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Please contact QueenOfTheMeadow if you have anything for this family.

What is your family situation?
Hello first i want to say thank you for having such great people helping others not too many people these days even smile at you ! thank you for considering my family. I am making this wish for my children I am stay home disabled widowed mom of 7 children ,my husband died in 2007 .I am finding it very hard to keep food on the table and clothing on my childrens back we are barely surving on social security benefits .My children are still taking it hard since their dads death especially the older three whom saw their dad die in our hallway while the paramedics just stood around doing nothing,but we are taking one day at time . my family is so large i think it scares people away and not wanting too help.They get teased due to the fact I cant get new clothes for them My DS2 gets home tutored through the school due to he suffers severe depression from being bullied and the death of his father . please if you can help my children that would be great Blessing again thank you for having such a wonderful program and happy holidays and god bless thank you !

Any allergies or sensitivities in the family? (e.g. cat, dog, smoke)

Which holiday(s) does your family celebrate?Christmas

Please list up to 2 items per person in your family and up to 2 items for your family as a whole below. (If you are requesting gift cards, please specify local or online stores that, if money is available, gift cards can be provided that you can conveniently use.)

Of the items requested below, please prioritize the top 3 overall needs of your family (this can not include direct financial help such as bills paid):
* socks and underwear for the children
* food
* gift for under the tree


Child #1:
Age and gender: 16 male

Items requested: size 38 jeans xl mens shirts 10 1/2 sneakers card s anything (walmart)( Dollar general )

Child #2:
Age and gender:male age 15

Items requested:
1.Clothing size xl large mens sweat pants size 3 xl shirts shoe size 11mens cards anything (walmart)( Dollar general )

Child #3
Age and gender:female age 14

Items requested: size 5 shoes size 8 in womans
2.bracelets nail polish: She loves jewelery (bracelets, necklaces earrings pierced). She also loves to doodle.
Lilla Rose Flexi Clip hairclip

Child #4:
Age and gender:female age 10

Items requested: size 4 in juniors size 6 in womans shoes
2.make up jewelry nail polish diary: She loves girly things. Also things they can make. Also Barbies

Jewelry lot- nothing fancy, best for taking apart and crafting or just for dress up- lots of pins, some necklaces, earrings, beads and bit and pieces. 30 or so pieces.

Small craft lot- about 100 tiny ribbon roses, 180+ 3 mm jewels (some stick on, some glue on), ribbon and an old box of pipe cleaners

Child #5:
Age and gender:female age 9

Items requested: size 14 to 16 size 4 in shoes diary: She loves girly things. Also things they can make. Also Barbies

Child #6:
Age and gender:8 female

Items requested: size 10 size 2 in shoes diary: She loves girly things. Also things they can make. Also Barbies

Adult #1 (YOU! ):

Items requested:
1. Clothing size large sweats tee shirts size 2 xl cards to buy silverware ,towels (walmart)( Dollar general )
coming from Hylands partnership

Adult #2:
Items requested: size 46 waist 3 xl shirts sneakers size 13 wide
2.colonge body wash anything gift cards

Needs for Your Family As A Whole:

Items requested:
2.basic toliet paper shampoos candles etc..

4 candles, 4 rolls toilet paper, 2 tubes toothpaste, a dozen or so small soaps, a few small shampoos and other toiletries

gift card for clothes for girls.
gift care from Hylands program for $50
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