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RE: trash and recycling

We have a bathroom trash can in our kitchen for trash (under the sink -- only size that fits -- PLUS, that's all we generate now).

We use a paper bag or cardboard box for recycling (tucked sort of behind the table -- you have to be all the way IN the kitchen to see it and even then, it blends in fairly well). I'd like something more visually appealing, but this works rather well for us.

Our food scraps go in various places...freezer for bone broth (fresh ends and peels, etc), garden for the worms (we bury produce waste and create compost via the worms and general decomposing in the soil), raw "meats" go to our kitty, who is a raw foodie (loose term for animal foods -- ends and pieces and such), less than fresh fruit goes in our water kefir, less than fresh veggies go into the freezer for smoothies (mostly wilted greens) or soups, etc...

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Meanwhile, I had a friend over this morning for tea and scones (homemade) and I taught her how to make water kefir and shared my grains with her. Already, my kitchen is so much more user-friendly!!! It was a snap to clear the clean dishes off the counter above the dishwasher for the two of us to work on the same project at the same time. Good practice for the class I am teaching next week in my kitchen!


On Monday morning, I have four friends coming over to learn how to make a shared batch of lip balm and individual custom face serums and a few other goodies, time permitting. I need to expand the table a bit for that, though, and find a suitable "tablecloth" in my sewing supplies...something that can protect the table from oils and waxes and such. The stove really needs a deep cleaning before then, too. It'd be easier if the fridge and pantry were cleaned and organized better, too. These ladies could help themselves while I stir the concoctions on the stove, if they can find things easily... We've all been friends for 10+ years, so I don't need to be the hostess and the teacher.

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I'm joining a bit late, though I've been keeping up and reading along.  I took "before" pictures at the beginning of the month, and I'll post them shortly.    But while I had a spare minute (DS is napping), I wanted to outline my goals to accomplish before Thanksgiving.


  1. clean and re-install two cupboard doors.  They're living out in the garage after a plumbing incident back in... August, perhaps?
  2. organize storage dishes  Took care of this just a bit ago.  All my containers have lids and are neatly nested.  At least until the next time DH empties the dishwasher...  eyesroll.gif
  3. Clean and organize shelf above the stove
  4. Clean the stove and drip pans
  5. Organize my coffee supplies.  My flavored syrups, espresso, and cocoa mix are in a basket on the counter next to the espresso machine, since I use them daily, but it still looks messy.
  6. Pare down serving ware?
  7. Clean and reorganize pantry cabinet.
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Better late than never, Diana! :)


We emptied out the pantry (in stages) and cleaned the shelves and reorganized. WOW!!!


I also cleaned off the top of the fridge (scrubbed it, too) and the cabinets above the fridge.


We have a pile of donations now. :)

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Today, I scrubbed:

the microwave range hood -- inside and outside

the stove top and all it's pieces

the little electric convection oven -- inside and outside


and a light cleaning of the gas/convection oven -- inside and outside.


Meanwhile, DD cleaned the fuzz off the kitchen chairs (the bottom of the feet collect cat hair).


DH vacuumed the whole downstairs, including the kitchen, and spot-mopped the whole downstairs, including most of the kitchen.



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In our pantry re-org, we found a place to stash the supplements when we need to clear the table completely. Woo Hoo!


It worked well this morning when I held my class. The table was clear and easy for six of us to eat and make fun stuff!


The fridge still needs an overhaul and soon!!!! I've got another event in the kitchen on Thursday morning and, of course, again on Thanksgiving a week from Thursday....


How's everyone else doing?

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Ok I'm a late-comer to this thread!  I had already decided to focus on the kitchen this month & already emptied the fridge getting rid of questionable stuff & scrubbed the whole thing.  I still need to organize & clean the insides of cabinets & drawers!!!  I really want to paint my cabinets & put in new countertops, but it's just not in our current budget!



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I hit the kitchen last month. sanded, primed, painted, and painted (yes, again) the trim and cabinets. I had already painted the walls. Last summer I put up some shelves to hold large white bowls for produce. It was a long month. I need to get pictures up. I've just been busy doing the trim in other parts of the house.

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Still plugging away at the kitchen.... cleaned out the three drawers last night and the fridge today. thumb.gif

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Last couple days for the kitchen.


I held another class in my kitchen yesterday morning. VERY FUN! Due to all the little cleaning jobs we've been doing all month, it was easy to prepare the kitchen for class. DH did the dishes and scrubbed the sink really well the night before. He also vacuumed. I cleaned the counters and table before, during, and after class. That's it. AWESOME!


(I was doing a lot of OTHER prep work for the class, so it was especially nice to have the class space be so easy.)


I don't think I will get to anything else on my list, but I am content with what we have accomplished. The kitchen is in great shape now and maintenance is going smoothly. I'll take "after" pictures on the 30th.


How about you? Done? Happy with where you are?

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Jumping in super late, but I can't not after reading through all these inspiring posts...I have tomorrow, right? redface.gif


I would like to...

...reorganize inside of cabinets

...wash outside of cabinets

...wipe down walls

...mop floor

...clean out the fridge/freezer (I did a bit of that this weekend, actually)


Back with pictures!

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You have however long you need or want! :)  The point of these challenges is to inspire and motivate. Timeframes are optional. ;)


You can do it!!!!

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This was my goal list and I'm fairly proud of how much I accomplished!




* Move fancy decorative pieces to the new china cabinet in the dining room

   1. Put together china cabinet and clean it out

   2. Cover the glass panels and turn into a true planning station

* Deep clean all the windows

* Deep clean all the floors and moldings

   1. Paint brown the little area of the missing molding so it looks like something is there!

   2. Paint the floor boards a nicer white

* Inventory freezer and pantry

   1. Move extra pantry items to basement

* Scrub the table and chairs

* Order new stovetop knobs

* Move art easel to addition

* Fix backing for dog's rug (houses food dish and water)



* Come up with a board for the top of the cabinets so I don't see them when I'm walking up the stairs

* Figure out if we want to move to a gas cook top and then research options *OR* fix the down draft for our electric one


Since I have one day left I'm going to use it to deep clean the floor and the outside windows (I did the inside areas already).  Then I'm just going to call it a day.  Hopefully I can inventory and move the extra pantry items downstairs soon.


Thanks for the motivation.  I really needed that kick!

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Originally Posted by bignerpie View Post


I need to


  • run the self-cleaner on the oven
  • mop the floor
  • clean out/organize my cleaning supply closet. I had it looking great, but my husband keeps buying commercial cleaners and cluttering it up.
  • wash curtain and clean window
  • wash rugs
  • re-organize cabinets
  • clean out pantry
  • wipe down cabinet doors




I am not doing so well with my challenge... uhoh3.gif

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Ok, I'm going to be happy with what I've done to this area and just move on.  My original post (post #2) has all my completed items.  The only things that I'm going to complete before I call it a day are:

* Move extra food items to the basement (maybe the reason why this hasn't been done is that I need to clean up the storage area in the basement!)

* Inventory the freezer and pantry (*will* be done before the baby shows up

* Find a way to cover the glass panels for my planning station (which I'm thrilled to finally have!)


Go me!

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