) like this: http://www.imagiplay.com/productsl2a.php?category=Puzzles - Colorific Earth + a M&D cardboard 100 piece puzzle of the Noah's Ark

Rubix cube, new in package

Playmobil Secret Agent Car (new, in package)

Assorted Playmobil figures, new in packages

A couple of gently used railroad stations/pieces for wooden trains

Box of assorted duplo legos (ages 2-6)

A couple of gently used quality wooden infant toddler toys

Plan Toys "fun stacker"

Plan Toys balancing cactus

A few random pieces of etsy and others felt food, gently used


Duplos Requested 11/4, Edited by TiredX2

Rubix Cube Requested 11/4, Edited by TiredX2

Felt Food Requested 11/4, Edited by TiredX2

Playmobil Requested 11/4, Edited by TiredX2

Wooden Infant Toddler Toys Requested 11/6, Edited by TiredX2

Plan Toys Stacker Requested 11/6, Edited by TiredX2

Puzzles requested 11/7, Edited by TiredX2

Plan Toys Balancing Cactus Requested 11/7, Edited by TiredX2

Train pieces requested 12/15, Edited by TiredX2



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I have the following to share:


1.  A plush My Banky snuggly blanket, looks just like the one in this link:  http://www.addoway.com/viewad/MY-BANKY-White-Pink-Dottie-DOG-Baby-Blanket-565905  it doesn't have tags, but has never been used.


2.  3-4 (might find more) hand knitted baby/toddler blankets.  All made for my kids but not used, mostly more girl-type colors


3. journals:  1 beautiful embossed leather journal (lined); new

                              1 leather journal with pretty abstract pattern on cover (lined), new


4.  Hanukkah board books and books for young kids (probably good for ages 0-3?) not sure how many until I dig out the Hanukkah box later this week, but I can at least make sure there is one for each kid in a family.  If the family wants, I can also include some beautiful Hanukkah candles (enough for all 8 nights) and maybe some other related stuff... not sure what made it into the box at the end of last year!


5.  three games that seem to be for a Gameboy (one says that it is only for the gameboy color system).  I don't have a gameboy, so I have no way to be 100% sure that these work, but I'm hoping they do and that someone can use them!  the games are: Star Wars Episode I Racer (rated E); Pokemon Pinball (rated E); Perfect Dark (rated Teen).


6. one game for a V-smile (V-tech) hand held game system: Alphabet Park Adventure (letters, alphabetical order, objects, shapes, phonics, vocab, colors)


7.  Taggie security blankey, probably about 18" square


8.  8 Ty brand plush girl dolls (are similar to the Groovy Girls that seem to be popular with the 5-9 year old set); all are unplayed with and most have tags.


9.  Infant toy: plush bunny rabbit probably about 8 inches high, tag says "My Natural".  It isn't the EXACT same as the one in this link, but is very, very similar. New without tags.  http://www.livingtextiles.com/shop/item/1535775


10.  I haven't made this yet, but I'd be happy to put together a sort of craft grab-bag for a child.  My girls are between the ages of 1 and 6, and I'd be going through their things to share what we have, so the things would probably be best for younger children. 


Just found one more thing to add tonight:


11.  4 DVDs:  Bob the Builder, Bob's Favorite Adventures- opened but not watched yet.

                     Brainy Baby (like Baby Einstein), Shapes and Colors (ages 1-4) still in the plastic wrap

                     Baby Einstein: Baby Beethoven Symphony of Fun (used but great shape)

                     Baby Einstein: Baby Van Gogh (used by great shape)


12.  gently used CDs:  Joan Osborne, Righteous Love

                                 Tori Amos, To venus and Back (2 cd set)

                                 Monumental Classics Volumes I, 3 and 4 (sorry, haven't found volume 2 yet but will include it if I find it!)


13.  Official PC South Park game, rated Mature.  My husband says this is an older game, but maybe someone will want it! On the back it says it needs Windows 95/98... I don't know enough about computers to know if it will work with later versions, but hopefully the person who wants it will know!


