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-- Maybe you used to have enough time for housekeeping, and you were able to sweep through the whole bathroom, cleaning and disinfecting every surface, scrubbing and whitening the grout, twice a week, and it took you three hours to get it perfect. Now you don't have the three hours, so "there's no point" in just giving it a ten minute wipedown; it won't be perfect, and you'll feel bad about that imperfection, and you want to avoid that, and you tell yourself that you'll get to it next week. And then next week. And then next week. And every week, perfection is farther away, so every week you're less likely to do it. Eventually, just thinking about the bathroom makes you feel bad. Avoid.
And so on, and so on. The key to a clean happy house is not perfection; the key is a healthy acceptance of "good enough".


Spot on, Crayfish. Took me years to understand this was what was happening with me...


For me:

 - 1 bath towel per person, plus one extra

 - 1 sheet per bed, plus one extra of each size bed

 - 1 pillow case per pillow, plus an extra

 - drawer full of cloth napkins (that I no longer even fold!)

 - drawer full of cloth towels (again, not folded)

 - 1 bowl, 1 plate per person

 - 2 spoons/forks per person, 3 butter knives

 - one shelf for mugs, whatever amount fits comfortably

 - we just use mason jars for drinking glasses, as tupperware, for freezing things, etc. so I have one drawer for lids and rings, and one entire shelf for all different sizes (the amount varies day to day due to what came out of the freezer, what went to someone else's house, what I gave away in a jar, what I got from someone in a jar, etc.)

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We have been working on this subject for over 3 years - because of our intention to live full time in an RV.  It is rather hard to go from 2400 sf to less than 400! 


We just returned from our maiden voyage, and our home is too big, too full, and depressing.  I liked having to say excuse me - all the time - and bumping butts - and road noise ... so now I'm making mental plans to get rid of everything that isn't necessary in my future life-plan.


But, I keep getting hung up on sentimentality.  I have things I love.  

And practicality.  I have things I know I will use and need over the coming months.


I have gifted more things to friends and strangers over the past 6 months than some people ever have in their life.  It is monumentally freeing.  I am stringing thoughts together now that are probably not making sense, but I have finally reached a point where I can get rid of things that "maybe I will want" - and it doesn't really bother me anymore!!  I am comforted by the knowledge that I have resources to replace those "things" if I ever need them again.  I am still a perfectionist, and I still analyze every decision to the nth degree to be sure it's the right one, but I'm getting there!


 ... well, it's time to get off of the computer, drink a glass of wine, and watch a documentary with my family.



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Originally Posted by LoveOurBabies View Post

Crayfish, you are incredibly insightful and IMO, very intelligent. Thank you for your post, it is much appreciated.



I agree!


Lately I haven't been able to do as much cleaning for various reasons and the other day I remembered Crayfish's post and then ran round and gave each bathroom a very quick wipe over, and a quick vacuum of the main living areas upstairs....it only took me about ten minutes all up.

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Originally Posted by Crayfish View Postspeed and ruthlessness of decluttering are more important than accuracy.

This is being added to my cleaning philosophies! Thanks so much. Now I am going to start weeding out stuff that I bought and thought I would use and didn't, like a bunch of insoles for my husband's shoes when he doesn't wear insoles... I've been keeping so much stuff that I might use someday. Now I am going to err on the side of getting rid of it, unless there is a sentimental attachment or I really couldn't get another one if I wanted (I do have some kitchen stuff of my parents' that is of a quality that's just not made anymore, for instance).

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