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Moving to Yellow Springs, Oh

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Hi MDC Mamas! I am a gentle birthing, breast feeding, co-sleeping, ECing, intactivist Mama who is moving from Seattle back to Ohio - right in the heart of Yellow Springs.  I'm excited about moving back to my roots, but worried about making some like-minded friends. I'm hoping I'll be able to meet some online and build a community before I actually get there!!  


I am married, 25, and have an awesome 17 month old daughter, Ella.  



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Well welcome back!


If you're going to meet like-minded mamas, Yellow Springs is definitely the place to go, I would love to move there but housing prices are out of our reach there for now. Right now DH and I are in Dayton, but we should be moving soon (DH just graduated with his Master's so we're waiting for a job). 


Anyways, I'm not far from you, I'm 23 and have a two month old. I don't have many like-minded friends around either, I've been so busy with this whole baby thing! :) (We had a water birth, cloth diaper, breast feed, baby wear, co-sleep and are intactivists too!)

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Yay!!! One friend already! :) Well maybe once your DH gets a job you can move out our way :)  Of course, coming from Seattle, the housing prices are phenomenal.  It's so expensive here in Seattle, blah.  I'm so glad to move to somewhere I love AND be able to afford a house I love.  

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When are you planning on making the big move? 

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The first week of December.

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I grew up in Yellow Springs, moved out of town once I graduated. My dad still lives there and I'm only about 15 minutes away! I'm a 28 yo mother to 3, 8yo ds and 7 month old DD twins. I'm not super crusty, but pretty close, we co-slept until about 2 weeks ago, tried cd'ing but with 2 lo's in diapers, I felt like I was doing laundry all day, everyday, I homeschool my 8yo, I wear BOTH babies on a daily basis, and I'm bf'ing/pumping! Welcome back, were you originally from ys?

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How has the big move gone? Let me know if I can be of any help, I've got quite a bit of free time on my hands and would love an excuse to get out of the house!

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