8 Ty Brand Dolls Requested 11/6, Edited by TiredX2

Taggie Security Blanket and Gender Neutral Baby Blankets requested 11/6, Edited by TiredX2

"My Banky" and Girly Baby Blankets Requested 11/7, Edited by TiredX2

Journal and Hannukah Board Books Requested 11/7, Edited by TiredX2

Joan Osborne & Tori Amos CDs Requested 11/9, Edited by TiredX2

Craft Grab Bag Requested 11/11, Edited by TiredX2

DVDs Requested 11/16, Edited by TiredX2

Gameboy Games Requested 11/21, Edited by TiredX2

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I have available:


1. 13 board books of the "Disney Babies" series.  They have been read so the binding looks a little bent, but they're in good shape.

2. 3 Baby Einstein board books (Puzzling Shapes, What Does Violet See?, Mama and Me).  Again, they have been read so the binding is a little bent.

3. 2 Baby Einstein DVDs (World Animals, Baby Wordsworth).  Have been opened, but never watched.


All board books requested 11/7, Edited by TiredX2

DVDs requested 11/23, Edited by TiredX2

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From a Holiday Helper:




I am offering up 2 hand crocheted 'lap' sized blankets. These are great for using on the couch or can be 'kid' sized. The will not fit and cover a bed. They are somewhere between 48*48 and 60*60.


I have 2 blankets so that's 1 blanket per family.

These are made with red heart quality yarn so they have acrylic in them.


I will be shipping around December 1st.


*please let me know if you want pink or no pink in the blanket. Thanks



Contact TiredX2 for details.


Blankets requested 11/13, Edited by TiredX2

Edited by TiredX2 - 11/13/11 at 2:16pm
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I'm not sure if this is helpful or not, but I thought I'd offer them here first. I have 26 newborn sized Huggies Swaddlers diapers. They're leftover from the last package I bought my son; he's grown into the size ones now. Not sure if they can be sent to someone since they're not in a package, but if they can I'd be glad - every little bit helps with diapers!


Diapers Requested 12/16, Edited by TiredX2

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I have available:

1) 2 pairs men's Levi's sixe 30 X 32, still new in package (DH tried on one pair)

2) 2 sets hand knitted (not by me) hat and scarf sets. The 1st is a marled brown color, suitable for male or female, and probably sized for an older child. The 2nd is a marled blue color (also gender neutral) and either older child or adult size.

3) Size 3m fleece sleeper, girl

4) Size 3M sleeper, girl-this has a small hole in one toe that should be easily fixed with a stitch or 2

5) Size 9M sleeper, pink

6) Size 12 M Holiday red fleece sleeper with holiday candy on it, probably more girly

7) The following size 12M clothes, all girly:
blue and purple sweater
LS onesie-this is more shirt-like than undershirt-like, blue
Red and black LS shirt-very cute
Dark pink pants
Turquoise short sleeve shirt
Pink and brown short sleeve shirt

8) Royal blue terry changing table cover

9)New package receiving blankets, flannel, blue/white/brown

10) New Winnie the Pooh fleece receiving blanket

11) Entire Fisher Price circus train (5 cars) and animals

12) wooden segmented alligator toy

13) various small stuffed animals, all in new/practically new condition

There will probably be more things later. smile.gif

#11, 12, & 13 Requsted 11/9, Edited by TiredX2
Men's Levis Requested 11/9,Edited by TiredX2
Hats Requested 11/10, Edited by TiredX2
Clothes from #5 6, & 7 Requested 11/11, Edited by TiredX2
Recieving blankets requested 11/11, Edited by TiredX2
Sleepers Requested 11/11, Edited by TiredX2
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I have an unopened box of 468 Wikki Stix. Looks like this:  http://www.wikkistix.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=5&products_id=66


I wouldn't recommend these for families with children under 3 years old. Can be choking hazards. Fun and creative for an older child though. smile.gif


Wiki Stix Requested 11/11, Edited by TiredX2

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